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Random Thoughts

So I was wondering something the other day and I just wanted to ask what people think. Everyone has their favorite ships in fandom ... characters you like, characters you dislike and others that just don't really make you feel either way.

But what about OCs? Original characters ... made up by the author ... what are your thoughts on those? I guess in Smallville, we don't see them as much. At least the places I look. does have some fics with OCs but the groups I venture into at LJ don't really.

Other fandoms have a lot ... especially the HP fandom. But I don't see it as common in SV. Or maybe I'm just not looking. Either way, what do you guys think?

I had a poll but LJ was being stupid and I can't get it to work so here were the questions.

1) What do you do when you see an OC in the fic?
2) What do you feel about OCs in fandom?
3) What do you like/dislike about OCs?

I know this is kind of random but I was just wondering. So do let me know and I would love a comment telling me what you think! :D

Thanks in advance and I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Tags: fandom: smallville, meta, ocs
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