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Back at School

I'm so glad I took only 3 classes this quarter. I have Mondays off, which meant that I didn't have to rush home on Sunday like everyone else. I got the extra day and I just got back to UCLA. I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. Honestly, I'm a little nervous about finals but I'm just not going to think about that at the moment. ;)

I had a good few days off. It did pass by too quickly though. I got to see Enchanted with a few of my friends. That was a really cute movie and I was surprised I liked it. Because it really did have the potential to suck. Fortunately, it was good. :D

So I got to spend time with my family and friends and now I'm back to finish off the quarter. At least there is only a couple of weeks before I get to go back. LAX wasn't so bad either. At least the Southwest terminal wasn't. When I went on Wednesday, it took more than an hour to get to the airport. It would've taken two but the driver took the back roads. Which worked fine but I ended up there an hour before my flight. Thank God for online check in and I'm so glad I didn't have baggage to check in.

Overall, my vacation was pleasant.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

P.S. Who saw Justin on Cold Case last night? He was scary. And I don't like him as a brunette either. I had to go rewatch s6 again. :\

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