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2007 Year in Review

Because I've seen everyone else doing this ... I thought, 'why not'? Besides, it was my first year on LJ and it's good to reflect. ;)

Jan/Feb: This was before I had an LJ account and devoted my life to writing Clark/Oliver fics. I was, however, lurking happily on ollieville ... and got severely depressed when people stopped writing Clark/Ollie. Bad enough that JH left SV in January but that was when they were bringing back the Clana. Not cool.

March: Finally got my lazy ass up and created an LJ account. Good times and I wrote a Clark/Ollie fic. "Not Alone". I followed it up with "In His Eyes" and "Comfort". And I even wrote 4 chapters of "It's Not Over", which was a sequel to "Not Alone". That story was discontinued. In my RL, I was still applying for a transfer so essays were taking over. I did, however, get to go to England for Spring Break. That was fun.

April: I turned 20. Was in England for the first week and then Spring Quarter began. I don't think I did any writing that entire month. But the best part had to be that I formed a bond with my lovely beta, boltgirl426, who quickly became one of my closest friends. Ironic is that we met due to the story that I never finished. LOL! Definitely one of the better parts of the year. She wanted me to look at her first Collie fic, "I've Got You Under My Skin" and I ended up getting a great beta and an even awesomer friend. In fact, if you like my fics, you should thank her. She's really my motivation and keeps pushing me to write, when I just am really really lazy. :D

I did some writing! I wrote "Anticipated Realizations", a one-shot fic taking place post-Nemesis. And I wrote "Chemicals React". Good Collie times. I do like "Chemicals React". Meanwhile, I was patiently (not really) waiting for the final decisions for schools so I can make my choice on where to go.

I finalized making the choice to go to UCLA. I wrote "24 Hours" and "Adoption", a sequel to "Chemicals React". This month was also when I wrote "Never Say Goodbye", which actually became my most popular fic, much to my surprise. I was relieved at the end of the month because school ended. I think I finished with a bang.

Summer and I'm completely lazy. I finished posting NSG but other than that, my muses died. My mom went to India to bring my grandmother back. My dad and I went to Disneyland, which was fun. You can never be too old for Disneyland!

I had orientation early this month so I was back in LA ... I had never been to UCLA before and the campus is really pretty. Great location too. Some of my semester friends started school. I finally got my writing muses back and took a poll to see what I should write. And that is how "Accidentally in Love" began ... yup, I've been dragging this particular story for a while now. OOH, and this was the month of my layout change. The ever awesome chaotic4life made me the wonderful Collie header ... it still makes me happy looking at it.

I got sidetracked from writing "Accidentally in Love" when the story idea for "Forever May Not Be Long Enough" popped into my head. I was so used to writing fluffy fics that something that angsty kind of made me nervous. But i made it through and when I was writing it, I really didn't think it was that bad. When i reread it though, to get ideas for "Sober", I found it was really depressing. I tried writing a Chloe/Clark fic called "What I Meant to Say" but I have 3 chapters written and I haven't felt like writing more since. The anti-Loisness/ED bashing from the Chlarkers makes me angry and kills my muse completely. I also attempted a Clois fic, "The Love Life of Lois Lane" but after posting the first chapter, I haven't gone back. :(This was also an important month because I moved to Los Angeles and started school. I was nervous about moving away from home but the transition was easier than I thought. Guess I got lucky.

When I went insane and signed up for the fanfic100 challenge with Clark/Oliver as my pairing of choice. It turned out well though and I think I even wrote my first few prompts. I finished "FMNBLE" and shocked my readers with the ending. I mean, I think that some anticipated it but I'm so used to giving them happy, that it was different. But it worked and a sequel was promised, which I always had in mind going into the story. School went off well and this month, I also made a decision to do birthday fics. A decision that added to my business but one that I really don't regret. I get to write fics I would've never thought of before if it wasn't for this. At the end of the month, I started posting the sequel for "Forever", "Sober".

Midterms=hell. But I think I managed to keep writing. My fanfic100 table gives me fun prompts and I get to do lots of one-shots. I found it harder to write short stories but some, I just turned into series. I was still working on "Accidentally in Love" and "Sober" and my table ... plus the birthday fics. Thank God for boltgirl426 ... she beta'd everything and really encouraged me to keep going. Her never-ending faith in me and my writing is such an inspiration. I think she likes "Sober" more than I do! LOL! Thanksgiving gave me a chance to go home and that was great. I saw my friends and got to see my parents and sister after two months ... I love my roommate but really? I missed my room! Only a few weeks till finals ...

End of the year. As far as the writing goes, I am still was working with the ff100 table, "Sober", "Accidentally in Love" and the birthday fics. I'm trying to switch off and as far as the balancing goes ... it's okay. I like my table best lately. Finals came and went and I successfully completed my first quarter at UCLA. I really wanted to finish "Accidentally" before the end of the year but I guess that won't be happening. Hopefully, before mid-January.

Overall, I think it was a good year ... I made lots of friends on LJ and my RL is going well too. 2007 was good to me ... I'm hoping that it was good to all you. My fingers are crossed for 2008.

My goals for 2008 are to write more Collie, actually finish a Clois fic and keep doing well in school. And spend time with friends & family whenever I can. :D

Happy New Year everyone!
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