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Prompt #2 "Middles" Pt 6

Another part is here! Thanks to everyone who is still sticking with me on this particular prompt and supporting me as I work my way through the table. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy this part too! Let me know! :)

Title: A Twist of Fate
Pairing/Characters: Clark Kent/Oliver Queen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don't own anything
Warnings: slash
Spoilers: none
Summary: follows “The World Shifts”; Clark sees Ollie again when he goes to drop off some papers for his mother. And is surprised when the blonde asks him out. But the Zoner isn’t quite gone and Oliver is not all that he seems.
Previous Parts: Here

My table is here.

Prompt #2 "Middles"

Part 6

When Lana Lang opened the paper over breakfast the following morning, she had to stop herself from gasping aloud. The morning had started off pretty crazy and she thought that nothing could top finding out Lex was working on alien technology but apparently, the worst was yet to come.

“Is everything all right?” Lex asked her. Looking up and meeting the concerned blue-gray eyes of her boyfriend, she shook her head.

He gave her a half smile. “Lana, did they put more gossip about us? I know it troubles you but you have to understand . . . it is one of the more troublesome aspects of being in a relationship with me.”

Seeing her unchanging expression, he pressed his lips together. “If they said something really bad, I can sic my lawyers on them.”

“It’s not about us,” Lana was quick to assure him. “It’s safe to say that they have more interesting news . . .”

“Just tell me,” Lex urged. “How bad can it be?”

Turning back to the paper, she read the headline aloud. “Party Brings About Kent-Queen Alliance.”

Lex raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

Sighing, she continued to read the article. “Lionel Luthor’s elaborate affair may have been interrupted midway through due to the interference of an unidentified leather clad thief but that didn’t take away from the lavishness of the event. Present were Metropolis’ deepest pockets, including the city’s newest billionaire, Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Industries. It is rumored that he is financially supporting the new state senator, Martha Kent, in her bid for Congress.”

“I don’t understand what’s the big deal,” Lex commented.

“I’m not finished,” Lana told him and continued reading. “However, it seems that Oliver Queen’s connection with the Kent family does not end with the Senator. He arrived at the gathering with none other than Senator Kent’s only son, Clark Kent, on his arm.”

Hearing a sharp gasp, she paused and met the shocked gaze of her boyfriend. Lex wasn’t rattled easily so she knew that this was big. Hell, she had been taken back. She had known Clark all her life and never once did she show an interest in men.

“Keep going,” Lex told her. “There is more, isn’t there?”

“Yeah, there is,” Lana replied and turned back to the article. “Though both parties claim that they were nothing but friends, it didn’t go unnoticed that they barely left each other’s side throughout the course of the night. After the thief’s interruption, Mr. Queen didn’t leave Mr. Kent’s side, even through the interrogations. The duo left together. Whether not the pair is engaged in a romantic relationship is unknown still. At Lex Luthor’s recent ball to help the victims of Dark Thursday, Oliver Queen showed up with none other than Martha Kent’s chief of staff, Lois Lane but the two were pleasant with each other, their interactions nothing but platonic. As for the Senator’s son, there will be a firm eye watching to see what will happen with them next.”

Frowning slightly, she finished. “That is all that is about Mr. Queen and Clark specifically.”

“Interesting,” was all Lex said.

“Interesting?” Lana repeated. “Is that it?”

“Lana,” Lex said patiently. “I went to school with Oliver . . . it’s no surprise to me that he’s bisexual. I don’t have personal experience with that but he’s never declared he’s straight. As for Clark, it’s a little surprising, yes, but it’s really no big deal. Does it bother you? I suppose these are the kind of issues that really need more exposure to get used to. We have grown up in different environments and I guess your reaction is natural, considering you grew up here.”

“I’m not homophobic,” Lana said quickly. “It’s just . . . it’s Clark.”

Lex shrugged, taking a sip of his coffee. “He’s moved on . . . and it just happened to be with a male. You’ve moved on too . . . you have moved on, haven’t you?”

“Of course Lex,” Lana assured him. “I only want to be with you . . . it’s just weird, that’s all.”

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it,” Lex told her. “It’s the initial surprise . . . it’ll wear off with time. Besides, we don’t know for fact that there is anything going on . . . until then, there is no need to overreact.”

“I guess you’re right,” Lana agreed. “It’s no big deal.”

Lex returned to his breakfast and the subject was dropped. But Lana couldn’t forget . . . the words were one thing but there had been an accompanying picture that Lana hadn’t mentioned.

The picture was of none other than Clark and Oliver but the real shocker was the smile that was on Clark’s face. A genuine, beautiful, heart-stopping smile . . . she hadn’t seen him smile like that in a long time. No wonder the article was speculating that there was more.

But it didn’t bother her. She was with Lex . . . and she was happy with Lex. Yes, he was honest with her . . . he cared about her . . . Lex, unlike Clark, would never hurt her.

It didn’t matter to her what Clark Kent did or who he did it with.

But then why wasn’t the nagging feeling in her heart going away?

Outwardly, Lex pretended as if the subject was dropped but it was plaguing him as much as it was Lana. Oliver and Clark? Of course his former best friend would find comfort in his childhood nemesis of all people.

And for them to be engaged in a romantic relationship? Since when was Clark interested in men? Certainly not when he was friends with Lex . . . at that time, Lana was the only name that spilled from his lips. There were a few distractions but it always came back to Lana.

Now, Oliver? Oliver Queen was nothing like Lana Lang . . . what could Clark possibly see in that asshole? The blonde had spent much of their youth tormenting Lex and from what he saw at his own ball, he hadn’t changed.

Certainly Clark was too smart to fall for his routine? At least he thought so. Relax . . . as far as you know, they could’ve just been going as friends. He might’ve asked and Clark was worried that if he said no, Queen wouldn’t back his mother. Yeah, that’s it.

Until he found out more about this so-called Kent-Queen alliance, he was not going to make any assumptions.

Anyway, Clark was hardly civil to him . . . why should he care what the younger man did in his free time? They weren’t friends and Clark had made that plenty clear several times.

So if he wanted to mess around with Oliver Queen, fine . . . he’d only see what a mistake he made later when Queen showed his true colors.

Lex certainly didn’t care . . . he had a gorgeous girlfriend and he was plenty busy with Luthorcorp and uncovering that new piece of alien technology.

Clark Kent was the furthest thing from his mind.

Clark Kent, who was too busy with his own life to realize that he was on the minds of the residents in the Luthor mansion.

His night had gone well . . . he had stayed with Oliver for a bit and left approximately an hour after Lois had. He had chores to do in the morning and he was still determined to find that necklace but Oliver said he would call him soon.

Clark would certainly be looking forward to that call.

He did a get a call the next day but it was from a very worried Chloe. Concerned at the tone of her voice, he zipped to the Planet, where she was waiting for him. She filled him in on the situation with Lois and their necklace thief.

“Lois really is on a warpath,” Clark said, shaking his head. “I can’t believe that she is still pursuing this story.”

“Can you go and keep an eye on her Clark?” Chloe requested. “If he decides to make a reappearance, I don’t want her to get hurt.”

“I can do that,” Clark promised. “I’ll make sure Lois doesn’t get hurt.”

Chloe nodded, looking relieved and then a slow smile spread across her face. “So what about you? I know Lois had an interesting encounter yesterday but how did your date with Oliver go? The two of you made the papers this morning.”

Clark blushed and nodded. He had seen the article and he had been a little worried but they were just speculations. And he hadn’t gotten any nasty phone calls yet so it seemed to be going okay.

“Really well,” Clark admitted, lowering his voice. After all, he was still in a newsroom. There were ears everywhere.

“Did you give him your decision?” Chloe asked eagerly.

“I did,” Clark told her. Seeing her expectant expression, he grinned. “I might’ve kissed him and told him I wanted more.”

“Clark Kent!” Chloe said excitedly. “I am impressed . . . so you two are together now?” He just smiled and nodded.

“That’s great,” she said sincerely. “It’s about time you got some happiness in your life.”

“Thank you, Chloe,” Clark said gratefully. “I really appreciated your advice.”

“That’s what I’m here for, Kent,” Chloe teased. “Now, I really want details but I have to make sure my cousin is safe first . . . we’ll talk later?”

“Definitely,” Clark told her. They exchanged goodbyes and Clark went off to track Lois.

Finding her was easy and she was busy working on an article.

“Lois,” Clark said, catching her attention. “Are you okay? I heard what happened.”

“Let me guess,” Lois said, “Chloe asked you to babysit me?”

“She’s just worried about you,” Clark protested and Lois gave him a small smile.

“I know that,” Lois responded. “But I can take care of myself.”

“You seem to be doing a fantastic job so far,” a voice commented from the entrance. Clark and Lois spun around to see Oliver standing there, smirking.

“Oliver?” Clark said, surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“I was actually looking for you,” Oliver told him. “What’s going on?”

“Lois’ ring got stolen,” Clark said, ignoring Lois’ glare and quickly filled him in on what he found out.

Oliver frowned at the story and glanced at Lois. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Lois cut in. “I am a reporter . . . this is part of my job.”

“Yes, you are a reporter,” Oliver agreed, with an easy smile. He picked up the paper on the desk. “But I didn’t realize that putting your life at danger was part of the job description.”

“The greater the risk, the greater the reward,” Lois responded, not the least bit fazed.

“The Green Arrow Bandit,” Oliver read and smirked. “Doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, does it?”

“Does his name really matter?” Clark interjected. “This guy’s a danger.”

“I don’t know, Clark,” Oliver joked. “This guy steals your mom’s necklace and then gasses your two best friends, all within a 24-hour period? I’d say he’s got a thing for you.”

“When you’re my editor, I’m sure I’ll remember to care what you think,” Lois interrupted.

Oliver raised an eyebrow. “You know that whole sugar-and-spice thing? It never really took with you did it?”

“Not in the least,” Clark agreed, chuckling.

Lois rolled her eyes. “Look, Green Arrow, green eggs and ham . . . it doesn’t really matter what I call this guy. I’m gonna have his face plastered all over the front page soon enough.”

“Well, unless I’m missing something,” Oliver stated, “Without that ring, you’re not nearly as close to ID’ing this guy as you claim to be.”

“Yeah, that,” Lois responded. “Well, I might have stretched the truth just a little.”

“Okay, well, you know it’s a good thing that the Inquisitor doesn’t pride itself on integrity,” Oliver laughed, waving the newspaper.

“Ollie, I will find this guy,” Lois said determinedly. “And Smallville over here is helping too . . . I’m sure the three of us can figure something out.”

Oliver turned to Clark, who was watching the exchange, amused. His expression changed instantly

“Clark,” Oliver said, worriedly, “Are you sure you want to get yourself involved in this?”

“Ollie, Chloe and I have been doing this sort of thing for a long time,” Clark told him. “Relax.”

Oliver didn’t seem convinced. “Listen, I don’t like the idea of you dangling yourself as bait in front of this guy,” Oliver said, gently stroking his face. “I mean, anyone after the Green Arrow’s gonna come after you, if they find out you’re on the search party.” He briefly glanced at Lois. “You too Lois . . . in fact, you more than Clark, considering your byline is on that article.”

“Oliver,” Clark said patiently. “If anyone can handle this Green Arrow, it’s me.” Oliver’s unhappy expression didn’t change and Clark just smiled reassuringly. His new boyfriend had no idea of the powers he possessed so of course, he would be concerned.

“Besides,” Lois chipped in, “Anyone after the Green Arrow is a friend of mine, and I will be sitting front and center with them when they lock this guy up.”

“Wouldn’t want you on my jury,” Oliver muttered.

“Meaning . . .?” Lois asked.

“Well,” Oliver noted. “You know, I thought we did away with the ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ mentality with covered wagons.”

“Oh come on,” Lois said incredulously. “Don’t tell me you’re some kind of bleeding-heart pacifist.”

“And that’s worse than a knee-jerk fascist?” Oliver shot back.

“Okay, okay,” Clark said, interfering. “Let’s all calm down . . . no need to argue.”

Oliver visibly calmed down and smiled seductively at Clark, wrapping his arms around his back.

“You’re right . . . but you need to relax too,” Oliver suggested. “Forget about this guy for the weekend. I can have you in Cancun in time for the sunset tonight, sipping margaritas. What do you say?” Clark blushed at the look in his eyes but wasn’t able to give a response.

“Ollie, as much as I’m thrilled that the two of are shacking up,” Lois said. “I don’t think Smallville can be your boytoy . . . we need him here. The only person he’ll be seeing this weekend is into leather and has a perverted fetish for archery.”

“Yeah,” Clark said apologetically. “I do have work to do . . . rain check?”

Oliver nodded but there was an emotion in his eyes that Clark couldn’t quite place. He figured he would ask later . . . right now, he had someone to track.

“I have to go now,” Clark said, “But will I see you later?”

“You can see me whenever you want,” Oliver said, a smile emerging on his face.

Kissing him lightly, Clark smiled. “I’ll call you when this mess is over.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” Oliver responded. Giving him one last kiss, he turned to Lois, who was looking quite pleased. “Bye Lois.”

“Bye Smallville,” she replied.

Clark left and headed back to the Planet, where he told Chloe that Lois was okay. He knew that she worried about her cousin so he wanted to tell her.

“Good,” Chloe said.

“Did you find out anything new?” Clark questioned.

“I did,” Chloe said, handing him a file. “I was tapping into Lionel’s security firm to see if we could find anything. And it looks like Lionel’s rocks weren’t the only recent casualty.”

Clark looked up from the file and met her gaze.

“Over a dozen of their clients have been hit,” Chloe explained.

“Oliver said that there were other billionaires who had items stolen,” Clark remembered. “But I didn’t know that they were all Safetex clients.” It did, however, make sense to why that security guard was so desperate to get answers from Lois.

“Yeah, well, for all the money they’re getting paid for security,” Chloe quipped. “They’re not really keeping their clients secure.”

“Do the police have any leads?” Clark questioned.

“The police don’t know anything,” Chloe responded. “Not a single crime report has been filed, not even from Lionel.”

“Oliver said something like that too,” Clark sighed.

“Your boyfriend seems to be extremely informed on the situation,” Chloe commented.

“I wish I knew half as much,” Clark replied wryly. “We need to find this guy . . . the sooner, the better.”

“What are you going to do?” Chloe questioned.

“Talk to Lionel,” Clark answered. “See if I can get some answers.” He didn’t like the man and even though Lionel knew his secret, he didn’t trust him just yet. But that was the only logical source.

“Good luck,” Chloe offered, noticing his reluctance.

“Thanks” he replied and with that, he was gone. His first stop was Luthorcorp, where Lionel was exiting the building phone to his ear.

Seeing Clark, he smiled. “Clark. What a good surprise.” Lionel offered his hand and Clark shook it in greeting. “What brings you here?”

“My mom was pretty shaken up after the party,” Clark started.

“Oh yeah, I know,” Lionel said. “But in spite of the impromptu entertainment, your mother made a terrific impression on some very influential people.”

“She wasn’t the only one,” Clark replied.

“Walk me to my car, will you?” Lionel said and Clark walked by his side as they approached the waiting vehicle. “Don’t worry, Clark. My security team is making a very thorough investigation.”

“Unlike the police?” Clark questioned.

Lionel just laughed in response.

“Tell me,” Clark continued, “Why wouldn’t you report something that valuable if it was stolen?”

“Well, I’d rather not let the entire city know that I’m a sitting duck for some acrobatic archer,” Lionel responded. “It’s not wise to advertise our vulnerabilities, it is, Clark?”

Clark had to refrain from frowning. At times like this he was very nervous about Lionel’s knowledge of his secret, not to mention his weakness.

“You’re talking about some very expensive vulnerabilities,” Clark said, handing him the file, trying to focus on the issue at hand.

“Ooh, Fabregé Egg,” Lionel said, scanning the file. “Bishop’s Miter, 14th century. This is big stuff.”

“Not the kind of stuff you find in your local pawn-shop window,” Clark told him.

“Here’s something that might interest you,” Lionel said, handing back the file. “Unless you’ve noticed this already. There’s only one name on the Safetex client list that hasn’t been hit already. I don’t want to be late. You find it, huh?”

Clark watched as Lionel entered the car and left. Turning back to the list, he saw that Lionel was indeed correct.

If his deductions were correct, this would be the next stop of the Green Arrow. There was a pattern to his thievery and Clark planned to put an end to it . . . tonight.

Tonight, he would confront the Green Arrow.
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