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New Chapter! :D

I think you're all used to this by now. Another chapter up! Please read & review!

Story: Chemicals React
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lexana, Chlimmy, Clois mentions of Lollie & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: through 6x13, Crimson
Summary: My version of Crimson. After Lois kissed him, Clark was infected with red kryptonite, which removed his inhibitions. First stop? Star City!
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 7

The stone wasn’t glowing. Oliver wasn’t his soul mate. Clark was trying not to hyperventilate. He knew that the slightest motion would stir Oliver so he had to remain as calm as possible. Because if he got Oliver’s attention, then he would notice Clark’s panic and misread the whole situation.

He couldn’t tell him about the soul mate bracelets, or about what Jor-El said. But now Clark had a big decision to make on his own. There were two choices he could make: leave Oliver and search for his true soul mate. Or he could stay, basking in the love that Oliver offered and remain married.

Either way, it was a risk. Clark knew that if he remained in the marriage, he would always wonder and that wouldn’t be fair to either one of them. Oliver deserved somebody who was with him 100%, someone who would give him all the love that he always gave back.

He may not even get along with his soul mate. What if he never found them? He was condemning himself to spend eternity alone. Oliver may not be his soul mate but he knew that he was truly in love with him. Could he really bring himself to break that heart that was given to him so sincerely?

Oliver was nuzzling at Clark’s neck. “Oliver,” Clark said, amused, “some of us are trying to sleep.”

“Why?” Oliver asked, eyes wide, painting the portrait of total innocence.

Clark sighed, as if dealing with a child. “So we can see Italy tomorrow! I’ll never get up in the morning otherwise.”

“Who says we have to go anymore?” Oliver asked, a suggestive smile adorning his face. “I was kind of hoping we’d stay in.”

“Ollie, we have forever for sex,” Clark told him. “Some of us want to go outside the hotel room.”

“But we’re on our honeymoon,” Oliver argued. “Who actually sees the city they’re staying at during their honeymoon?” Oliver paused. “Unless of course, the sex is really bad.” Oliver’s eyes widened. “You didn’t think the sex was bad did you? I mean . . . honestly, Clark . . .”

Clark silenced him with a kiss. “The sex was incredible,” Clark assured him. “I just wanted to go around Italy. You know, get gelato, see the sights with you.” He gazed at Oliver. “What’s with you anyway? I’ve never seen you so paranoid.”

Oliver relaxed against Clark’s chest. “Truth be told Clark, I never imagined this would happen. Since my parents died, I’ve never felt an attachment to anywhere I went or anyone I’ve been with. Nor have I wanted to. I’ve always been to scared to give my heart out, afraid of having it broken. Until now. I thought I cared about Lois but what I felt for her isn’t 1/10 as strong as I feel for you.” Oliver stopped for a second and looked deep into Clark’s eyes. “I love you. And part of me just wonders if I’m going to wake up and find this is all just a dream.”

“It’s not a dream,” Clark promised. “And I’m not going anywhere.” He kissed the top of Oliver’s head. “Get some sleep. I’ll be here in the morning.”

“If you say so,” Oliver said, already drifting off. Clark watched as he fell asleep a few minutes later and then only allowed himself to close his eyes. Tomorrow was a new day and it would be the first of many which he would spend with Oliver.

Clark had promised Oliver and he had broken it very quickly, without even thinking. “Clark,” Oliver said softly, snapping him out of his thoughts, “I’m not sleeping you know.”

Clark was surprised. Oliver had been so still that Clark was certain he had dozed off. “Good afternoon?” Clark said, unsure of how to begin.

Oliver cracked a smile. The brown eyes drifted to his wrist and fingered the bracelet. “That’s nice. Where did you get it?”

“Oh, just found it lying around,” Clark lied. But he had stiffened and Clark was annoyed that he wasn’t a better liar.

Oliver’s eyes met his and he could tell that the blonde didn’t believe him for a second. A shrill phone ring went off before Oliver could question him. Listening to the ring tone, Clark realized it was not his phone but Oliver’s.

From the annoyance in Oliver’s eyes, he had realized that. Oliver reluctantly rolled off him and got off the bed. Something in Clark stirred at seeing Oliver walking around naked, looking for his phone. He smiled to himself as Oliver cursed, trying to find his phone and putting his clothes at the same time.

Somehow he managed to accomplish both tasks. Clark watched silently as Oliver walked out of the room to take the call. He returned a few minutes later, a mixture of guilt and regret on his face.

“Do you have to go?” Clark asked, trying to remain neutral. Truth was if Oliver left, Clark could too and sort out of his feelings.

“Yeah,” Oliver said, looking disappointed. “I have to go out, for business.” Seeing Clark’s expression, he was quick to add, “Queen Industries business, not league business.”

Clark nodded. “Then I’ll get out of your way, let you get ready and what not.” He got up and began the process of getting his clothes together.

“Hey,” Oliver said, putting a hand on his chest. “I really do want to have that conversation. I think we have a lot of issues to sort out.”

“You’re right.” Clark wished it was otherwise but he couldn’t blow Oliver off now. Hopefully, he would have some time to get his act together.

“Come over tonight,” Oliver suggested. “I’ll pick up some food and we can have dinner and talk. Around, say, 7?”

“Sounds good,” Clark agreed. Bidding Oliver good-bye, Clark took off. Only once he was out of the building did Clark breathe a sigh of relief. This day had not gone the way he expected it would.

Taking out of his phone, he dialed the familiar number. “Sullivan here,” he heard.

“Chloe,” Clark said, “Are you busy right now?”

“Clark,” Chloe said. “Shouldn’t you be at Oliver’s place? How did everything go?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” he said, hesitating.

“Well, I’m in the apartment,” Chloe told him. “Lois isn’t here, if you’re worried.”

“I’ll be there in a half hour,” Clark said. He hung up, did a quick check to make sure nobody was watching and took off. He got home, barely jumped in the shower just to make sure he was clean and not smelling like he just had sex and headed to Chloe’s place.

Chloe was waiting for him when he arrived. She didn’t bombard him with questions; she just offered him a seat and waited till he was ready to talk.

He told her everything, starting at his visit to see Jor-El and learning about the soul mate bracelets to his conversation with his mother and his decision to go see Oliver to the actual meeting. He shot a quick look at the bracelet, just to make sure, and was relieved when he found the stone to be dull. That would’ve made things awkward.

Chloe just raised an eyebrow when he was finished, not noticing his little move. “So you went to talk to Oliver but somehow, you ended up sleeping with him instead? Wow, Clark.”

“Yeah, I know,” Clark said, “I never thought that I was that weak, that I give in that easily.”

“Or maybe it’s that Oliver Queen has cast a spell over you,” Chloe offered. “I mean, are you sure that the stone didn’t glow? Maybe he has to be wearing the bracelet too?”

“No,” Clark shook his head. “Jor-El was very clear. He said that the bracelet glows and that’s how we know who to court. Only later does the other bracelet get offered. At no point did he say that the soul mate had to be wearing the bracelet.” He frowned.

“Clark,” Chloe said, “I don’t know what to tell you. I mean, you’ve probably thought of the options a million times by now.”

“I have and I got nothing,” Clark said, distraught.

“Maybe you just need to follow your heart,” Chloe said thoughtfully. “Clark, you don’t know who this soul mate is but what you do know is that you love Oliver and he loves you. Just live in the present! Only time will tell who you are meant to be with but you can’t compromise on your present to assure your future!”

“Have you been talking to my mother?” he asked jokingly. “She also says that I should ignore the bracelets.”

“Clark, those bracelets would be right,” Chloe said, “If you grew up in Krypton. But you’re not there, you’re here. Maybe they don’t work anywhere but Krypton.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Clark said. “It just would’ve been nice, to know for sure.”

“It’s always nice to know for sure,” Chloe said, with a small smile. “But life doesn’t work that way. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, much less realize what will happen for the rest of our lives! What we do know is that we have to live life to the fullest and each day as it were our last. You love Oliver, be with Oliver! Ignore the bracelets. What will be will be.”

“Have you ever thought of going into philosophy, Chlo?” he asked, half teasing, half serious.

“You hush!” Chloe laughed. “I help you and here you are, making jokes.”

He just grinned in response but grew serious quickly. “Chlo, we’re having dinner tonight, so that we can talk. What do I say?”

“Say what is in your heart,” Chloe responded. “You were planning to talk to him this afternoon, before you got . . . .distracted.” She let out a smirk but continued when she saw Clark’s glare. “So you can just talk to him about whatever you planned to say before.”

“Should I tell him about the bracelets?” Clark asked.

“Clark, you’re married, and I think that you two should be honest with each other,” Chloe said. “But on this, I’m not sure. You’ll have to make a judgment call.” She sighed. “As much as I don’t like to tell you to lie, it may be better that you avoid the topic. If it comes up, then you decide. But be careful with the way that you approach it.”

“Thanks, Chloe,” Clark said, getting up. “Sorry to burst in on you like this. Was I interrupting anything?” Clark knew he came to Chloe too often and he definitely did not appreciate his best friend enough for all that she did.

I need to do something special for her, he vowed to himself and made a mental note to spend some more time with her, just the two of them, just hanging out.

“You know I’m always here for you Clark,” Chloe said. “Don’t worry, you’re not interrupting anything. Jimmy and I have a date later on.”

Clark smiled; he liked Jimmy Olsen and how happy he made Chloe. He realized that the other man was a little jealous of the time they spent together and somewhat insecure of Clark’s relationship with Chloe. I’ll talk to him, maybe plan something for the three of us to hang out, show him I’m not a threat.

“Well, have fun on your date,” Clark said. He was going to take off when the door opened and Lois arrived.

“Hey Chloe,” Lois said, “Hey Smallville. What’s up?”

“Hey Lois,” Clark said, “I was just on my way out.”

“Oh Smallville,” Lois said, hanging her coat, “Don’t leave on my account. What are you two up to anyway?”

“Clark and I were just talking,” Chloe said. She was vague with the details and Clark was grateful. He didn’t need Lois snooping in on his business.

“Yeah, I really have to go anyway,” Clark repeated.

“If you say so,” Lois said, shrugging. He watched as her eyes went to his wrist. “Cool bracelet, Smallville. Never pictured you for a jewelry man.”

He lifted his hand. “Oh yeah, this? Just found it lying around.”

“Interesting,” Lois replied. “One question though. How do you get the stone to glow like that?”

Clark froze at her words. No, was the first word that came to his mind. He exchanged a concerned glance with Chloe and slowly looked at his bracelet. Indeed, Lois was right. The stone was glowing. The last thing he heard was Chloe yelling his name and then everything went black.

A/N: Don't kill me! There is a method behind my madness. Please review anyway! :)

Chapter 8
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