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Another chapter! Please read & review!

Story: Chemicals React
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lexana, Chlimmy, Clois mentions of Lollie & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: through 6x13, Crimson
Summary: My version of Crimson. After Lois kissed him, Clark was infected with red kryptonite, which removed his inhibitions. First stop? Star City!
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 10

It was five minutes before 3 when Clark arrived at Oliver’s penthouse. He had managed to find time for a quick lunch but he had to be off again to make sure he wasn’t late.

He opened the door and entered the penthouse. “Ollie?” he called.

“Hi Clark,” Oliver’s familiar voice caught his attention. He turned to see Oliver climbing down his spiral staircase. “You’re early.”

“Yeah,” Clark said, “I hope it’s okay?”

“It’s fine,” Oliver said. “Have a seat Clark. Can I get you a drink?”

“No thank you,” Clark said. “I’m fine.” He took a seat on the couch.

“Hope you don’t mind if I get something for myself,” Oliver said, pouring a glass of wine. “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”

“I’m sure,” Clark said. Oliver nodded and took a seat behind his desk.

“Do you not drink Clark?” Oliver asked, “This doesn’t make you uncomfortable, does it?”

“No, I’m not uncomfortable,” Clark assured him. When he and Lex were friends, the older man had always been with a glass of scotch. “I just don’t drink much.”

“But you do drink,” Oliver asked.

“Occasionally,” Clark answered. He wasn’t sure where this conversation was leading.

“So when you do drink, it’s for a special occasion,” Oliver concluded, “For important events. With, dare I say, important people?”

“I suppose you could say that.” Clark was confused. Wait, important people? What was Oliver on? “How much have you had to drink today Oliver?”

Oliver laughed but there was no warmth in his laugh. “This is my first drink today, Clark. Trust me, I don’t get drunk or at least not this early in the day.”

“Okay.” Clark was unsure how to reply.

“So Clark,” Oliver continued, “You came here to talk. Let’s talk.”

“Well,” Clark started, “We never really discussed what happened . . . I mean, we talked about how it happened, with the red meteor rocks and all.”

“You mean, we never discussed why you ditched me on our honeymoon,” Oliver said, his tone suddenly cold.

“I was scared, Ollie,” Clark said.

“And you think I wasn’t?” Oliver asked. “Don’t you wonder how it was for me? You showed up, all of a sudden and then proceeded to kiss me, You made me fall in love with you and then . . . you left. That hurt, Clark, that hurt like hell.” The pain was evident in his voice.

“I’m so sorry,” Clark said.

“I don’t want apologies,” Oliver said, “I want answers.” His mask was up again. “And I want you to give them to me.” He stood up. “I mean, you are here to work things out aren’t you?”

“Of course I am!” Clark exclaimed.

“After all, you could blame whatever happened before on the meteor rocks,” Oliver went on, as if he hadn’t even heard him. “But you can’t deny the fact that yesterday afternoon, we had sex and you were in your right mind. You were in your right mind, weren’t you? No excuses this time.”

“None,” Clark said, shaking his head. “I was completely in my right mind.”

“That’s good,” Oliver said, returning to his seat. “So everything you did yesterday was because of choices you made. You weren’t influenced by anything?”

“No,” Clark said.

“So what changed Clark?” Oliver asked, “I mean, just a couple of days ago, you were telling me you didn’t know what you felt for me. But yesterday you had no problems jumping in bed.”

“Oliver,” Clark said, “Before the whole red meteor rock incident, I never even thought I had feelings for you! I always considered you to be my friend. When I woke up with you, I freaked. It was wrong, it was stupid but I couldn’t face you. So I ran.”

“Were you not expecting me to come after you?” Oliver wanted to know. “Were you just going to go on with life, just pretending it never happened?”

“I don’t know what I was going to do,” Clark confessed. “The truth is, I wasn’t expecting to see you, not so soon anyway. But I’m glad you came.”

Oliver pressed his lips together. “What happened? You had this big revelation after I left?”

“Chloe showed up not long after you left,” Clark said. “And we talked about it. After you walked out, I missed you Ollie. I missed you more than I’ve ever missed anyone. I’ve never felt this strongly for anyone.” Seeing Oliver’s expression, he hastened to add, “Not even Lana.”

Oliver’s eyes softened but his expression remained hard. “So what conclusions did you come to?”

“That I’m falling in love with you,” Clark said, “I already have. And I want to be with you and make this work.”

Clark couldn’t meet Oliver’s gaze after this confession but his eyes shot up when he heard the glass shatter against the wall.

Oliver seemed . . .angry? “Ollie?” he said softly. Oliver looked at him, a mixture of emotions on his face.

“Why would you say that Clark?” Oliver asked.

“Because it’s the truth,” Clark said, “I love you.”

“NO,” Oliver yelled, “Don’t say that. Not when you don’t mean it.” He was standing up again and pacing frantically.

Clark stood up too. “I’ve never meant anything more in my life. I don’t understand, Ollie. Don’t you feel the same?” His heart was breaking at the thought of Oliver not loving him.

Oliver stiffened. When he turned back, all emotion was gone from his face. “You know, Clark, I had a lovely business dinner last night.”

What? Where did that come from? How did they go from the topic of love to his business dinner?

“That’s nice?” Clark said.

“We went to a wonderful restaurant,” Oliver said, “Delicious food, great atmosphere.”

“I’m glad you had a good time,” Clark said, unsure of what else to say.

“Do you want to know where I went?” Oliver asked. Something in his tone told Clark he needed to be worried.

But he asked anyway. “Sure, Ollie, where did you go?”

“A nice Italian place,” Oliver said, meeting his eyes. “You may have heard of it. It’s called Bella Luna.”

Clark’s heart stopped and every part of the conversation suddenly made sense. Bella Luna. Oliver was at Bella Luna last night. Oh God, Oliver was at Bella Luna last night, when Lois and he were on their date.

“I know you’ve heard of it Clark,” Oliver said, his voice eerily calm, “Because I saw you there last night . . .with Lois. Did you have a nice date?”

“Oliver, it’s not what you think,” Clark began. But Oliver didn’t give him a chance to explain.

“DON’T patronize me!” Oliver was upset again. “I saw you two, her in her fancy dress, you in that suit.” Oliver’s voice cracked. “You looked really good in that suit too.”

“Ollie,” Clark tried again. Unfortunately, Oliver was having none of it. He was too caught up in his own world.

“I came to that restaurant,” Oliver said, “And all I could think of was how much you would’ve liked it. I was planning on us going together sometime. Since we couldn’t explore Italy, I thought this restaurant may have been a temporary substitute.”

This could not be happening. He knew his day was going too well. Oliver knew . . . and he was so upset. Clark had no idea what to do to fix this. Because at this moment, he was close to losing the man that that meant everything to him.

“Imagine my surprise,” Oliver said, “when one of my colleagues pointed out the restaurant owner and I noticed who he was with! None other than my husband and my ex-girlfriend, who looked quite cozy. How long did you wait till I cancelled Clark? Five minutes? How did you get reservations anyway? Last time I checked that restaurant was always full and it is next to impossible to get a last minute table.” Oliver was looking at him expectantly and Clark realized he wanted an answer.

“I know the owner,” Clark said carefully, “I saved his life and I called in a favor.”

Oliver laughed, but it was hoarse. “Isn’t that sweet? You called in a favor to make your date with your girlfriend special.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Clark said but knew immediately that was the wrong thing to say.

Oliver glared at him. “So then what was it?” he hissed. “I don’t really care if she is your girlfriend or not, the fact of the matter is you cheated on me.” Seeing Clark’s silence, he just kept going. “And you had to do it at an Italian restaurant. Is nothing sacred to you?”

“I wasn’t thinking,” Clark replied weakly.

“There are tons of different food you could’ve had,” Oliver said, “You could’ve had French food, Thai food, Greek food. You could’ve had Mexican or Chinese or Indian. So many countries in the world and you had to go for Italian?”

“It wasn’t intentional,” Clark said, trying to get a word in. He tried to get close to Oliver, but Oliver just pushed him away when he tried to reach out to him.

“That makes it even worse,” Oliver said, quickly putting distance between them. “That means you weren’t even thinking of me.”

“Ollie, I’m sorry,” Clark pleaded, “It was a mistake. What can I do to make this right?”

“You know, I even had this strange hope that maybe it wasn’t a date,” Oliver said sadly, “Just a fun dinner between two friends. But when I saw her kiss you and you kiss her back in front of your house, I knew.”

“You followed me?” Clark was shocked and even more stunned that he never saw the car.

“Yes,” Oliver said, looking at him warningly, as if daring him to get upset. “I did follow you. I watched you in the restaurant, I followed you home. But you know what? You never even noticed. Too wrapped up in your date to even see me.”

“Oliver,” Clark said.

“To answer your question,” Oliver said callously, “There is nothing you can say to make this right. It’ll never be right. You broke my heart, you smashed it to pieces. Every time I think we have a chance, you ruin it. And I can’t take this anymore.”

“What are you saying?” Clark asked, afraid of the answer.

“I’m saying that I want you to walk out that door and not look back,” Oliver snapped. In one swift move he had removed his wedding ring and placed it on the table. “I’m saying that I don’t want to see you or talk to you, unless it has to do with league business.” His voice dropped. “I’m saying that we’re through. As of right now, you can consider this marriage to be . . . over.”

A/N: I know the urge to kill me is probably strong but please refrain yourselves! :D Review!!

Chapter 11
Tags: category: slash, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, story: chemicals react
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