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Accidentally in Love Chapter 17

Look! This story isn't dead ... LOL! Sorry for the long wait but the new chapter has arrived. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Story: Accidentally in Love
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Chloe/Jimmy, Lois/Oliver
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, m/m sex
Spoilers: slight season 7
Summary: Oliver returns to Metropolis on business. Clark’s depressed over Lana’s death. An unexpected encounter leads them to a friends with benefits situation, neither willing to get into a real relationship.
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 17

As she left Oliver’s penthouse, Chloe Sullivan was pleased. It had been a smart move, to go talk to Oliver. The blonde was a lot easier to convince that Clark. She should’ve started with him . . . it could’ve saved a lot of time.

Better late than never. Now that she had Oliver on board, it was all about convincing a very stubborn alien to go along with it. But she didn’t have to do much. She was leaving the winning over part in Oliver’s very capable hands.

She knew that the blonde was persistent and it definitely wouldn’t be long before Clark fell right into his waiting arms. Chloe beamed, pleased with herself.

If Kansas ever legalized gay marriage, she knew those two would be right there. She couldn’t suppress a giggle at the image of those two in their matching tuxes. It would be adorable, that was for sure. I better be someone’s best woman for all the trouble I’m going through.

Making her way back into her apartment, she was pleased to find that Clark was still around. Ever since he returned home the previous night, he had been sulking. Now she knew the reason . . . and whilst she wasn’t going to tell Clark about her confrontation with Oliver, she certainly wasn’t going to buy his excuses any longer.

“Hey Clark,” she greeted her best friend. Clark looked up from the couch and smiled but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Hi Chlo,” he responded. “What’s up?”

“Not much,” she said, taking the seat next to him. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” he replied but she didn’t buy it for a minute.

She raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t realize fine has taken on a new definition. Because the way you’ve been moping around, you are definitely not fine.”

“Chloe,” he protested but she just shook her head.

“No, Clark, this denial you’re living in is not healthy,” Chloe commanded, “I want to know what’s up with you . . . and I am already positive that it has to do with Oliver. He seems to be the only one to get this type of reaction out of you lately.”

“It does have to with Oliver,” Clark confessed.

“Why are you still pretending that you don’t want more?” Chloe demanded.

“I’m not pretending,” Clark argued but one glare and he was silenced.

“If you are honest with yourself, then you’ll accept that the two of you never had a friends-with-benefits relationship,” Chloe told him. “A sex only relationship is when two friends just get together when they don’t have plans with anyone else. That does not entail spending every free moment together just because you can and purposely avoiding other people so you can spend time with each other.”

Clark blushed and he looked down, avoiding her gaze.

“Just because you defined it such to avoid facing that you are in a real relationship and just not wanting to give it that name,” Chloe continued, “Does not mean that you can deny it any longer. The two of you are practically married . . . there’s nothing wrong with admitting you want more. What you can’t do is keep up this farce . . . you’re causing yourself pain by not being honest and you’re inadvertently hurting Oliver by not being upfront with him.”

Clark’s face fell at her lecture. “Chloe . . .”

“Just tell me Clark,” Chloe insisted, “Be honest and tell me the truth . . . do you want more?”


The answer was spoken so softly that Chloe barely heard it. But she did it and it brought a smile to her face.

“Did you just say yes?” Chloe asked, just because she could. She had waited too long for a concession on Clark’s part to let it go so easily.

“Yes, I said yes,” Clark confirmed. He sighed. “I want more, Chloe . . . I want a real relationship.”

Chloe was gleeful with the news but admitting what he had been feeling for so long aloud only served to make Clark even more depressed.

Clark glanced at his happy best friend and shook his head. The words were out, he actually said what he had been feeling out loud and now, there was no going back. But what was he supposed to do?

“Clark?” Chloe gentle voice broke him out of his thoughts. He turned and met her concerned gaze.

“What do I do Chloe?’ he asked. “I can’t just ask for more . . . when it comes down to it, this whole arrangement was my idea.”

“You can ask for more,” Chloe said encouragingly. “Clark, have you ever considered that since it was your idea, Oliver may be hesitant in asking for more? He wouldn’t want to push you . . . this whole thing was your suggestion so if you expect there to be change, you’re the one who may have to initiate it.”

“You know me, Chloe,” Clark pointed out. “This is not really my type of thing . . .”

“Well, a sex only relationship wasn’t your thing a few months ago,” Chloe argued. “If you could do that, I am sure that this will be no problem. Just open your heart and tell him how you feel. At the very least, give the guy some hints and you’ll see Oliver will get a clue pretty quickly.”

“I’ll think about it,” Clark promised and she nodded, accepting that answer. The subject was dropped and they fell into easy conversation about their lives but Clark’s thoughts never strayed far from the situation and Chloe’s advice.

Would Oliver be receptive to his feelings? And where did Lois fit in all of this? Did Ollie still have feelings for his ex?

Pushing the thoughts of the blonde out of his mind temporarily, Clark refocused on what Chloe was saying.

His day passed by quickly and that night, he didn’t see Oliver. This time, he had a genuine excuse . . . he had a midterm the following day and really had to get some last minute cramming in. Oliver understood and they agreed to meet up for dinner the following night.

With Clark’s new realizations, he didn’t know how he would act around Oliver but decided that he would just watch Oliver more carefully. That way, he could see if their relationship really was all about the sex for Oliver or if there was potential to develop into something more.

His mind was so preoccupied that he was surprised he was able to make it through his midterm. But he did and he was confident he did well too.

When he finally returned back to his apartment, he was surprised to see both Lois and Chloe hanging around. On the small coffee table were two dozen blue and green roses. Chloe was beaming and Lois was looking extremely impatient.

“Hey guys,” he said cautiously.

“Smallville!” Lois exclaimed, “It’s about time you got home.”

“Umm . . . what’s up?” he asked. “Where did the flowers come from?”

“They’re for you,” Lois explained.

“Who sent me roses?” Clark questioned, puzzled.

“That’s what I would like to know!” Lois told him. “It came with a small package and a card but Chloe wouldn’t let me peek.”

“It’s not any of your business,” Chloe chided her cousin. Turning to Clark, she added, “I left it in your room, on your bed.”

“Thanks Chloe,” he said gratefully and made his way to the bedroom, Lois at his heels and Chloe right behind her.

Entering his bedroom, he found the package, with a card on top. Immediately, he recognized the handwriting. But why would Oliver be sending him flowers and some package?

Glancing up at Chloe and Lois, he grinned. “Can I get a little privacy?”

Lois huffed. “I’ve been waiting hours Smallville and you’re not going to let me in on the secret? At least let me see what’s in the box . . . I’ve been dying of curiosity over here.”

Clark chuckled at her indignant expression. “Sure, Lois, why not.”

He opened the box and prayed that this wouldn’t embarrass him.

To his surprise, he found tickets . . . a lot of them. Picking them up and reading the words, he gasped. They were season tickets for the Metropolis Sharks . . . and the seats were awesome, right by the fifty-yard line.

“Well?” Lois demanded.

Clark didn’t answer her, just showed her the tickets. She gasped.

“Whoa, Smallville,” she murmured, “Do you have an admirer or what!” She smiled mischievously. “Did you get a rich girlfriend I don’t know about?”

“Lois,” he said, blushing. “It’s not like that.”

“Apparently, this one wants it to be like that Clark,” Lois said jovially. “Oh, Smallville . . . I never thought I would see the day you would get courted.”

“Courted?” Clark repeated, “Who talks like that Lois?”

“I do,” she said, shrugging. “Now, don’t be shy. Read the card and find your admirer. This one looks like a keeper . . . roses and football tickets?”

“Lois, a relationship isn’t based on gifts,” Clark argued.

“I’m not saying it is,” Lois said slowly. “But if you noticed, which you probably didn’t, the roses match your eyes. And this woman knows that you love football . . . that is more than just someone spending money. It’s someone who has watched you very closely.”

Clark felt his face heating up at her words. Oliver courting him? The idea was ridiculous . . . wasn’t it? He wouldn’t be able to find out until he read the card and he wasn’t going to do that until Lois left.

“You don’t need to be weirded out Clark,” Lois continued, her voice softening. “We women can make the first move too.” It amused Clark how she automatically assumed it was a woman. Then again, he had not given her a hint of his bisexuality so it was not surprising.

“Now,” Lois said, “I shall leave you alone with your gifts because I know you’re not going to open that card around me . . . just remember, you deserve to be happy too.”

“Thanks Lois,” he said warmly. “I appreciate that.”

She smiled and turned to Chloe. “I’m going to go to the Planet . . . I have some work to do. Have a nice evening, you two.”

And with that, she left the room.

Once they were certain she was gone, Chloe looked at him expectantly.

“So,” Chloe said, with a teasing smile. “Can I assume this present is from our favorite blonde billionaire?”

“The handwriting on the envelope looks like his,” Clark admitted. “But why would he be doing this? It doesn’t really make sense.”

“Open the card,” Chloe urged. “Maybe it will give you some answers.”

Nodding, he opened the envelope and pulled out a card, with Robin Hood on the cover. Unable to hold back a grin, he opened it and began to read.

The words on the card made him grin . . . it sounded like Oliver and it sent a warm feeling throughout his body.

“Well?” Chloe asked. “What did he say?”

In response, he showed her the card and she quickly scanned her, a smile blossoming on her face.

“Clark Kent . . . it seems Lois wasn’t off after all,” Chloe remarked, handing the card back to him.

“You think Oliver is courting me?” Clark asked. “Why would he do that?”

“Looks like our favorite blonde archer may be tired of your friends with benefits situation,” Chloe suggested. “I mean, maybe this is his way of saying he wants more.”

“You think?” Clark asked hopefully.

Chloe nodded. “Yeah, I think you should keep a close eye on his actions over the next couple of days . . . you can see exactly what his intentions are then.”

Clark beamed. “Sounds good,” he agreed. “In fact, I think I’m going to go pay him a visit right now.”

“Go for it,” Chloe encouraged. “You can . . . thank him for the gifts.” She wigged her eyebrows suggestively and Clark blushed.

“Chloe!” he exclaimed.

“What?” Chloe said, shrugging, not the least bit fazed. “I’m having way too much fun with your arrangement, Clark.”

“Glad to know I’m bringing you amusement,” Clark retorted.

“You are,” Chloe responded, smiling. “It’s what you’re here for.”

He chuckled. “Whatever you say, Chlo.”

“Now go find your boyfriend,” Chloe instructed.

“He’s not my-” Clark protested but Chloe cut him off.

“Boyfriend, boy toy, whatever,” Chloe said dismissively. “Just go see Oliver.”

“All right,” Clark said. “I guess I’ll see you later.”

“Tomorrow morning,” Chloe supplied. Seeing Clark’s quizzical expression, she smirked. “Come on, Clark . . . you and I both know you’re not coming home tonight. So I’ll see you sometime tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Clark replied, not bothering to dispute her claim. It was pointless and they both knew it.

“Have fun with Oliver,” Chloe said.

“Thanks,” Clark responded. “You have a good night too.” She smiled and with a quick goodbye, he left, heading for the Clock Tower.

His heart was in his throat as he entered the elevator. What was the reason behind the sudden gifts? Could Chloe and Lois be right? He sure hoped so.

Opening the gate, he smiled, seeing Oliver behind his desk, working diligently.

“So,” Clark said, gaining his attention, “I’ve never really pictured myself a roses type of guy . . .”

Oliver laughed. “I see you got your present.”

“I did,” Clark said. “Thank you, Ollie . . . the roses were beautiful and the tickets . . . it really was too much. You shouldn’t have spent so much money.”

“Clark, I know you’re not a woman but the roses matched your eyes,” Oliver said, “And I couldn’t resist . . . as for the tickets, I didn’t spend that much. I know you like football so I thought you’d enjoy them.”

“They’re awesome,” Clark said enthusiastically. “I used to play in high school.”

A smile graced Oliver’s handsome features. “I know that, Mr. State Championship Quarterback.”

Clark flushed. “Who told?”

“Nobody,” Oliver said. “I found that out on my own . . . I heard you had a scholarship for Metropolis University and you gave it up . . . gave up football.”

Clark sighed. “The truth is, Ollie . . . I came across this guy who had these powers and was using them in the game. He was kind of crazy . . . and it made me realize that I couldn’t go on. I felt like I was cheating the game. So I quit.” Clark dropped his head, embarrassed at the memories.

“You’re amazing,” Oliver said softly. Standing up, he closed the distance between them.

“Hardly amazing,” Clark argued.

“Extremely amazing,” Oliver insisted. “That was a tough decision to make . . . but you chose to stick by your morals . . . you really are one of a kind.”

“You always make me seem so much better than I am,” Clark said, feeling his face heat up.

“I’m just saying it like it is,” Oliver said lightly. “Anyway, if you can’t play, at least you can watch.”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun,” Clark agreed, relieved at the topic change. “You’ll enjoy it . . .”

“Me?” Oliver repeated.

“You gave me two tickets to every game,” Clark reminded him. He frowned. “Aren’t you going to come? I guess next year is a while off . . . you may not be here. But if you’re around, I really thought we’d go together.”

Meeting Oliver’s eyes, Clark was taken aback to see an emotion he couldn’t quite place.

“I would love to join you,” Oliver replied warmly. “I just . . . I just gave you two tickets so you have company. I wasn’t thinking that you’d take me.”

“Honestly, there’s nobody else I’d rather go with,” Clark confessed shyly.

“Then I’ll be there,” Oliver promised.

“May I ask what the occasion was?” Clark wondered. “I mean . . . it’s not my birthday or anything.”

“Just like that,” Oliver replied, remaining vague. “No occasion.”

Seeing as he wasn’t going to get any answers from Oliver, he dropped the subject and the two enjoyed a pleasant evening.

But Clark never forgot that look in Oliver’s eyes . . . and felt a surge of hope run through his veins. One thing was for certain . . . he was going to watch Oliver’s next moves very carefully.

Oliver didn’t make that too hard . . . if he thought they spent a lot of time together before, they spent almost every waking moment together now.

The biggest shocker was when Clark walked out of one of his classes to see Oliver waiting for him.

“Hey Ollie,” he said casually. “This is a surprise.”

“I thought I’d pick you up from class,” Oliver replied, an easy grin spreading across his face. “I hope that’s not a problem . . . and this time, you don’t seem to be running from me.”

Clark raised an eyebrow. “It’s not a problem at all . . . want to leave then?”

Oliver nodded and they walked together toward his car. “How was your class?” Oliver asked, starting a conversation.

“It was good,” Clark responded. “How was your day?”

“Pretty normal,” Oliver told him. He paused. “Hey Clark, if you’re free, you want to go get a cup of coffee or something?”

“Yeah, sounds good,” Clark replied.

“Great,” Oliver said, clearly pleased with the answer. Clark was still too shocked with the whole situation to say anything. Oliver was showing up to see him randomly and now they were going out for coffee?

But the most shocking was yet to come. Because when they reached Oliver’s car, Oliver walked to the passenger side and opened the door for him.

Clark stared at him and tilted his head in confusion.

“What?” Oliver asked, as if the action was completely normal.

“Such a gentleman,” Clark teased, trying to probe for answers, as he slipped into the seat.

“You know me,” Oliver joked.

All right Ollie . . . what are you up to?

But the blonde didn’t seem the least bit inclined to explain his sudden change of behavior. The car drive to the coffee shop was drive in silence and Clark was almost relieved when they got there.

Fortunately, Oliver didn’t try to open the door for him or anything. Otherwise, he would’ve demanded answers right then and there.

After getting their drinks and pastries, they sat in one of the booths. Clark had never been to this particular café but he found he liked it. It was a comfortable atmosphere, not too crowded and tasting the drink, he found that they were good at coffee too.

Oliver and Clark fell into easy conversation, chatting about their lives. The sex was incredible but Clark enjoyed the moments when they could just talk. The blonde was such good company and Clark could spend all his time with him and not get bored. That’s probably how he did end up spending all his time with Oliver.

They did spend a good amount of time at the café but afterwards, Oliver suggested they walk around downtown for a bit. Clark didn’t have much to do so he agreed.

That’s when everything got even stranger.

In the middle of the window-shopping, Oliver took his hand . . . and held it. It was all Clark could do not to freeze and gape at him.

But he did end up stopping in his place when he felt Oliver entwine their fingers. Oliver turned to him and smiled innocently.

“You okay Clark?” Oliver asked.

“I think so,” Clark said slowly. But how was he supposed to ask him about this?

“Great,” Oliver replied and tugged him along, so they kept walking. They were walking hand-in-hand on a busy street in Metropolis and Oliver looked like he could care less.

Clearly, Oliver has hit his head somewhere. He was almost tempted to do an x-ray scan of the blonde’s skull to check for injuries because there was no way this was normal behavior.

How he managed to get through the afternoon without freaking out, he didn’t know but by some miracle, he was able to stay cool.

Oliver dropped him off at his apartment and for once, he was happy to be home. Luckily, Chloe was home too and when she saw his lost expression, she demanded answers, which he was more than happy to give.

“That’s incredible,” she murmured, when he was done recapping the recent events. “Clark, I’m telling you . . . it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.”

“Then why can’t I see it?” Clark questioned.

“You’re dense,” Chloe answered immediately. “That’s nothing new.”

“Hey!” he protested.

“Don’t deny it, Clark,” Chloe countered. “When it comes to matters of the heart, you’ve never been the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

Clark frowned at her assessment but then knew that she was probably correct.

“But what do I do about Oliver?” Clark asked. “I mean, I’ve been observing him and his behavior is getting more . . . couple-like.”

Chloe smiled. “Clark, you want more . . . and from how he’s been acting, he wants more too. What do you want to do?”

“I think we’re going to have to talk,” Clark replied. “About where we stand.”

“Then that’s what you should do,” Chloe encouraged. “Follow your heart, Clark . . . it won’t lead you astray.”

“I guess you’re right,” Clark replied, a small smile forming on his face.

He would’ve said more but he was cut off by the ringing of his cell phone. Shooting an apologetic smile at Chloe, he picked up.

“Kent,” he answered.

“Hey Clark, it’s Ollie,” came the reply.

“Hi Oliver,” Clark said. Chloe smiled knowingly and Clark quickly retreated to his room, to take the call with a little more privacy.

“What’s up?” Clark asked, when he was alone.

“Not much,” Oliver said. “I was just wondering if you were okay . . . you were a little off today.”

“Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing,” Clark commented.

“I’m perfectly fine,” Oliver said smoothly. “Are you?”

“I’m perfectly fine too,” Clark replied.

“That’s good to hear,” Oliver said. “Anyway, I was wondering . . . are you busy this weekend?”

“No,” Clark said suspiciously. “Why?”

“I wanted to get together Saturday evening,” Oliver told him.

“To do what?” Clark questioned.

“It’s a bit of a surprise,” Oliver said.

“A surprise?” Clark echoed.

“Yeah, as in I’m not going to tell you,” Oliver teased. “What do you say?”

“I say yes, I suppose,” Clark said. “What time?”

“Be ready around 5,” Oliver informed him. “I’ll come pick you up.”

“I’ll do that,” Clark said.

“It’s a date then,” Oliver said and before Clark could respond, he added, “Bye Clark!”

“Bye,” Clark said, slightly dazed. Hanging up, he mentally reviewed their conversation.

And was more confused than ever. A date?

Oliver said that they were going on a date . . . what the heck was going on?

He was drawing his own conclusions, conclusions that he wasn’t exactly opposed but he really hoped that he wasn’t wrong.

This weekend, he would find out through the “surprise” Oliver had planned.

It would be an interesting weekend, no doubt.

Chapter 18
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  • day 4, pimping and a friending meme!

    Hey all! It's the fourth day of my positive meme. :) Day 4: It's sunny outside! Yesterday, it was raining and it was gloomy in the morning so I…

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