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7.09 "Gemini"

It's been a few weeks but Smallville is back! And I was excited ... so here are my thoughts, if anyone cares.

First of all, I have to say that I WAS RIGHT! The minute boltgirl426 told me Clark was acting strange, I thought "what if Bizarro is back?" WHO called it? ME! Ok, I'm done with my self-congratulatory behavior.

So I guess we're starting off with Clark's behavior. His voice was deeper and he was acting odd throughout ... I just knew. I mean, really ... I heard rumors that Bizarro was back and I was just positive. Clark would never do what he did and I was so excited. What a great way to reveal it at the end. I can't wait to see how they're going to play this one off.

Now back to the episode ... let's start with Lois and Grant. That first scene had me cringing. Bring back the Lollie, PLEASE. Even though I prefer Clois, the Lois/Oliver relationship was much better than this. They were actually cute in season 6 ... I really do not like Grant and Lois together. I really did love Lois in this episode, despite not really liking her hair. I love how much concern she showed for Chloe.

I really don't know what to say about this episode. I mean, my thoughts are so jumbled that I can't even pick a place to begin. Lois Lane was awesome. All her sneaky tricks were cute ... I so love ED. She brings life to the character and she always looks gorgeous too.

I had a lot of love for Jimmy too ... he handled Chloe's revelation very well and the elevator scene between Chloe & Jimmy was cute. For an episode which had Chloe mostly in the trailer, she wasn't there a whole lot. Oh well, I love Lois so I'm okay with a her-centered episode.

Grant being a clone was not so much of a shocker because that's what people have been speculating for weeks. I did feel bad for him when he realized that he was a clone. Poor sucker ... and as for Lex, well, let's go to the resident bald billionaire.

I actually felt sorry for him in this one. I mean, really ... Grant/Julian clone just walked away. That was so sad. But I squealed when he bought the Daily Planet. That's going to be interesting for sure.

Lana, I could've done without ... but it was interesting how eager she was to reveal to Clark everything.  Nobody even noticed his 180.

The Chloe showing Jimmy her powers was kinda cool. Especially since she heals with her hands and I think that's what I wrote in "Accidentally in Love". :) I just like when i get something right. But they should've gotten back together! :(

I'm so sad that Bizarro and Lois didn't have any scenes together. That would've been funny. Hopefully, in an upcoming episode.

The Grant/Lois breakup was not unexpected but I did feel sorry for Lois. I mean, all her relationships go kaput! It wasn't as sad as the Lois/Oliver breakup (that was heartbreaking) but still, the "I won't be working with them" line was so good! Yes, Lois, you will! :D

Overall, it was okay ... there were some good parts and other more boring parts. I just wish we didn't have to wait until January 31st for a new episode.
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