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Birthday Fic Pt 2

The other part of charlie_jae's birthday fic. Enjoy! :)

Story: Miracles Happen
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Chloe/Bruce
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash
Spoilers: slight season 7
Summary: Cleaning up the remains of one of Lex Luthor’s labs with Batman, Superman discovers something that will change the course of his and Oliver’s lives.
Previous Chapters: Part 1

Part 2

What is Bruce up to now? That was the thoughts of one Oliver Queen as he stepped into the transporter that would take him to the League headquarters. Bruce had called him a few hours prior and insisted he be at the meeting early, claiming that there was something they needed to talk about.

The message was cryptic, like the man himself but he knew better than to defy Batman. As he exited into the main room, he looked around.

“Oliver,” Bruce deep voice caught his attention. “Come along.”

“Are you going to give me any details yet, Bruce?” Oliver teased.

“Very soon,” Bruce promised, walking away and Oliver knew he had no choice but to follow.

He was surprised when Bruce entered one of the bedrooms but stepped inside after him. What was waiting for him made his heart ache.

Clark was there, holding a little blonde baby boy and staring at him lovingly. His Clark . . . because even after four months apart, Oliver still considered Clark ‘his’. A part of him would always think of him that way.

The sight was just so beautiful that Oliver wanted to cry. Clark, I miss you so much . . . please come back to me.

Clark breaking up with him had taken him by surprise and Oliver had been devastated to lose the man who meant everything to him. What was worse was that he had to see him on a regular basis, with the League and each time they were in the room together, all Oliver could see was Clark. He tried his best to avoid him as much as possible but he couldn’t ignore him completely. But why would Bruce call him to see this? Was the other man purposely torturing him?

The noise caught Clark’s attention and emerald green eyes met his brown ones.

“What’s going on?” Oliver questioned, pleased that he was able to form words.

Clark frowned and his attention shifted to Bruce. “I thought you said you’d tell him,” Clark hissed.

“I thought it would be best if he saw first,” Bruce explained. “The story is a bit out there, Kal . . . you know that.”

“But . . .,” Clark began to protest but seeing Bruce’s expression, he sighed and nodded. “Yeah . . . I guess. But you’re going to tell it.”

“Does anyone want to fill me in?” Oliver interjected. “And where did the baby come from?”

“That’s what we had to talk to you about,” Clark said. “Bruce will explain.”

Bruce rolled his eyes. “Yes, I will. Earlier today, Kal and I were investigating the remains of one of Luthor’s labs.”

“Doesn’t Clark usually do that by himself?” Oliver asked, puzzled. Truth be told, he was a little jealous. Over the course of their relationship, Clark never even asked for him to accompany to the labs . . . he always handled that alone.

“I do,” Clark said. “But today, I just felt that something was wrong . . . so I insisted Bruce come along.”

“It’s a good thing too,” Bruce stated. “Because we found something . . . the baby that you see resting in Kal’s arms.”

Oliver’s eyes widened. “Luthor was testing on a baby? That sick-”

“Keep the conversation G-rated,” Clark interrupted, shooting him a warning glance. “Baby ears, people.”

Oliver could see that Clark had already gotten protective over the child and to see Clark with a baby warmed his heart.

“Luthor actually created the child,” Bruce told him. “The baby was created in that lab . . . that was the lab’s purpose.”

“But how did he leave the child behind?” Oliver questioned.

“We think that he didn’t get the chance to take the child,” Bruce replied. “This was one of the labs that were hidden more carefully and the way we exposed it, he just had no time to do anything but flee.”

“I don’t understand why you had to make sure I got here early to tell me that,” Oliver said, confused.

“Because of the baby’s parentage,” Bruce said. Oliver was stunned at how quickly Clark looked away, refusing to meet his eyes, just focusing on the child. “Luthor used the DNA of two people to get that child.”

“Who?” Oliver asked.

“Kal,” Bruce answered. “And yourself.”

Oliver felt his heart rate speed up at Bruce’s response. “So you’re saying that baby . . .?”

“Is ours,” Clark finished softly.

“I’ll give you two some time alone,” Bruce said and walked out before they could say anything.

Oliver looked expectantly at Clark. “Is this true?”

“Yes,” Clark replied. “Bruce had doctors check him out . . . the DNA matches up . . . he’s ours, Ollie.” Carefully, Clark held him out to Oliver. “Do you want to hold him?”

Oliver nodded and took the baby, who smiled at him. One glance and he was convinced. The baby had a combination of Clark and his features and when he smiled, Oliver knew that he loved this child already.

“I can’t believe it,” Oliver whispered. “He’s amazing.”

“Does this mean you want a part in his life?” Clark asked eagerly.

“Without a doubt,” Oliver confirmed.

“I know that it will be difficult,” Clark noted. “But I think that for his sake, we can be civil to each other, despite our history . . .”

“Move in with me,” Oliver said suddenly.

“Excuse me?” Clark said, frowning.

“Clark, I want our son to have the best life ever,” Oliver said. “And that doesn’t include shuffling between two homes.”

“Oliver, it wouldn’t be right,” Clark reminded him. “We’re not together . . . and it will only makes things uncomfortable. If you go on a date, how are you going to explain that you’re living with your ex-boyfriend?”

“Clark,” Oliver said patiently. “I haven’t gone on a date for four months . . . and right now, all I want to focus on is raising our son. I want him to have both of us, especially at this early age . . . come on, Clark. Do it for the baby.” He didn’t add that after four months, he was still in love with Clark . . . still wanted to picture a future with him by his side. But he wouldn’t dare say that aloud.

Clark frowned, oblivious to his thoughts. “I guess . . . I guess if you can do it, I can too. For our son.”

“For our son,” Oliver said, with a smile. Our son . . . God that sounds wonderful. He had a baby with Clark . . . and he couldn’t help the giddy feeling that came up at the realization.

“He needs a name you know,” Clark said casually.

“What do we name him?” Oliver asked, glancing at the child. The baby giggled and Oliver was mesmerized. Green eyes that he had only seen once before in his life stared up at him and Oliver’s heart melted.

“Do you have any ideas?” Clark questioned.

“I like Tyler,” Oliver admitted.

“Tyler works for me,” Clark replied, with a warm smile.

“Tyler Jonathan Kent-Queen,” Oliver declared. Kent-Queen . . . it has to be Kent-Queen. Because Oliver wasn’t settling on one or the other. His son would have the surname that Oliver was denied.

“Jonathan?” Clark repeated, visibly stunned. “You want to his middle name to be after my father?”

“I know how much you loved him, Clark,” Oliver said slowly. “It’s only right.”

Clark’s eyes watered. “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” Oliver said, gesturing to the baby in his arms. “For telling me . . . I know you could’ve easily not told me about him.”

“It never even crossed my mind,” Clark said quickly. “He’s your son too . . . I wouldn’t deny you your child, Oliver. Not knowing how much family means to you.”

How could he be blamed for falling in love with this man? He was everything Oliver ever wanted . . . was he wrong for wanting to spread forever with him? How could Clark ever think that after being with him, he would be able to move on? How would he be able to find someone better when in his mind, there was no one more perfect than Clark?

But he kept his emotions to himself. Clark was probably over him . . . and here he was, still desperately in love with the brunette. It was maddening really.

“What are we going to do about the official documents?” Clark asked, clearly not realizing that Ollie’s thoughts were solely focused on him.

“Clark,” Oliver teased, “I’m pretty sure Bruce and I can come up with something.”

Clark blushed. “You’re right . . . I forgot about that.”

It amazed Ollie how unimportant money was to Clark . . . sure, he recognized its necessity but never once in the course of their relationship did Clark allow Oliver to overspend on him. All Clark ever asked for was Ollie’s love and it was Oliver who wanted to constantly splurge on his lover.

Damn you, Clark . . . I’ve never met anyone like you and you had to go and remove yourself from my life. He looked at the little bundle in his arms and for once in his life, was thankful to Lex Luthor. Because of that man, Clark would be forever in his life . . . they had a son together and that was one connection that could never be broken.

And maybe one day they’d find their way back to each other.

For the first time in the past four months, Oliver thought of the future and felt hope.

What the hell did I just agree to? Clark couldn’t believe that he had accepted Oliver’s offer. There was so many good, valid reasons to say no but he had just taken one good look at the endearing look on Ollie’s face and couldn’t say no.

Oliver was so good with Tyler . . . Tyler . . . Clark couldn’t stop the goofy grin on his face as he realized that their son had a name. It all seemed so much more real now. Either way, Tyler in Ollie’s arms looked so right . . . he couldn’t say ‘no’ to that, didn’t want to say no.

So he said yes and really hoped that he wouldn't live to regret it.

The next couple of days were tough for Clark, emotionally. Though the League meeting had gone well, all of the members shocked at the revelation of the baby, he knew Tyler had just gotten a whole bunch of new guardians, people who Clark trusted and knew wouldn’t let Lex Luthor take away his child.

However, it was after the meeting where the trouble began. True to his word, Oliver took care of all the documentation. Tyler was theirs and no legal system would take him away.

But Clark had to pack . . . had to get ready to move back into Ollie’s penthouse. The thought scared him more than anything. And he would be living with the man he loved but they weren’t together.

He didn’t know if he would be able to handle it. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a choice. Within a week, he was completely moved into the penthouse, taking up one of the guest rooms.

The people around him had expressed concern at their new arrangement. Chloe had been fascinated with Tyler and that prompted both of them to ask her to be the godmother. She had agreed immediately.

But she was worried about him and he knew it. Somehow, he managed to reassure her he would be fine but he didn’t believe the words, even as he spoke them.

Bruce was named Tyler’s godfather, just because if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have found Tyler and he was also one of Clark’s best friends . . . he hadn’t even considered anyone else.

It was difficult at first. Waking up in a new situation but having Tyler around made everything easier. He was amazed at how easy it was to slip into a routine with Oliver. There were some mornings when he woke up to see Oliver making breakfast that he had to resist just going and kissing him.

Once the threat of Lex was gone, life became even simpler. The Justice League had made a decision to announce their findings, saying that they gave the child to their “rightful owners”. Lex couldn’t do a thing . . . it was all public now. If he even made a move on the child, everyone would know who was behind it and Lex knew the League’s eyes were watching him very carefully.

For that, Clark was grateful. He still had anxieties about his job but Lois was more understanding about his reluctance to take on more reckless stories.

He was still completely devoted to his job but he kept a firm eye on his son too.

His mother was extremely pleased that she had a grandson to spoil and they made sure that she got to see Tyler as much as possible.

Clark’s life was as close to perfect as it could get. The only thing that would make it better was if he and Ollie were actually raising Tyler together, as a couple instead of two separate parents. But alas, he knew that it was not going to happen.

He wasn’t a greedy man . . . he would settle for the friendship that they were slowly building, the bond that was getting stronger due to their shared love for their son.

It worked . . . for a few months. Clark had their routine down. Oliver sometimes wasn’t there because he was traveling between Star City and Metropolis but never once did he ask that Clark move.

In fact, it was Clark who was considering it. Metropolis was lovely but it was too much of a city for him. Star City was more of the type of area where Clark imagined raising Tyler. He didn’t bring this up to Oliver though, just contemplated the repercussions to himself.

Other than that, everything was going well . . . until one day, where it all changed and what both men had been trying to deny couldn’t be denied any longer.

It happened about five months after they brought Tyler home. Oliver was getting ready to go out to a corporate party that he had to attend and Clark knew that he was going to be taking some random woman too.

Since he was still in love with Oliver, it did hurt but he didn’t have any say over Oliver’s love life. Oliver was young, gorgeous and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, kid or no kid . . . so when Oliver expressed doubt about taking a date, Clark encouraged him, no matter how much it pained him to do so.

After Ollie left, Clark spent some quality time with Tyler, who was almost 9 months old. The hours passed like minutes and Clark put him to bed, intent on reading him a story.

He was going to pick a book but one look into that face that was so much like the man he loved and Clark just smiled, suddenly inspired.

“Hey Ty,” Clark said, “I know you like your stories buddy but you want to do something a little different today?” Tyler just giggled and cooed and Clark took that as agreement.

“You know your Papa is not here right now,” Clark noted. Because they had agreed Oliver would be “Papa” and Clark was “Daddy”.

“Want to hear about your Papa?” Clark asked and Tyler beamed up at him. “You’re never going to get this from him, I promise.”

“You look so much like him,” Clark said softly. “You should be happy about that . . . he’s the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. And you know what Ty? He’s extremely kind hearted too . . . he was the first one to tell me to use my powers for good. Before that, everyone had always forced me to hide but not him.”

Clark was happy to get his emotions out in the open, even if it was to his son, who didn’t understand a word he was saying.

“He’s so strong,” Clark continued, “And he’s brave . . . do you know? He’s my hero. Always has been.” Clark chuckled. “Once, he told me that he wasn’t in my league and he had no idea all I wanted to do was tell him that it was me who wasn’t in his league. Because he has always been what I aspire to be more like. I fell in love with him a long time ago and I’ve never stopped loving him.”

Tyler was watching him with wide eyes and Clark briefly wondered if he could understand the words that he was saying. But shook off the idea . . . it was impossible.

“He loves you so much, Ty,” Clark went on, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “You’re his precious baby boy and I’m certain he doesn’t love anyone more than he loves you. That’s the man you want to look up to and I swear, if you become half the man your Papa is, you’ll be an incredible individual.”

Clark watched as his son yawned and closed his eyes, drifting off. “Good night Tyler.”

Making sure he was asleep, Clark stood and turned, getting ready to go to leave.

And froze.

Because standing in the doorway, with tears in his eyes, was none other than the man he had just been describing.

“Ollie,” he said, trying not to pass out. “Hi . . . when did you get back?”

“About ten minutes ago,” Oliver replied, not taking his eyes off Clark.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” Clark said, his heart pounding. How much did he hear?

“You seemed rather distracted,” Oliver said, making his way into the room. “Is he asleep?”

Clark nodded and Oliver gently kissed Tyler’s forehead before turning back to him.

Lowering his eyes, Clark left the room and as expected, Oliver followed him out. He really hoped that they could ignore what they said.

“I’m going to go to bed,” Clark told Oliver.

“Not so fast,” Oliver responded before he could take off. “We need to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about Oliver,” Clark hastened to say.

“Really?” Oliver questioned. “Because from what I walked in on, I think we have a lot to talk about.”

“Please, Ollie,” Clark pleaded. “Can’t we just forget I said anything? We’re doing so well . . . I really don’t want to make things awkward between us.”

“I’m sorry, Clark,” Oliver said, brown eyes boring into him, as if they could see into his very soul. “I can’t just ignore this . . . we’ve been pretending that we’re just friends, that neither one of us want more, for the sake of our son. But I can’t do it anymore.”

“Oliver,” Clark tried but the blonde just shook his head.

“I still love you Clark,” Oliver said passionately. “My feelings for you haven’t changed . . . I think they’ve actually grown stronger.” Clark was taken aback at the words that were coming out of Ollie’s mouth.

“How?” Clark asked breathlessly. “I left you . . . I hurt you . . . how can you still love me?”

“Clark, you’ve always had a martyr complex,” Oliver said, with an easy smile. “I was hurt that you were leaving but after I took some time to think about it, I understood. It’s your nature . . . and I really thought about it. If the situation had been reversed, would I have done the same thing?”

“You wouldn’t have,” Clark said immediately. “You would’ve done everything to protect me and made sure it never happened again. I am the coward, Ollie . . . I walked away.”

“No, you’re brave,” Oliver countered. “Because I know how hard it was for you to walk away. And it only makes me love you more. That you care about my safety most in the world.” He sighed. “Clark, do you know how happy I was when I found out we have a son together? To know that you’ll be in my life always because of that shared connection? I just . . . I just never thought I could have a second chance with you like that.”

Clark watched as Oliver swallowed hard. “I went to the party tonight and I hated it . . . I was there long enough but I made up an excuse to come home early because all I wanted to do was be home with you and Tyler. Then I heard . . . heard you saying all those things about me. God Clark . . . do you know what you do to me?”

This had to be a dream . . . because there was no way Oliver was professing his love for Clark . . . he was asleep in the guest room and he was going to wake up any minute now. It had to be.

But this was the most realistic dream he had ever had. Clark could only stare at Oliver in disbelief.

“Clark?” Oliver said, his tone taking a pleading note. “Please say something.”

“Is this real?” Clark asked, dazed.

Oliver broke into a smile. “Oh yeah, it’s very real . . . you’re not dreaming, my love.”

“Your love,” Clark repeated, his head spinning. “You love me . . . after all this time, after everything I’ve done . . . you love me.”

“I do, I do love you,” Oliver declared. “More than anything in the world.”

“I love you,” Clark said. “I never stopped . . . I don’t know how not to love you, Ollie.”

Oliver beamed. “Good.” Then he captured Clark’s lips with his and Clark instantly reciprocated the kiss, responding with everything he had. The taste of Oliver’s mouth was one he had to go too long without.

When the need for air aroused, they separated, Oliver resting his forehead against Clark’s.

“Ollie,” Clark said, “I know I screwed up last time but know now that this is forever for me . . . and if it isn’t for you, you have to tell me. Because now we have a son, and I won’t let him get caught up in our mess.”

Oliver didn’t let him continue, just kissed him again, this time even more passionately than before. Pulling away a minute later, he smiled at Clark.

“This has always been forever for me, Clark,” Oliver said, taking his hand. “I love you . . . you’re the only man I’ve wanted for a long time and the only one I will ever want.”

“Good,” Clark said, with a grin. Oliver tugged at his hand and Clark tilted his head. “Where are we going?”

Oliver glanced at him with a mischievous smile. “My bedroom of course. Any objections?”

“None,” Clark said.

“And by the way,” Oliver added, “We’re moving in your stuff tomorrow morning. If I have to spend one more day with you in another room, I think I’ll go mad.”

“That works for me,” Clark said, laughing and allowed Oliver to drag him to the bedroom.

Where there was no talking for a very long time.

Six Months Later

Oliver laughed as he watched his lover play with their son. His heart was bursting with happiness at the scene in front of him. Never did he think that he would get the opportunity to be so happy but he was. His life was perfect and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Tyler’s first birthday had come and gone. They made sure that only the most important people were there to celebrate the day, neither wanting some lavish affair that Tyler wouldn’t understand.

If his life had been great when Tyler entered it, when he and Clark had gotten back together, it had gotten even better. They had to work through some issues but in the end, they were better off for it and their relationship was stronger than ever. There was just one thing that Oliver wanted to do but hadn’t found the right moment for.

That night, however, would be the perfect time.

“Come over here,” Clark called out, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Your son wants to play.”

Oliver laughed and joined them, silently thanking whoever had brought these two marvelous people into his life.

Pushing the thoughts aside, Ollie focused on Clark and Tyler, and concentrated on enjoying spending time with the two people he loved most in the world.

The day passed quickly and as night fell, Oliver watched as Clark put Tyler to bed, returning to him once he had fallen asleep.

They relaxed in the living room, Clark snuggling against Oliver and watching his lover completely at peace, Oliver knew that it was the moment he had been waiting for.

“Clark,” Oliver said softly.

“Yeah?” Clark murmured.

“You know I love you right?” Oliver started. “More than anything?”

Clark sat up and looked at him. “I know that Ollie, just as you know I love you.”

“Wait here,” Oliver said, standing up. He went to the room Clark used to occupy and retrieved what he was looking for.

Coming back to Clark, he smiled warmly and sat down again next to the brunette.

“Want to tell me where you disappeared to?” Clark asked, tilting his head.

“Clark,” Oliver said, ignoring his question. “I know we’ve just gotten back together but this . . . this is forever for me. And I want to make it official.”

He pulled out the small velvet box and snapped it open. Clark gasped at the contents.

“Marry me, Clark,” Oliver said. “I know we’re meant to be and there’s no one else I could ever imagine myself with.”

Clark watched wordlessly as he slipped the ring onto his finger.

“Clark?” Oliver questioned, worrying in his lover’s silence.

“Yes,” Clark said.

“Yes?” Oliver echoed.

“Of course yes!” Clark exclaimed. “There’s nothing else I want more than to be with you forever, Oliver.”

Oliver couldn’t stop the grin that threatened to spread across his face and in one swift move, pulled Clark into his embrace.

“We’re getting married,” Clark whispered and Oliver just nodded, too overwhelmed at the situation to speak.

But even if he had the words, he wouldn’t have gotten the chance to say them because Clark chose that moment to kiss him. Not that he was complaining. They had their whole lives to talk.

At one point, he was convinced he would always be alone. Now, he had Clark and he had their son . . . and his life was perfect.

Whatever life threw at him, he would take it. Because with Clark and Tyler by his side, he could handle anything.

He had a family and it was an incredible feeling.
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  • mcu fic exchange

    If anyone is interested in signing up for a MCU fic exchange, based on romance, the infinite_romance is open for sign ups. Signs up go on…

  • pimping and a meme

    Okay, I promise, I'm going to make a real update within the next day or two, but for now, I am going to me pimp two friending memes and a fandom…

  • pimping and a friending meme!

    I will post a rl update within the next few days but for now, I'm going to pimp some stuff that are female/female-character centric. If you love…