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Continued Birthday fic

The other part of megsjedi's birthday fic! Enjoy!

Story: Forever and Always
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Clark/Lex (past)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash
Spoilers: slight season 7
Summary: Once upon a time, Clark and Lex dated. Secrets and lies tore them apart. Now Clark is with Oliver but Ollie isn’t sure that Clark is entirely over Lex, no matter how much Clark insists that they’re through. But with Lex constantly reminding Oliver he had Clark first, will Oliver be able to push his doubts away before he screws up the relationship for good?
Previous Chapters: Part 1

Part 2

Alas, it was not meant to last. Hours later, Clark was sleeping peacefully, but Oliver was wide-awake, tired and sated, but unable to sleep. Watching Clark sleep, a smile tugged at his lips. His Clark was so beautiful but he couldn’t help but wonder if his time with the brunette was indeed limited.

In his mind, there was no doubt he wanted to be with Clark forever. Clark was his soul mate and if he had his way, they would never be apart. But did Clark feel the same way? Did Clark love him like he loved Clark? Did he spend every waking moment thinking about him and when they were apart, did he want nothing more then to be back in his arms?

Because that’s how Oliver felt. He was certain he would never love anyone the way he loved Clark and he was okay with that.

Enjoy the moment . . . forget about tomorrow. Live for today and today, you have Clark with you. That’s all you need.

Too bad it wasn’t enough to convince him. Figuring he wasn’t going to get any sleep, he got out of bed quietly, as not to wake Clark.

Making his way to the living room, he opened his secret door. If he wasn’t going to sleep, he might as well do something useful.

Changing into his Green Arrow costume, he stepped into the bedroom again, making sure Clark was still asleep.

Pressing a gentle kiss to Clark’s forehead, he whispered, “I love you.”

And then, he left the penthouse and into the night, preparing for a night of fighting crime.

Not knowing that as he left, emerald green eyes snapped open and watched him leave.

Clark Kent was confused. His boyfriend had been acting strangely. Not just today but recently, he felt Ollie pulling away from him. And he didn’t understand the change in behavior for a second. Nor did he buy the explanations that everything was okay.

Because it was clear that everything was not okay. How could it be okay when Ollie was blatantly lying to him?

He loved Oliver so much . . . after the disaster with Lex, he didn’t ever think that he would be willing to give his heart again. Then Oliver had come into his life and everything changed.

They had been barely dating for six months but he had fallen for the blonde long before that. In fact, he was already crazy about Oliver when he got around to confessing his relationship with Lex. And seeing Oliver’s reaction to the revelation, he had only fallen harder.

Lex. He was certain that his ex had something to do with Oliver’s current state. But what he didn’t get what was why Oliver was allowing Lex to toy with his mind. Oliver was strong and confident and even Lex usually could not shake him. So what was different about this situation?

One thing was certain . . . he was not going let Lex ruin the best relationship of his life. He had never felt as right with anyone as he did with Oliver, not even Lex. So if Lex thought he was going to let him get in the way, he had another thing coming.

It felt like yesterday when the two of them had gotten together. Lana had shown up, very much alive at the farm and he knew that she figured they were going to get back together. Telling her ‘no’ had been hard but Oliver had already made a reappearance in his life. After seeing Oliver, after spending time with the blonde, he just couldn’t settle with Lana any longer.

Oliver had still been in town when that encounter had occurred. Lana left and Clark had gone to see the blonde. They had a long talk about what happened with Lana.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Oliver asked, worry evident in his chocolate brown eyes. Clark was certain that nobody on Earth had eyes like Oliver . . . they were this molten shade of brown and he loved them. Then again, he loved every part of Oliver.

“I’m okay,” Clark replied. “I mean, I feel bad for hurting Lana but you and I both know that Lana was my rebound relationship from Lex. I hated that I used her like that but I can’t be with her, knowing that my heart is not with her.”

“Yeah, it’s with Lex, right?” Oliver said and Clark was surprised to hear a hint of bitterness in his tone.

“Actually, it’s not,” Clark said, his voice surprisingly calm.

“It’s not?” Oliver repeated, surprise evident in his features.

“I’m over Lex,” Clark told him. “And I’ve fallen in love with someone else.” The time was now, he wouldn’t watch another person he loved slip away. If Oliver was going to reject him, so be it but he would not live his life on ‘what if’’.

Oliver’s face fell but he recomposed himself. “That’s great, Clark.”

But Clark heard the fake cheerfulness in his tone. Oliver was bothered by the idea of him loving someone? Was that because he didn’t think it was him? ‘Oh, Ollie’, he thought, ‘It’s only you.’

“I just don’t know if I should tell him,” Clark said slowly.

“Him?” Oliver echoed.

“Him,” Clark confirmed.

“I think you should go for it,” Oliver advised.

“And you think he’ll love me back?” Clark questioned.

“Of course,” Oliver said, giving him a sad smile. “Who wouldn’t?”

“Then I’m going to go for it,” Clark said confidently.

“Good luck,” Oliver offered. “So are you going to go see him now?”

“I’m already seeing him,” Clark stated.

Oliver’s mouth dropped and he stared at Clark incredulously. “Clark?”

“I don’t need to go see him,” Clark continued, “Because you’re right here.”

His voice didn’t betray any of his nervousness but he was extremely nervous. The worst Oliver could do was reject him but he didn’t know if he would be able to stand it.

“Me?” Oliver said, hope evident in his tone. “You love me?”

“I love you,” Clark said passionately, scooting closer to him. “I’m in love with you.” He reached out and caressed Oliver’s smooth cheek and Oliver leaned into the touch, sighing happily.

“You love me,” Oliver said. “Oh, God, Clark, do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that?”

“This is good then?” Clark asked.

“It’s wonderful,” Oliver told him. “I never thought you could love me, Clark . . . I never thought I had a chance of having my feelings reciprocated. I was going to just settle for being your friend . . . but you love me.” A smile emerged on his face and Oliver’s eyes were shining. Clark was certain he had never seen a more beautiful sight.

“Say it, Ollie,” he urged, “I need you to say it.”

“I love you,” Oliver said immediately. “I’ve been in love with you for so long.”

Clark beamed. “Then we’re on the same page.” Leaning forward, he met Oliver’s waiting lips, in their first kiss.

In his heart, he knew that there would be many more to come.

Oliver and he were perfect together. Which was why Oliver pulling away hurt so much. It hurt more than anything he had ever experienced, more than Lex’s lies and betrayals for sure.

But he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. First, he had to witness Ollie’s behavior. Maybe it was just a temporary thing.

Clark quickly found out that it was not a temporary thing at all. In fact, Oliver only seemed to get worse as the days passed.

Every time Clark came to visit him, his boyfriend was distant. His heart ached but outwardly, he remained strong. For the most part, he could take whatever Oliver threw at him. Until one day, they both went too far.

Oliver had been in a bad mood when Clark showed up and he tried to convince his boyfriend to talk to him. That’s when the blonde snapped.

“Clark, can’t you just butt out?” Oliver asked, his tone icy. Clark was taken aback . . . Oliver had never spoken to him like that before.

“Ollie . . . I don’t understand,” Clark said quietly.

“People have their own problems, you don’t need to know everything.” Clearly, Oliver was on a roll and had no plans to stop. “You can’t solve everyone’s issues . . . I’m not your project, Clark. I’m not perfect . . . and I’m not Lex. Just because you felt you couldn’t stop his dark side from taking over doesn’t mean you can come in and try to save me. We’re nothing alike.” It seems Oliver’s issues were all pouring out.

“When have I ever compared you to Lex?” Clark asked, unable to stop the tears from filling his eyes and spilling over. “When have I said that you’re my ‘project’ . . . I love you . . . I love you . . . those feelings have nothing to do with Lex.”

Seeing the tears, Oliver looked horrified. “Clark,” he said, making his way to him but Clark just shook his head and backed away.

“No, Ollie,” Clark said. “I’m going now.”

“Are you leaving me?” Oliver asked, his voice barely a whisper.

“For now, yes,” Clark said. “Whether it is for good, I’m not sure. I love you and I thought you knew that. Apparently, I was wrong.”

With that, Clark made his way to the elevator and met Oliver’s pleading gaze as the doors shut.

The minute he was on the ground, he sped away from the Clock Tower. He knew where he was going to. Oliver’s true fears had come out and he knew where they originated from.

Going at full speed, he landed at the farm. Wiping away his tears, he took a few minutes to make sure he didn’t look like he had been crying. The next confrontation would take some inner strength from him and if he looked like he had been crying, it would not work.

Taking the truck, he drove straight for the Luthor mansion. It was time to see Lex.

He got there fairly quickly and taking a deep breath, he walked in. Getting past security was easy and always and using his x-ray vision, he tracked Lex to his office.

Not even bothering to knock, he opened the door and Lex looked up, and seeing him, smirked.

“Clark,” Lex said, “This is a surprise.”

“Lex,” he said coldly.

“What can I do for you?” Lex asked. “Or are you here to accuse me of something?”

“You’re more perceptive than you seem,” Clark said icily, “What the hell have you been telling Oliver?”

“Oliver?” Lex said, feigning ignorance, “I’ve hardly had any contact with your boyfriend, Clark.”

“He’s been acting strangely lately,” Clark retorted, “And I am pretty positive you’re responsible.”

“Now Clark,” Lex said smoothly, “He’s your boyfriend . . . shouldn’t you know him best? To come here and ask me what’s wrong with your boyfriend . . . are we not experiencing domestic bliss?”

“Shut up Lex,” Clark hissed, “I know Oliver very well . . . and I know his odd behavior boils down to you. So tell me what you’ve been saying to him . . . right now.”

“I’ve only been telling him the truth,” Lex said.

“And what would that be?” Clark demanded.

“Oh give me a break, Clark,” Lex said, rolling his eyes, “We both know that Oliver is nothing but a substitute.”

“For who?” Clark snapped, “You?”

“You said it, not me,” Lex noted.

“You’re loony,” Clark said angrily.

“Am I?” Lex asked, standing up. “Clark, you don’t have to be in denial any longer. You tried to find love with Lana right after our breakup too. Don’t you see that nobody could really replace me? Oliver needed to see that too.”

Clark had to take a few calming breaths or he was certain he would’ve thrown Lex through the wall. This was not going to be an easy confrontation but it was time for Lex to see the truth and he wasn’t leaving until every single issue was settled.

Unbeknownst to him, Oliver had the same idea, to talk to Lex. Arriving at the mansion, Oliver was embarrassed with himself. He had made his boyfriend, the man he loved, cry. Never in his life had been so disgusted or hated himself more.

He had a lot of making up to do but at the moment, he wanted to talk to Lex, Oliver was going to make sure the other man knew that he was not going to mess with him anymore and he wasn’t going to take any of his crap.

Figuring he would be in his office, he headed over there. To his shock, he heard voices from within.

“You’re loony,” Clark’s voice drifted to him. Hiding by the door, he listened in on the conversation, knowing it was wrong to eavesdrop but unable to resist.

“Am I?” he heard Lex ask, “Clark, you don’t have to be in denial any longer. You tried to find love with Lana right after our breakup too. Don’t you see that nobody could really replace me? Oliver needed to see that too.”

Now this was a big moment. Finally, he would know the truth. But would he like the answers that were given?

Clark glared menacingly at Lex. “I can’t believe you’ve been spouting this crap to Oliver. What right do you have?”

Lex walked toward him but Clark wasn’t going to be intimidated. Leaning against the desk, Lex observed him.

“I notice you’re not denying my statements,” Lex said.

“Are you kidding me?” Clark said, “It’s completely ridiculous.”

“Tell me you can’t see the similarities between Oliver and I,” Lex challenged.

“I can’t,” Clark countered. “Because there aren’t any.”

“You’re in denial,” Lex remarked, seemingly amused.

“Now I think you’re confusing the two of us,” Clark retorted. “Your head is so up in the clouds, I can’t even see you.”

“Are you denying my claims?” Lex asked.

“It’s about time you saw that!” Clark exclaimed. “You and my Ollie are nothing alike . . . both of you are big time corporate men but I’ve never cared for the money. Ollie could be broke and I’d love him.”

“Clark,” Lex started.

“No, Lex,” Clark interjected, “I think you’ve done enough talking. My Oliver is very cool and composed . . . he is not easily rattled. Whatever you have been saying has messed with his mind. I just want you to know it ends here and now.”

“So much faith in your Oliver,” Lex sneered, “It’s a shame he doesn’t have that same trust in you. If he’s so easily manipulated by me, what does that say about your relationship? And if he is seeing something, that must mean your actions are causing him to believe whatever he is thinking. Subconsciously, you are sending him messages, Clark.”

“Bullshit,” he said.

“Clark, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” Lex mocked.

“I can’t believe I ever loved you,” Clark threw out. That shut Lex up. “You are just a manipulative asshole, Lex . . . and I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier. Oliver is the man I love . . . you won’t be able to understand how madly I’ve fallen in love with him. Because words can’t express how I feel about Oliver Queen.”

He took a deep breath. “But I am sure as hell going to try. The two of you are billionaires and that is it. I am not trying to save Ollie from any darkness because there is no darkness he needs saving from. Oliver has made some bad choices but they were all in the past. His future is bright and clear, which is more than I can say for you.”

“The reasons I love Oliver have nothing to do with you,” Clark said. Immediately, he was consumed with images of the blonde, all flashing before his eyes. “I love the way he smiles . . . at everyone he has this one smile and then, for me, there is another one. I love the way he makes me feel . . . like I can accomplish anything. When he looks at me, I’m on the top of the world. I love the way he loves me . . . with all his heart and soul.”

Lex was silent, his expression unreadable. But Clark wasn’t finished just yet. He didn’t care if he was rubbing it in. There was going to be no doubts about who held Clark’s heart.

“When he holds me, I feel safe,” Clark added, “I trust him . . . with my heart, with my soul, with my life. In a way I never trusted you, Lex. I can be myself around him . . . he doesn’t have to take crazy measures to get answers nor would he do so. He understands the idea of secrets and trust . . . two concepts you never quite got a hold of,” Clark told him, growing more confident with each sentence.

“With him, I’m complete,” Clark continued, “With him, I’m at peace. I know that he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. If I can wake up every morning next to him and go to bed with him by my side, that’s all I need. That’s all I want. Forever. Because this is forever for me, Lex. I don’t want to ever imagine a future without Ollie by my side.”

Smirking, he finished up. “So you see, he’s not a substitute . . . how can he be when I love him more than I’ve ever loved anyone? How can he be when I need him more than I’ve ever needed anyone? How can he when he owns me? Heart, body, mind and soul . . . I’m his. And if I have to spend every minute of every day convincing him of that, convincing him I’m over you, I’ll do it willingly. I’ll spend forever trying to convince him of just that because without him, my life is meaningless.”

Tears prickled the back of his eyes as he thought about his Oliver and the insecurity that the man he loved was going through. He had walked out but right after he left, he was going straight back to Ollie. Clark would tell him exactly what he told Lex . . . show him that there was no one else for him, that there would never be someone else.

Little did he know Oliver was still listening near the door. Tears were streaming down Oliver’s cheeks as he listened to Clark passionately declare his love for him, each word hitting him hard. Clark felt so much for him and he had doubted him. Still Clark loved him . . . to hear the love in his voice as he spoke of Oliver awed and humbled him.

Wiping away his tears, he backed away. He would confront Lex later . . . the other man had already gotten an earful and he wasn’t going to rub salt in his wounds. Not yet anyway.

So he left, needing to figure out what he was going to do. Because he had royally screwed up with Clark and he had a find to undo all the damage. He had hurt Clark and that was one thing he swore he would never do.

Getting into his car, he drove at top speed back to his penthouse, silently making plans the entire way there.

Clark never knew Oliver was there so he was oblivious to his leaving. All he could focus on was getting his point across.

“Are we done?” Lex asked, his tone chilly.

We’ve been done for years,” Clark said, “You just haven’t realized it yet. As for this conversation, I’m about finished. I think I made my point. If you can’t tell by now that it’s all about Oliver for me, nobody will convince you of otherwise. But you’re going to stop bugging the man I love. Even if you do go on with your idiotic theories, know that I will always be there to convince him otherwise. It is me that he will go home to every night and I swear, God as my witness, that I will fight for this relationship with everything I have. Because, for once in my life, I’m in a relationship worth fighting for.”

“Next time you decide to taunt my boyfriend, keep my words in mind,” Clark concluded, “And do try to get a real hobby.” Pausing for a moment, he said, “Goodbye Lex.”

Then he walked out of the room, not letting Lex respond. He had said what he needed to say and he felt a whole lot better.

Stepping out of the mansion, he smiled, stepping into the truck. He drove back to the farm, because he had to drop off the truck but he really wanted run the truck back so he can get a move on, go to Metropolis and be with the man he loved.

Because all he wanted to do was see Oliver, hold the blonde in his arms and never let him go.

It took too long, in his opinion, to get to the farm and barely a second after he had locked the truck, he was on the road again, heading back to the Clock Tower.

A part of him was still upset at Ollie’s cruel words but they were going to talk, damn it. He wasn’t going to lose Oliver. He couldn’t lose Oliver. Not after everything he had said in Lex’s office, not after everything he had promised to himself.

Within minutes, he was at the Clock Tower. Stepping into the elevator was such a familiar move, one that he had made many times before but this time, it was different. Clark was anxious, scared, unsure how receptive his lover would be to him.

Opening the gate, he couldn’t help but gape at the scene before him. In his wildest imagination, he had not expected the scene in front of him.

The main room of the penthouse had been completely transformed. Roses were displayed from end to end, covering every free space. Not only was the room decorated but there was a table in the center, drawing Clark’s attention instantly, set up for a romantic dinner for two.

Hearing footsteps, he saw Oliver making his way down the small staircase, looking absolutely delicious in an all black suit. Seeing Clark, he looked surprised.

“Clark,” he said softly, “I didn’t think you would come back . . . I was going to call you.”

“What is this?” Clark asked, dazed.

“Surprise,” Oliver said, with a small smile.

“Surprise?” Clark echoed, feeling slightly stupid for his lack of communication skills. “What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion,” Oliver said, “If you don’t count me being the biggest idiot in the entire world a significant moment.”

Clark just continued to gape at him, unsure of what to say. Oliver quickly strode toward him and took his hand, his eyes meeting Clark’s.

“I was such an idiot Clark,” Oliver told him, regret infused in his voice, “I never meant to hurt you . . . I never meant to make you cry. I promised myself I would never, ever hurt you and I did just that.”

“Ollie, I-” Clark started but was quickly cut off, with a hand on his mouth.

“I heard what you said to Lex,” Oliver confessed. Clark had no idea what to say to that but fortunately, Oliver wasn’t finished. “You were right when you said Lex was saying things. But I didn’t want to upset you so I never brought it up. Every time I see him, he always points out that I’m his substitute . . . it’s stupid and I feel like such an idiot for even considering his words had a miniscule of truth attached to them.”

“Then why did you?” Clark couldn’t help but ask.

“Because I love you and love made me quite irrational,” Oliver admitted. “I couldn’t bear the idea of you having the slightest interest in Lex . . .”

“We need to talk these things out, Ollie,” Clark said gently, finding the right words, “You can’t bottle your emotions up.”

“I was wrong,” Oliver agreed, “I just . . . can’t stand the thought of losing you, Clark. I can understand you’re angry . . . but give me a chance and I’ll do anything to win you back, to make this up to you.”

“Oh, Ollie, I thought I lost you,” Clark said.

“Never,” Oliver replied. “You’ll never lose me. I’m yours . . .” With a smile, he added, “Heart, body, mind and soul.”

Clark blushed. “You really heard everything.”

“I really did,” Oliver said, “And God, you don’t know what it meant to me . . . but I want you to know that I feel the same way. This is forever for me too, Clark.”

Immense relief encompassed Clark’s heart and ran through his body. Oliver wanted forever . . . his Ollie wanted the same thing he did.

“Tell me Clark,” Oliver asked carefully, “Am I too late for forever?”

In response, Clark just captured his lips, engaging him in a kiss that escaladed in passion quickly. Oliver’s arms wrapped around him, resting on the curve of his back.

They only pulled away when the need for air aroused. “You will never be too late,” Clark told him, resting his forehead against Oliver’s. “I told Lex that I was willing to spend every single day of the rest of my life convincing you that my heart only belongs to you and I meant it.”

“I’m already convinced,” Oliver said, smiling.

“Good,” Clark said, a hint of suggestiveness in his tone, “Because I can think of better ways we can be spending our time.”

“You are completely correct, Mr. Kent,” Oliver said, a wicked smile gracing his handsome features. Nuzzling his nose against Clark’s, he said, “I would love to hear some of your suggestions though.”

“I’d much rather demonstrate,” Clark said, encircling his arms around Oliver’s back, pulling him closer.

“I’m all for that,” Oliver replied, a naughty glint in his eyes. Clark leaned in to kiss him when all of a sudden, Oliver pulled away, stepping out of his embrace.

“Ollie,” Clark said, pouting.

“I’m sorry,” Oliver said, walking toward the table. “I have a present for you.”

“Ollie, you didn’t need to get me anything,” Clark said, puzzled.

“I wanted to,” Oliver insisted and returned with a small, wrapped box. Clark took the offered box and slowly unwrapped it and was shocked to see a metallic color box underneath. Lifting the cover, he gasped. A velvet case laid inside.

Looking at Oliver questioningly, he smiled when Oliver lifted the velvet case out of the small box. Oliver snapped open the box and Clark’s eyes widened. Lying in silk was a beautiful ring, white gold with two rows of princess-cut blue diamonds, which were surrounded by white diamonds on both and bottom.

Oh, God, Oliver couldn’t be proposing, was he? He loved Oliver but he wasn’t ready for marriage just yet.

“Clark,” Oliver said, quickly putting his worries to ease. “This is not an engagement ring . . . I know it is too soon for a proposal but I want you to know that this is a commitment . . . a promise of forever. When the time comes, we can formalize it but for now, I want you to have this ring so you know how much you mean to me.”

“Oh, Ollie, I do know,” Clark said. He seemed to be crying a lot today but he couldn’t help the tears that sprung to his eyes at the gesture. “But this is just amazing. You really didn’t have to do this.”

“I wanted to,” Oliver said, removing the ring from the box. “May I?”

“You may,” Clark said, holding out his right hand and smiled giddily when Oliver slipped the ring on.

“I love you,” Oliver told him, his brown eyes dancing.

“And I love you too,” Clark responded, meeting his lips for a deep kiss.

Then there was no talking at all, both men wanting to make up for lost time.

Oliver couldn’t describe the feeling of waking up in Clark’s arms the next morning. Clark had forgiven him and now, they were ready to spend the rest of their days together.

Over the following days, Oliver spent as much time possible with Clark. Every free moment he had, he was with the brunette and it was all perfect.

As he entered the Talon one day, as he was meeting Clark for coffee, he was on Cloud 9. So lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice anyone around him. Only bumping into someone brought him back to reality.

He was about to apologize when he saw the person he had ran into and immediately had to hold back a scowl.


“Oliver,” Lex greeted him, with poorly disguised hatred pouring out.

“Lex,” Oliver said politely.

“Meeting Clark here, I suppose,” Lex said casually.

“I am,” Oliver confirmed.

“I suppose he told you he came to speak with me the other day,” Lex questioned. Oh, Lex, how pathetic . . . are we still doing this?

“He did,” Oliver said. “Not that he would’ve had to . . . I was there. I heard everything.” Immediately, Lex’s smug expression died.

“And I’ll have you know he doesn’t have to convince me of anything,” Oliver added, “I love him and I trust him wholeheartedly. Your little mind games have no more effect on me. Because, Lex, you may have had him first, but you were also stupid enough to lose him. I have him now and unlike you, I will have him forever. All you have are the memories . . . I have the man.”

His traditional smirk emerged. Nope, Lex wouldn’t manipulate him any longer. Oliver was confident in his love and it was time Lex saw that too.

At that moment, Clark chose to arrive, making his way to his side.

“Lex,” Clark said, giving him a nod.

“Clark,” Lex responded.

“Hey you,” Clark said, addressing him, his voice immediately warmer.

“Hi,” Oliver said, smiling at his boyfriend. Clark entwined their hands, his new ring drawing Lex’s eye. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lex pale slightly but neither of them offered an explanation.

“We’ll see you later, Lex,” Clark said, tugging on Oliver’s hand.

They walked toward the counter, leaving Lex behind, and Oliver was happy.

Clark was his and he belonged to Clark. And nobody, not even Lex Luthor, would get in the way of their love.

Not now and if Oliver had anything to say about it, not ever again.


A/N: If you want to see the ring, it's here.
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