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Prompt #2 "Middles" Pt 8

The last part to my current prompt! Thanks to those of you who have been sticking with me ... I really appreciate the kind feedback and the continuous support! So enjoy and let me know what you think!

Title: A Twist of Fate
Pairing/Characters: Clark Kent/Oliver Queen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don't own anything
Warnings: slash
Spoilers: none
Summary: follows “The World Shifts”; Clark sees Ollie again when he goes to drop off some papers for his mother. And is surprised when the blonde asks him out. But the Zoner isn’t quite gone and Oliver is not all that he seems.
Previous Parts: Here

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Prompt #2 "Middles"

Part 8

Morning came far too soon for Clark’s liking. But as much as he wanted to, he knew he couldn’t avoid the world.

So he got up and got ready. He did, however, prolong venturing out of the farm. His chores were done slower than usual and he was relieved his mother wasn’t around to witness his odd behavior. Because he didn’t want to lie to his mom but in this case, the truth behind his moody behavior just wasn’t possible.

When he finally gathered up the nerve to check his cell phone, he was shocked to see that the missed calls weren’t from Chloe but from Oliver too. In fact, most of the missed calls were from Oliver. Who happened to leave several messages on his voicemail too, each one more frustrated than the last.

Why would Oliver be trying to reach him though? He sounded almost frantic in the last message. Probably he wants to make sure that you don’t spill his secret.

Even though that was most likely the right answer, he couldn’t help but hope that Oliver may be trying to salvage their relationship.

Come on, Kent . . . don’t be so idealistic. You were together for a couple of days and you haven’t even been out on an official date. He’s Oliver Queen . . . he could have anyone in the world. Why would he be sitting around pining for you?

He hated the cruelty of his subconscious and hated it even more because it spoke the truth.

Pushing thoughts of Oliver away temporarily, Clark decided that he had to go pay his best friend a visit. He knew that she worried about him and mentally chastised himself for not calling her sooner.

The Daily Planet was full of life when he got there. Reporters were running around frantically. It was usually busy but today, it was more crazier than usual.

Finding his best friend in the crowd, he made his way to her.

“Chloe, what’s all the buzz?” he asked.

“Seven stolen artifacts were anonymously returned to the Met, the Tate and the Louvre,” Chloe informed him, while searching through some files. “Looks like you’ve got some friendly competition in the knight-in-shining-armor arena.”

“This guy does a couple good things, and he goes from villain to hero overnight?” Clark asked incredulously.

“Clark, every time he strikes some corrupt tycoon,” Chloe responded, “An anonymous donation to some charity mysteriously appears the next day.”

“You don’t care how many laws are broken to get it there?” Clark demanded. Oliver’s methods were shady and no matter how much good he may be doing, Clark didn’t like the means of which he was willing to go to.

“Well, I guess that’s just the price of justice,” Chloe said, shrugging. “I mean, if you ask me, he’s a modern-day Robin Hood.” She grinned. “That still doesn’t mean I’m not dying to find out who he is, though.” Clark watched guiltily as she made her way to her computer.

“Oh hey,” she said suddenly. “I never heard back from you after I sent you the picture of that crest.”

“I kind of ran into a dead end,” he lied.

“That’s funny,” Chloe said, her eyes on her computer screen. “So did I. All of my files on the ring are gone . . . including the backup files.” Clark turned away, not wanting to face her. He could feel her staring at him though. “Clark?”

He turned and met her gaze. “Just don’t look into him, Chloe.”

Chloe gasped. “You know who he is, don’t you?” she asked, smiling.

“As a favor to me,” Clark pleaded. “Please don’t.”

“And he knows who you are,” Chloe concluded. His best friend always had been too smart for her own good. “Well, I guess there’s some sort of secret code of honor among superheroes.”

Clark didn’t really like being put in the same category as the Green Arrow but he figured that the guy had saved Lois. He couldn’t be all that bad . . . and besides, he was certain Oliver was a good person.

“I’m sorry,” he couldn’t help saying. “I didn’t want to do . . . that.”

“Clark, you know better than anyone what it’s like to keep a secret,” Chloe replied warmly. “I don’t blame you for wanting to keep his . . . I’m not upset.”

“Thanks, Chloe,” Clark said, extremely grateful for his understanding best friend. He must’ve done something good for the fates to give him Chloe Sullivan as his best friend.

“You’re more than welcome, Clark,” Chloe replied. She smiled. “So how’s that boyfriend of yours?”

Clark’s heart clenched. “I haven’t actually talked to him,” he admitted.

“You should,” Chloe advised. “I mean, he doesn’t know about your heroic tendencies . . . he may be wondering where you disappeared to.”

I doubt it. “Yeah, you’re right,” Clark agreed. “But I’ll talk to him later . . . if you don’t mind, I’d like to spend some time with my best friend. Got some free time to go for lunch?”

Chloe beamed. “I definitely have some free time. Let’s go.”

Chloe grabbed her purse and the two of them left together. For a little longer, he would avoid Oliver . . . they’d talk eventually. Just not right now.

Unbeknownst to him, while he was in Metropolis with Chloe, Oliver was spending time searching Smallville for him.

After checking the farm to find it empty, Oliver headed to the Talon. Clark was usually hanging out with Lois or Chloe and they lived in the apartment above the popular hangout. So it seemed logical that he would be there.

While he didn’t find Clark, he did run into Lois, who invited him for a cup of coffee. She seemed bouncy so he decided he couldn’t turn her down. When they were seated with their drinks, he was given the reason for her cheerfulness.

She handed him the day’s edition of the Inquisitor, the front-page article’s title being “Kidnapped by the Green Arrow”. But it was the byline that was the important part. Reported by Lois Lane.

“What do we have here?” Oliver said, smiling.

“Yeah,” Lois said, “Not bad for a rookie, huh?”

“That’s really incredible,” Oliver commented. “You know you have every newspaper in the country calling this guy the Green Arrow.” He lifted his head to meet her eyes. “He’s got a real following.”

“Yeah, well, so did Charles Manson,” Lois noted.

Oliver paused and tried to find the right words. “I know this is a rare moment for you, but maybe you’re overreacting,” he told her. “It’s not like this guy’s a killer.”

Lois didn’t even flinch though. “Ollie,” she said calmly. “He’s a threat to Metropolis, and I’m not gonna stop until I find out who he is. Trust me. You don’t know the Green Arrow like I do.” She stood up and walked off, presumably to get more coffee.

Oliver kept his expression neutral but was inwardly frowning. If you only knew Lois. But he was really glad she didn’t. He really didn’t want to picture her reaction if she had found out last night that he was the one behind the glasses.

Thank God for Clark. Clark . . . who he still hadn’t heard from. He was a little annoyed at the avoidance tactic. What did Clark think he was going to do? Expose him to the world?

He thinks I’m going to tell everyone about his powers. The realization hit like a ton of bricks and it hurt. That was why Clark was avoiding him . . . Oliver couldn’t believe it. Did he really think so low of Ollie’s character?

Unless he has had some bad experiences in the past to confirm that nobody can be trusted. Oliver was saddened by this idea but more determined than ever to see Clark and assure him that his secret was safe with him.

Lois returned with more coffee and took her seat. “So Ollie,” she said, “Not that I’m not thrilled with the company but why are you here?”

“I was actually looking for Clark,” Oliver confessed. “I can’t seem to reach him by phone so I thought he may be around. He wasn’t at the farm either.”

“He’s probably at the Planet,” Lois replied.

“The Planet?” Oliver echoed.

“With Chloe,” Lois explained. “The two of them are inseparable . . . either he’s with her or she knows where he is.”

Oliver felt a sudden surge of jealousy. He was yet to meet the elusive Chloe Sullivan, Lois’ cousin and Clark’s best friend, but she seemed too close to his boyfriend for his own liking. And since he hadn’t met her, it was worse because he couldn’t even size her up.

“Clark and Chloe are close then,” he said lightly, trying not to betray any of his underlying anxiety. I wonder if Chloe knows about his powers.

“Yeah, they’re best friends,” Lois said. Noticing his expression, she added, “But they’re just friends . . . I know it sounds crazy but they’re completely platonic. I mean, there were feelings once but there hasn’t been for a while.”

“I’m not worried,” he said, lying smoothly.

Lois smirked. “Sure you’re not . . . either way, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Okay, Lois,” Oliver replied, with a grin. He acted as if the news meant nothing to him but he was cheering on the inside. Clark didn’t have feelings for Chloe.

Hopefully, he still wanted to be with him. And there was only one way to find out.

It was evening before Clark made it back to his farm and he still hadn’t spoken with Oliver. He felt bad for avoiding the blonde like he was but running away from a problem was more his style than taking it head on. It was a bad habit of his but it was one he couldn’t seem to quite break.

Making his way up the stairs to his loft, he froze when he reached the top. Because sitting comfortably behind the desk was none other than the man he had been avoiding.

“I didn’t realize I was such a fascinating subject,” Oliver commented. He waved the newspaper. “You’ve been reading up on me. You and Lois ought to start a fan club.” Oliver clasped his hands together, not seeming the least inclined to move.

“You gonna tell her?” Clark questioned, making his way toward the older man.

“I don’t know, Clark,” Oliver said. Gesturing to his surroundings, he added, “You know, you seem to be doing a pretty good job skating by with this farm-boy charade.”

“Were you going to ever tell me?” Clark asked.

“I think the question works both ways,” Oliver noted. “Were you?”

“Maybe . . . eventually,” Clark said.

“I could give you the same answer,” Oliver responded.

“But would it be the truth?” Clark wanted to know. He sighed. “You can’t really be with someone unless they know who you are . . . trust me, I’ve tried.”

“You lost her to Lex,” Oliver deduced. He didn’t say anything but his silence was answer enough. Oliver stood up suddenly, his 6’3” frame matching Clark’s.

“What is it about me that bothers you Clark?” Oliver asked. “Because you seem uncomfortable around me now and I don’t understand. Do you think I’m just another silver-spoon-fed rich boy? Or is it because I’m not willing to play the martyr like you?”

“I don’t understand,” Clark said, puzzled.

“You seem to isolate yourself,” Oliver observed. “And I’m assuming that’s because you’re afraid to get too close to anyone, should they discover your powers . . . I don’t do that. I wanted you from the moment I saw you, Clark and I had no qualms about going after you. You must’ve seen that by the way I asked you out when you came to drop off those papers.”

“But we’re not talking about us,” Clark interjected before he could go further. “We’re talking about your friendship with Lois. She seems to like and trust you . . . and if you keep playing these games, sooner or later, you’re going to hurt her. You know that.”

“Well you seem to have all the answers,” Oliver noted. He reached into his jacket and pulled out Lionel’s necklace. “So I guess it’s a good thing I’ve decided to put this in safer hands.” He handed him the necklace and Clark took it. Oliver then walked past him, heading toward the steps. “For the record, Lionel bought that off a notorious Bosnian warlord . . . used it to launder Luthorcorp money,” he finished.

“So why give it to me?” Clark asked. This stopped Oliver in his tracks and he turned to meet Clark’s gaze.

“Well, you seem to have a crystal-clear idea of what’s right and what’s wrong,” Oliver said. “You decide who it belongs to.”

“It’s not as clear as it used to be,” Clark confessed. He was confused . . . he was so used to the world being black and white that finding out that it was actually mostly gray was difficult.

“You really think it’s right to steal, as long as it goes to a good cause?” Clark asked.

“That the end justifies the means?” Oliver said, giving him a hard stare. “Absolutely yes.”

“I’ll never feel the way,” Clark declared. He knew that much for certain. Oliver’s expression remained unchanged but he didn’t leave either.

Glancing between the necklace and the blonde, Clark remembered Oliver’s words from the previous night.

“You said you didn’t owe me one,” Clark said. “So why are you really here?”

Oliver closed the distance between them. “Clark, you have abilities I couldn’t even dream of. And I admire that you use them to save the people you’re close to.”

“But?” Clark persisted. He had a feeling the older man wasn’t done.

He was right.

“But there’s a whole world of people out there Clark,” Oliver stated, “They need us. With your potential . . . you can’t wait for them to come to you.” He paused. “When you’re ready to do something about that . . . you let me know.”

“It’s complicated, Oliver,” Clark said slowly. “It’s not that I don’t want to do more . . . at this point of my life, I can’t.”

“It’s an open-ended offer,” Oliver was quick to say. “Whenever you’re ready . . . I’ll be waiting.” He watched Oliver take a deep breath. “And if there were any doubts, I won’t share what I’ve learned to anybody . . . you have my word. Your secrets are safe.”

“As are yours,” Clark replied. “I haven’t told anybody about you.”

“I appreciate that, Clark,” Oliver responded. There was a silence, where both were feeling awkward, knowing that while they have taken care of a major issue, they weren’t done yet. But the next topic was a little more difficult to approach.

Oliver must’ve realized his unwillingness to speak because the blonde immediately took the initiative.

“Clark, I want to know where we stand,” he said.

“As in our relationship?” Clark questioned. “I don’t know . . . what do you want to do?”

“I want you,” Oliver replied. “I want to go on an actual date . . . because we’ve yet to have gone on one. We haven’t known each other very long but I really like where we’re going.”

“Me too,” Clark said shyly. He met Oliver’s eyes. “You aren’t . . . you aren’t scared? Of me?”

“Should I be?” Oliver asked, visibly confused.

“I have these abilities,” Clark reminded him. “I just . . . I was worried you may think I’m a freak or something.” He looked away, unable to meet Oliver’s eyes.

“Hey,” Oliver said. He felt gentle hands cup his face and once again, he was staring into chocolate brown eyes.

“You are completely off base,” Oliver said. “You have no idea what I think of you. Amazing? Yes. Gorgeous? Absolutely. Kind-hearted? Definitely. But freak? Not a chance.”

Clark blushed. “I really didn’t know what to think.”

“Now you know what I think,” Oliver said. “But can you be with me despite my extracurricular activities? Despite not approving of how I do things?”

“I can,” Clark said confidently. “We don’t have to agree . . . we can agree to disagree on those matters. It’s not important. What is important is that I like you . . . and you like me. I want to be in a relationship too.”

“Then we’re on the same page,” Oliver replied, giving him a winning smile. Clark felt a ton better . . . Oliver still wanted to be with him. This may work out after all.

“You were saying something about a date?” Clark said, grinning.

“I was,” Oliver agreed. “Would you like to go out to on a date with me, Clark Kent?”

“I would,” Clark replied.

“Then I’ll call you soon,” Oliver said, making a motion for the steps.

“Or,” Clark said, “You could stay for a while . . . if you don’t have anywhere else to be, that is.”

Oliver smiled and shook his head. “Nowhere to be . . . I can stay.”

“Good,” Clark said, and taking his hand, led him to the couch.

Where they were both able to relax and just talk. It was nice . . . and Clark felt more comfortable with Oliver than he had ever felt with anyone before.

It didn’t hurt that Oliver was an amazing kisser too.

He had taken a leap of faith but from what he could see, it was well worth it.

This was definitely going to work out.

Clark couldn’t wait to see where it went.
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