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Birthday Fic!

For megsjedi’s birthday. I hope she likes it. I'm sorry it took a while but it ended up being longer than I expected so it's in two parts.

Story: Forever and Always
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Clark/Lex (past)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash
Spoilers: slight season 7
Summary: Once upon a time, Clark and Lex dated. Secrets and lies tore them apart. Now Clark is with Oliver but Ollie isn’t sure that Clark is entirely over Lex, no matter how much Clark insists that they’re through. But with Lex constantly reminding Oliver he had Clark first, will Oliver be able to push his doubts away before he screws up the relationship for good?

Part 1

Oliver relaxed in a booth of an exclusive Italian restaurant, briefly glancing at his watch. He had arrived early so he was not worried. Knowing Clark, the brunette would be there any minute now. If he was running really late, he always called Oliver to let him know.

He couldn’t help the smile that emerged on his face, thinking about Clark. When he came to Metropolis under the pretense of business with the intention of checking up Lex Luthor’s labs, never did he expect the events that would follow

Not once did he consider he may find love. But he had. Love. With the most unlikely person ever. He met Clark through Lois, the woman he actually intended to pursue. Oliver thought he fell for Lois Lane the minute he saw her . . . she was beautiful and the way she quickly dismissed him as a courier only intrigued him further.

Winning her over was a challenge but it was one that he was willing to take up, one that he accomplished. However, the minute Clark Kent walked into his penthouse that memorable night, Lois Lane was already history.

And at that moment, Oliver believed in love at first sight. Because it couldn’t be anything else. One look into those beautiful emerald green eyes and Oliver was lost.

To find out that this utterly delicious man was the “Smallville” Lois had been telling him about had been the biggest shock of the night. As he got to know Clark, the shocks kept coming. Apparently, though he had everyone convinced he was a farm boy, he had some super powers, powers that Oliver experienced first hand when he met him disguised at the Green Arrow.

Initially, they got off on the wrong foot but as their lives seemed to be intertwined, they ran into each other repeatedly. Oliver grew to respect Clark and consider him a friend. The fact that the brunette seemed to protect this identity was cause for extreme gratefulness. And more than anything, he wanted to be like Clark.

Somewhere along the line, he realized he didn’t want to just be like Clark, he wanted Clark.

It was more than just the initial attraction, more than just a pure lust . . . it was love. He thought he was in love when they met but his feelings only intensified as the time passed. There was no thinking about it . . . he was positive he had fallen in love with Clark Kent.

Which made leaving him so much harder. It should’ve been painful to leave Lois, as she was his girlfriend but the minute Clark turned down his offer to join the team, his heart shattered. He wanted more than anything to just stay, stay with Clark, but it was impossible. 33.1 had to be taken down and he couldn’t do it from Metropolis.

There wasn’t a spare moment when Clark was not on his mind. He missed the younger man terribly and he hated that he left without telling Clark his feelings. Sure, they kept in touch but only when he was giving Clark tips on how to stop whatever latest disaster was going on.

However, when he heard what was going on with Reeves Dam, he couldn’t stay away. Especially after he heard that Clark was in danger. Oliver was worried when he heard about Lois getting stabbed and Chloe dying to save her, only to come back to life. But it was Clark having to fight a double of himself that had his throat tightening and fear encompassing his entire being.

He hightailed it back to Smallville but by then, all the problems were over. Still, he had to see with his own two eyes that the man he loved was all right.

To find Clark working on the farm as if nothing was wrong . . . well, to Oliver, he had never seen a more beautiful sight.

They had talked a lot that day, about everything that had been happening with their lives. And Oliver still considered it one of the best days of his life. Because that day, Clark entrusted him with the truth of his origins.

Not only that, but he was introduced to Clark’s cousin, also a Kryptonian, whose ship had crashed but was freed with the bursting of the Reeves Dam. Clark also told Kara that Oliver was someone she could trust.

The memory still put a smile on his face. Something had changed that day, with their relationship. There had been several moments, even when Oliver was in Smallville the first time, when their friendship crossed the boundaries of platonic but that conversation was really a stepping-stone for them. And not for the first time, he was grateful he decided to return.

So caught up in his thoughts, he didn’t even notice footsteps approaching. The voice snapped him back to reality.

“Oliver,” an all too familiar voice said, filled with undisguised loathing, “Here alone, are we?”

Oliver had to refrain from sneering when he met the blue-gray eyes of the man he hated more than anything in the world.

Lex Luthor. Former schoolmate. Nemesis of the Green Arrow. And Clark’s ex-boyfriend.

“Actually,” Oliver said, making sure he didn’t have a reaction, “I’m waiting for Clark.”

The name-dropping got him a reaction, and Oliver inwardly smiled. No way was Lex Luthor gaining the upper hand on him.

“Interesting,” Lex replied, “Seems he hasn’t shown yet . . . I’m surprised. I have always known him to be so punctual.” Lex smirked. “Unless, of course, he doesn’t consider the engagement important.”

“I was early,” Oliver said coolly, “And I don’t mind waiting . . . he always shows up. And if he is late, he contacts me . . . or he’ll get an explanation when he gets here. See, I’m used to getting the truth from him.”

“Or what you think is the truth,” Lex retorted, “With Clark, you never know.”

“No, with Clark, you never knew,” Oliver countered, “I seem to be able to read him better than that.”

Lex clucked his tongue. “So pathetic, Oliver . . .”

“I’m sorry, how am I pathetic?” Oliver shot back. “You approached me . . . I’m not the one who hasn’t moved on. Clark’s over you . . . and you can’t get that through your head.”

“If you honestly believe that Clark is over me, you’re delusional,” Lex said coldly. “We both know that you’re nothing but a substitute.”

“You’re the delusional one, Lex,” Oliver hissed, struggling to keep his cool.

“It’s true,” Lex boasted, “He can’t have me so he has turned to you. That is the only reason. You and I are very similar, Oliver. Another billionaire with a shady past . . . he thinks he can save you too. The only reason he is with you is because you remind him of me.”

“We’re nothing alike,” Oliver snapped, keeping his voice low, as so not to attract unwanted attention.

“And that is why your relationship won’t last,” Lex told him. “Clark will see that you are nothing compared to me . . . I suggest you savor the moments while they last. Soon enough, Clark will see the error of his ways.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” Oliver said angrily. “Unlike you, I’m not stupid enough to lose Clark. He loves me, and it has nothing to do with you.”

“You’re rattled, Oliver,” Lex commented, his expression unchanging. “Clearly, you are seeing that I’m correct.” Oliver was holding back barely restrained rage. Seeing his silence, Lex was pleased.

“Have a good night, Oliver . . . there won’t be many more.”

With that, Lex strolled off. All traces of Oliver’s previous good mood was gone, replaced with a burning hatred for the man who had just walked away.

Damn it, Queen, how could you let that bastard get the best of you? He was a lot more quick-witted than that . . . he had always had a sharp tongue, even as a youth. Usually, he could shut anyone up with a few words and he was always good at getting on Lex’s bad side.

But when it came to Clark, Lex always seemed to get the advantage over him. It frustrated him to no end but with Clark, he found he was easier to manipulate.

He knew that Lex and Clark had dated, was told by Clark himself ages ago. Clark confessed that particular tidbit when he was in Smallville the first time and that was when he learned that Clark Kent was bisexual. Not only that, that moment was, when he was hit with jealousy at hearing the hot relationship the duo shared, Oliver realized that his feelings for Clark ran deeper than he thought.

Oliver made his way up to the loft, where he knew Clark was residing. It had been days since he had seen the younger man, the last time being Thanksgiving. Oliver was embarrassed that he never thanked Clark for all that he had done for him, including helping him reunite with Lois. If it wasn’t for Clark’s advice, Oliver would’ve stayed away and lost his girlfriend for good.

Ever since Clark came to his penthouse after the whole healing drug incident, he was always on Oliver’s mind. After everything that Oliver did, both to him and everyone else while he was hyped up on the drug, Clark had stood there and told him he considered Oliver a hero. And that blew him away.

Clark Kent was one of a kind and there weren’t words to express his gratitude toward him. He had almost committed murder and Clark had been there to stop him. Oliver couldn’t help but shudder, as the memories hit him.

He had wanted to talk to Clark sooner but at Thanksgiving, Lois had effectively monopolized him and he knew he owed her more than just that time. So he spent time with his girlfriend and watched Clark from afar.

The speech Clark had made about his parents warmed his heart and it was amazing how more carefree Clark was when he was in the company of his mother and Chloe Sullivan. Throughout the night, he saw Clark laughing freely with Chloe, saw expressions that he never had around Oliver. And shocked himself with moments of jealousy. Couldn’t help but wish that Clark smiled like that around him. The feelings puzzled him and he didn’t understand them at all.

But, as he made his way up the steps, he pushed the thoughts away. Reaching the top, he smiled. Just as he suspected, Clark was sitting on the couch, staring into space. The younger man was way too serious for his own good and at times, he acted as if he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

It worried Oliver, who just wanted to see Clark smile. He had such a beautiful smile and Oliver wished desperately that he smiled more often.

‘And why exactly do you care?’ Clark was a friend, of course he cared about him. Even then, though, he knew that it was a little extreme for just friendship.

“Hey Clark,” he said, catching the brunette’s attention.

Seeing Oliver, Clark gave him a small smile. “Hi Oliver . . . come on in.”

Taking a few steps toward him, Oliver asked, “Am I coming at a bad time?”

Clark shook his head. “Not at all.” He scooted over and patted the seat next to him. “Have a seat.”

Oliver took the aforementioned seat. “Thanks.”

“What’s up?” Clark questioned.

“Not much,” Oliver responded, “I just wanted to talk . . . we didn’t really get to talk after Thanksgiving.”

“It’s understandable,” Clark said, “You had to make up with Lois . . . that’s what I was expecting you to do.”

“But I wanted to talk to you too,” Oliver protested.

“I’m right here,” Clark replied. “You can talk now.”

“I want to apologize, Clark,” Oliver said slowly.

“Apologize?” Clark repeated, “What for?”

Meeting his eyes, Oliver said, “For what I said to you when you first came to check up on me . . . I was a total asshole and still, you stopped me from making the biggest mistake of my life.”

Clark averted his gaze. “Everyone makes mistakes, Oliver,” Clark said, in a low voice. “And to some part, you were right about me . . . there’s no need to apologize for telling the truth.”

“But it’s not the truth,” Oliver argued, “It’s as far away from the truth as it gets.”

Clark remained silent and Oliver felt the need to continue. He was sickened at the thought he had gotten into Clark’s head. If he had screwed with Clark at all, he would never forgive himself.

“Clark, look at the way you saved me,” Oliver went on, “And how you’ve saved me so many times before. Then, my mind was messed up . . . I was not thinking straight. I was speaking out of envy and rage . . . you have a lot more to lose and I understand that’s why you’re so discreet with your powers.”

Clark met Oliver’s gaze again, a thoughtful look on his face. “I appreciate you saying that, Oliver,” Clark said, “But I was not upset at your words or your actions. There was no need to apologize. But if it makes you feel better, apology accepted.”

Oliver gave him a half smile. “We’re okay then?”

“Better than okay,” Clark confirmed, with a smile. Suddenly growing serious, Clark sighed. “Oliver, I have to make a confession.”

“Go ahead,” Oliver said, wondering what Clark would have to say.

“I had an ulterior motive for stopping you from murdering Lex,” Clark admitted. “It wasn’t just because I didn’t want to see you be a killer, though, that was part of the reason.”

“Clark,” Oliver said quickly, “I know you and Lex were friends once upon a time. You don’t need to explain that to me.”

It was a strange revelation for him, especially when he found out that Clark was only fourteen when they met.

Clark pursed his lips, his eyebrows furrowing, as the green eyes that Oliver had grown to care for filled with conflict.

“Friends,” Clark echoed. “Yeah . . . about that, not so much.”

“You two weren’t friends?” Oliver questioned, “I heard it from everyone . . . you guys were inseparable.”

“We were friends,” Clark agreed. Taking a deep breath, he added, “But we weren’t just friends . . . Oliver . . . I was in love with him.”

Oliver couldn’t hold back the gasp. “In love?”

Green eyes met brown. “In love,” Clark said, “Lex and I were together.”

“So you’re?” Oliver asked, unable to finish the question.

“Bisexual,” Clark finished. “Yes, I am . . . does that bother you?”

“No,” Oliver assured him. “Considering I’m bisexual too, I can hardly judge.” Clark look relieved at the fact that Oliver wasn’t disgusted.

“You and Lex,” Oliver said, shaking his head. “Wow, I never would’ve guessed.” And he was shocked at how much Clark with Lex bothered him. He wasn’t put off by the fact Clark was with another man but with Lex.

And was even more taken aback by the surge of jealousy that ran through his veins at the idea of Lex getting to hold Clark, to kiss Clark . . . to make love with Clark. It was wrong . . . so wrong. Lex Luthor was nowhere near what Clark Kent deserved.

But he had to know more. “What happened?” Oliver asked. Clark looked up, surprise evident in his expression.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Oliver added hastily.

Clark smiled warmly. “I don’t mind,” Clark said. “Lex and I met when I was a freshman in high school . . . I saved his life. He gifted me with a truck that my dad didn’t let me keep. When I went to return it, we became friends. We were close, as you’ve obviously heard. Somewhere along the way, I developed feelings for Lex. It was hard to deal with . . . this is Smallville . . . it’s not exactly easy to be openly gay, lesbian or bi . . .”

“I can imagine,” Oliver commented, “How did the two of you get together?”

Clark smiled again. “I suppose you heard about that one summer when everyone thought Lex was dead?”

“But he wasn’t,” Oliver noted.

“He wasn’t,” Clark agreed, “But that was the worst summer of my life . . . when it turned out Lex was alive, I was just so happy to see him. We were hanging out one day and I don’t know how it happened. But I know I kissed him.”

Clark had been the one to initiate the relationship. It did not help the jealousy at all. But he didn’t say anything, just let Clark continue with the story.

Oblivious to his inner thoughts, Clark did go on. “Lex was the one to pull away and he immediately said we couldn’t do anything.”

‘Luthor has morals . . . who would’ve thought?’ Oliver certainly was surprised but of course, he was deducing Clark must’ve been underage and Lex’s reputation was already bad enough without adding statutory rape charges to his name.

“We ignored what happened for a while,” Clark said, “But then there was this incident with his father institutionalizing him and he returned, about 6 weeks of memories gone. That was when he realized time just may not be on our side so we should take advantage of the moment. I went with it and that’s how we began our relationship.”

“Did anyone know?” Oliver asked.

“Nobody,” Clark said, sighing. “My dad would’ve shot Lex and I was not even seventeen at the time. What we were doing was illegal . . . I couldn’t risk it. But to me, it was worth every minute.”

“He made you happy?” Oliver wanted to know. His heart was aching at the tone of Clark’s voice when he spoke of his past relationship with Lex and he just didn’t understand why he was feeling this way.

“Very happy,” Clark confirmed. “At the beginning, everything was perfect. I was just so thrilled being with him and I loved him so much. Everything was perfect.”

“Did you and Lex . . .?” Oliver’s voice trailed off, unable to finish the question. But Clark understood where he was going.

“Have sex?” Clark said. “Yes, we did. I initiated it though . . . he was nervous. I was too. I was a virgin still . . . and I had no idea what to do. It just gave more of a reason that we had to keep the relationship hush-hush.”

For the first time in his life but not the first time that day, Oliver was jealous of Lex Luthor. He took Clark’s virginity, was the first person to get to touch that body. It drove him mad and he decided he must have some masochistic tendencies for wanting to hear more.

“It sounded like you guys were perfect,” Oliver commented.

“Almost,” Clark said. “But not quite . . . because no matter how much I loved him, I couldn’t tell him about my powers, the truth about me. And it tore us apart.”

“You told me that you can’t have a relationship without telling the person everything,” Oliver remembered, “I thought you were talking about Lana . . . but you weren’t, were you?”

“I was talking about Lana,” Clark said honestly, “But I was also talking about Lex.”

“Did he break up with you or something?” Oliver asked, “Give you an ultimatum?”

“Worse,” Clark said sadly, “He betrayed my trust . . . after all the times he promised to stop investigating me, he continued. I found this room that he had, completely devoted to me and finding out the truth.”

Oliver felt angry on Clark’s behalf. Luthor was such an idiot. He had everything at his fingertips and he let his curiosity take over.

“I broke up with him,” Clark continued. “It was hard, because despite it all, I love him so much. I dealt with some things that summer, including Chloe’s death.” He gave a small smile. “Which actually brought Lois to town. I was not exactly myself at the time . . .”

“’So your first meeting was interesting?” Oliver teased.

“Considering I was completely naked at the time, yes, it was very interesting,” Clark laughed.

‘What is with everyone getting to see Clark naked except me?’ Oliver was feeling very deprived at the moment.

“Well it’s obvious that Chloe is alive,” Oliver mentioned.

“Yeah, she turned up to be okay,” Clark replied. “Senior year was a mess . . . I joined the football team and Lex was on a quest to get me to forgive him. And, I like, a fool, ended up doing just that. Forgiving him . . . giving him a second chance and we were together again.”

‘That bastard not only had one chance but two? And he still lost Clark?’ There was no doubt in Oliver’s mind Lex Luthor was the dumbest human being in the entire planet.

“He said he would stop,” Clark said, a hint of anger in his voice. “That the room was gone . . . that he’d wait for me to tell him on my own. But he didn’t stop, he never STOPS . . . I was such a fool for trusting him, for believing him . . . for loving him. I loved him and it made me blind, blind to what everyone had been warning of for ages.”

Hearing the self-loathing in Clark’s voice, Oliver was ready to go to the Luthor mansion and take out Lex himself.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Oliver said, wanting to do something, say anything, to ease the younger man’s pain. “You were in love and he manipulated you . . . you can’t blame yourself for what happened.”

“Sometimes, I think if I had just trusted him, and told him everything, we would both be better off,” Clark responded.

“But you can’t force yourself to trust someone, Clark,” Oliver argued. “If he really loved you, he would’ve respected your need for time.”

“I suppose,” Clark said doubtfully. “Either way, he didn’t wait . . . he put everyone I love in danger to test my abilities, to prove that I’m not what I seem. At the time, luckily for me, I didn’t have my powers . . . it’s a long story. So he found nothing but with Chloe’s help, I found out that he was behind it.”

“And you broke up with him?” Oliver questioned.

“I did,” Clark said, “And this time, it was for good. In fact, I even slept with Lana right after . . . not something I’m particularly proud of but at the time, I was in so much pain. I wanted to forget . . . needed to forget and she was there.”

“I’m so sorry he hurt you, Clark,” Oliver said gently.

“It was for the best,” Clark stated. “I know that now . . . I don’t have any regrets. Lex just got darker and at one point, I thought I could save him. I was young and naïve but now, I’m older and I see the truth.”

“You’re better off without him,” Oliver assured him. “I’m assuming he’s using Lana as your substitute.”

Clark shook his head. “It seems that Lana gets the short end of the stick every time . . . I don’t know. Sometimes, I think he does care for her but I can’t shake the feeling he is just trying to hurt me by being with her.”

“Knowing him, I don’t doubt your theory,” Oliver stated. “This kind of thing seems right up his alley. Not that I blame him . . . losing someone like you must be difficult. I’d be bitter too.”

“I’m not all that special,” Clark said shyly, blushing.

“Au contraire, Clark,” Oliver said, smiling warmly. “You’re extremely special . . . in fact, I think you’re the most incredible individual I’ve ever met. And that has nothing to do with your powers.”

Clark blushed even brighter. “Thanks, Oliver . . . for saying that . . . and for listening to me.”

“I’m always here to listen, Clark,” Oliver said seriously. “Whenever you want to talk . . . I’m more than happy to be your shoulder.”

Meeting Clark’s gaze once more, Oliver’s heart fluttered as Clark beamed at him. It was in that moment he knew. He had been denying it for a long time, for most of that day in fact, but it was just not possible anymore. The signs were all there and his strong reactions to Clark’s words not to mention his jealousy of Lex confirmed what he suspected.

He was falling in love with Clark Kent.

Oliver sighed at the memory. Clark may be with Oliver now but Lex had had him first and the other man never let Oliver forget that.

It was frustrating and though he knew Clark loved him, sometimes, he wondered if any of Lex’s words were true.

He was confident in himself but Clark seemed to do something to him that nobody else could. Oliver loved the brunette more than he had ever loved anyone and the idea of losing him scared him to no end.

“You look deep in thought,” a voice teased. Looking up, he met the green eyes of his lover and a more genuine smile appeared on his face.

“You could say that,” Oliver replied and watched as Clark took a seat across from him.

“Sorry I’m late,” Clark apologized.

“No need to apologize,” Oliver said quickly. “I’m here early anyway.” The waiter chose that moment to show up, handing Clark a menu.

“Can I start you off with anything?” he asked grandly.

“We need a few minutes,” Oliver stated. He did order a bottle of wine in the meantime.

After the waiter retreated, he turned back to Clark, who was observing the menu.

Feeling as if he was being watched, Clark looked up, his eyes sparkling when he saw Oliver.

Clark loves me. Lex is wrong . . . he has to be. But he couldn’t help the nagging doubt that was at the back of his mind. His boyfriend had assured him many times that his relationship with Lex was more than over but every time Lex was in a predicament, Clark rushed off to save him.

He knew Clark couldn’t stand anyone being hurt but in his heart, he felt it was more than that. Did Clark still have feelings for Lex? The thought scared him more than anything.

His eyes shifted unconsciously across the room, narrowing slightly when he saw Lex staring back at him. The other man lifted his glass slightly and smirked, infuriating Oliver further. But outwardly he was cool though inside he was burning.

“There you go, lost in your thoughts again,” Clark joked. Oliver looked back at him but not before Clark followed his gaze and saw Lex.

Raising an eyebrow, his eyes returned to Oliver. “Is that what’s got you so distracted?” Clark asked.

“I’m not distracted,” Oliver lied but Clark saw through it immediately.

“That’s a lie,” he pointed out. “You were acting strangely when I got here and you’re a million miles away. Did Lex say something to you?”

“It’s nothing, Clark,” Oliver said firmly. “Let’s not talk about Luthor and just enjoy this time together. We don’t get to see each other much. I don’t want to waste precious moments on him.”

It was true that they hardly saw each other. Clark had gone back to school, claiming that he wanted to make something of his life and Oliver had supported him wholeheartedly. He gained admission to Metropolis University and settled as journalism for a major. Oliver knew that whatever Clark did, he would be great.

But balancing both school, working at the paper and a job, Clark was busy. As for him, Queen Industries and the team took up much of his time. Their schedules clashed, which meant there was not many moments that Oliver had free, to spend with Clark. It frustrated him to no end but he knew they both had obligations which could not be avoided.

Additionally, Oliver had not told Clark about the snide comments Lex had been throwing at him on a regular basis. He did not want to be seen as weak in front of Clark . . . but he hated lying to him. Hated it because he was in the habit of telling Clark everything but he couldn’t tell him this. Besides, it would upset Clark and he hated upsetting Clark.

Clark was watching him with doubt in his eyes, not saying anything.

“Clark?” he pleaded, “Let’s drop this . . . nothing is going on. I’m fine, we’re fine . . . can’t we just enjoy dinner?”

“All right,” Clark said reluctantly. Another smile, much more forced than before and he added, “How was your day?”

And they fell into easy conversation, just like that. However, Oliver could feel the underlying awkwardness and he could practically see the worry radiating off Clark. But he did his best to ignore it.

Dinner was good and the food was delicious. He tried not to let Lex ruin his night but the worries had been building for a while.

There were no doubts about the money issue. Clark could care less about his billions . . . he never questioned that. But the rest . . . Clark always said that he felt like a failure for his inability to pull Lex from the dark side. Was Oliver his second chance?

The ride back to Oliver’s penthouse was one in silence and he hated these insecurities that he had.

That didn’t change the fact that they were there. Trying to make the most of the evening, as they entered, he smiled at Clark.

“You’re staying tonight, right?” he asked.

“Yeah, I planned to,” Clark said and Oliver could only nod in response.

Clark’s expression suddenly changed. “Are you sure you’re okay, Ollie?”

“I’m great,” he said, with fake enthusiasm. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You were weird during dinner,” Clark said, frowning. “I’m worried about you . . . please, Ollie. If Lex said or did anything . . .”

“He did nothing,” Oliver interrupted. “Clark, I can deal with Lex . . . trust me . . . I’m fine.”

“If he did nothing,” Clark asked softly, “Then why do you have to deal with him?”

“Clark,” Oliver said, coming up with an excuse easily, “I deal with him all the time . . . as the Green Arrow taking down his labs and as myself. Our companies are head to head . . . ignoring him is not a choice.”

Clark didn’t seem convinced. A determined look on his face, he closed the distance between them a few long, strides. Wrapping his arms around Oliver, he pulled him close, staring deep into his eyes, as if trying to read his expression.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” Clark asked, his tone demanding yet gentle. “I never want you to feel as if you have to lie to me, Ollie.”

“I . . . I know that,” Oliver responded, unable to tear his gaze from the intense green eyes boring into him, as if they could see into his very soul.

“Do you?” Clark questioned. “Because from what I can see, you’re lying to me . . . Ollie, I love you. You know that, right?”

“I do know that,” Oliver said, sounding more confident than he felt. “And I love you too.” That part was the truth, at least.

“Good,” Clark said and captured Oliver’s lips with his, effectively silencing him. Oliver lost himself in his lover’s arms, as he had done so many times before. The problems that he had been pondering were momentarily forgotten and when Clark dragged him to the bedroom, pieces of clothing trailing behind them, he just focused on the gorgeous brunette whose lips were exploring his own. They fell on the bed, Lex Luthor long forgotten.

Part 2/2
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