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It's almost over . . .

So another chapter. Read & review!

: Chemicals React
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lexana, Chlimmy, Clois mentions of Lollie & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: through 6x13, Crimson
Summary: My version of Crimson. After Lois kissed him, Clark was infected with red kryptonite, which removed his inhibitions. First stop? Star City!
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 12

Sunlight streamed through the large windows in Oliver’s penthouse, dragging Clark up out of a deep sleep. He groaned slightly and looked around, wondering briefly where he was. Then he remembered- he was lying on a couch at Oliver’s place, where he had fallen asleep the night before.

He got up and stretched, trying to loosen the muscles that had become tight due to the small amount of space. Sleep hadn’t come easy; he had spent most of the night worried about Oliver, hoping the other man was okay.

His eyes wandered toward the Grandfather clock in the corner of the room. It was only 6 am. But he knew he couldn’t go back to sleep. What to do now? His first stop was Oliver’s bedroom and he breathed a sigh of relief to see him sleeping peacefully.

But he felt a sense of longing as well, a longing to be lying next to him in that bed. To be the first one Oliver sees when he wakes up and the last face he saw before he went to sleep. And how could he have ever doubted his love for this man?

Shaking his head, he gently closed the door and went back to the living room. It was very early, Oliver wouldn’t be up for a little while. He could probably make it home, get ready and come back before he woke up. So he did just that.

He didn’t think he’d ever moved so fast before but he really wanted to make good on his promise and be there for Oliver when he woke up. Grabbing a quick bite to eat, he glanced around his kitchen. Oliver’s kitchen had been fully stocked hadn’t it? Yes, he remembered the tons of food there. But he still took a few necessary items and ran back.

Once there, he was pleased to see Oliver was still asleep. His next stop was the bathrooms, where he searched through the medicine cabinet. Oliver was going to be hung over when he woke up and the last thing he probably wanted was food.

Heading back toward the kitchen, he started making his concoction. When he heard footsteps, he mentally got ready. Turning around, he saw Oliver, bleary eyed and looking at him warily.

“Clark,” he said, rubbing his eyes, “What are you doing here?”

“Here,” Clark said, not answering his question. He just handed him a glass with what he had made. “Drink this.”

Oliver took it and sniffed it suspiciously. Then he drank it. His eyes widened and he coughed and sputtered. “What is this stuff?”

“Hangover cure,” Clark said. “When I was going to go to college, my mom gave me a lecture on not drinking, etc. My dad, however, gave me this recipe. It’s a surefire way to cure a hangover.” He paused. “At that time, we didn’t realize alcohol would have no effect on me.”

Oliver nodded and finished the drink. “Yeah, it certainly wakes you up.” He glanced around the kitchen. “Who cleaned this place up?”

“I did,” Clark said, not meeting his eyes. He did it the night before, when he hadn’t been able to sleep. “Do you want anything to eat? I can make something . . . I’m not a bad cook.”

“Clark,” Oliver interrupted, “You never answered my question. Why are you here?”

Clark looked at Oliver. “Do you remember what happened yesterday?”

Oliver frowned. “Yeah, you came over, we fought, I kicked you out.” He paused for a minute and his eyes widened slightly. “I got drunk and called you.”

“You did,” Clark said.

“You put me in bed,” Oliver said, “And tucked me in. But why are you here now?”

“Because I told you I would be here in the morning,” Clark responded. “So here I am.”

“You didn’t have to stay,” Oliver mumbled.

“No,” Clark agreed, “I didn’t have to stay. But I wanted to.” He looked over at the counter. “Are you sure you don’t want to eat?”

“I’m not hungry,” Oliver said. “My head is pounding.”

Clark was already filling a glass of water. He handed Oliver the water and the Advil. “I figured it would be.”

“Thanks,” Oliver replied, taking both the cup and the medicine. He swallowed it. “I think I’m going to head back to bed. Help yourself to whatever’s here.” Clark nodded and watched him leave.

Oliver didn’t make him leave . . . did that mean he wanted him to stay? He didn’t seem completely thrilled that Clark was there but he wasn’t exactly forcing him to go either. Just the day before, Oliver had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with him but hadn’t he said last night that he didn’t hate Clark? Last time he checked, it was when people were drunk were they the most honest.

He hated not knowing what was going on but he knew he needed to be patient. Oliver was still hurt and Clark had to give him time. Take as much time as you need Ollie, Clark thought, I’ll be here waiting.

His cell phone ringing broke his train of thought. “Kent,” he said.

“Clark, it’s Chloe,” his best friend replied. “Where are you? I’m at the Kent farm right now. I was hoping we could get breakfast.”

“Oh Chlo,” Clark said, “I’m at Oliver’s place.”

“Ooh,” Chloe said. “So you guys made up, did you? Hot make up sex?”

“CHLOE!” he exclaimed, blushing. “No, it was nothing like that.” He hesitated. “In fact, I don’t even think we’re together.”

“What?” Chloe demanded. “Why not?”

“Chloe,” Clark said, “I came to see him yesterday. He saw me and Lois . . . he was at the restaurant that night.” He leaned against the counter, trying to keep his voice down. The last thing he wanted to was wake Oliver.

“Oh Clark,” Chloe gasped. “What happened?”

“He was furious,” Clark told her. “He said that the marriage was over, that we were through, that he didn’t want anything to do with me. I didn’t even get a chance to explain.”

“Then how are you there now?” Chloe asked curiously.

“A few hours after I left,” Clark said, “he called me. He was completely drunk so I came over to check on him. I stayed the night, to make sure he would be okay.”

“Are you okay?” Chloe asked, her tone gentle.

“I don’t know,” Clark said honestly. “I’m hoping that we still have a shot. That maybe he’ll forgive me. I’m not ready to give up yet.”

“Good for you,” Chloe said, clearly pleased. “But what about the bracelets?”

Clark sighed. “That’s the worst part. The bracelets were a big hoax. It was a test on Jor-El’s part. He rigged the bracelets so that I would learn to trust my heart over some device.”

“You’re kidding!” Chloe’s voice was full of disbelief.

“I wish,” Clark said. “He said it was for my own good and that if I couldn’t trust my instincts now, I would never do so in the future.”

“It’s a good point,” Chloe agreed, “But it’s still a mean thing to do!”

“You’re telling me,” Clark said wryly.

“Well, is he around right now?” Chloe wanted to know.

“No, he’s sleeping,” Clark said.

“Are you going to stay there?” Chloe asked.

“Probably,” Clark admitted. “I’m sorry that we can’t meet for breakfast.”

“It’s fine, Clark,” Chloe said dismissively, “You need to fix things with Oliver, I totally understand. We’ll get together some other time.”

“I want to get together some time,” Clark persisted. “You know that, right? I mean, I know I treat you like you’re my own “Dear Abby” but I really do appreciate you Chloe.”

He could practically hear her smiling. “I know Clark. Don’t worry about it, I’m glad I can be there for you.”

“I want us to hang out,” Clark said, “No problems, no mutants, no Zoners, just us doing something fun. Like that picnic we had.”

“That sounds really great,” Chloe said. “Too bad our schedules don’t allow out.”

“Then let’s make time!” Clark insisted. “You’re my best friend. This weekend, let’s get together. You pick the activity and I’ll be there.”

“Cool,” Chloe said, her voice full of happiness. He liked that he put that happiness there. “I’ll make plans! Starting 8 am on Saturday, you’re mine Kent.”

“8 am?” Clark repeated. “Can you get up that early?”

“Okay,” Chloe conceded, “More like 10 am but close enough!”

He laughed. “Deal!”

“Bye Clark,” Chloe said.

“Bye Chlo,” Clark replied and closed his phone. At least he had something to look forward to.

“How is the lovely Ms. Sullivan?” he heard a voice behind him say. He spun around, trying to avoid dropping his phone in surprise to see Oliver leaning against the door.

“I thought you were sleeping,” Clark said.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Oliver shrugged. “I think I fell asleep for about fifteen minutes but then I woke up again.”

“I didn’t wake up, did I?” Clark asked.

“No,” Oliver shook his head. “It wasn’t you.” Oliver gestured towards his phone. “My first question stands.”

Clark looked at his phone and back at Oliver. “Oh Chloe? Yeah, she’s fine.” He bit his lip. “How much of the phone call did you actually hear?”

“I didn’t come here to spy on you,” Oliver said. “But I couldn’t help hearing your conversation from the living room. I came in at something about bracelets and a big hoax?”

Clark flushed. “My deductions tell me,” Oliver said, “that this bracelet that you’re talking about is the same one that you were wearing the day before yesterday. The one I asked about but you wouldn’t give me a straight forward answer for.”

“You would be correct,” Clark said. Oliver was giving him a chance to be honest, he might as well take it.

“Are you ready to tell me what those bracelets are?” Oliver asked, raising an eyebrow. Clark nodded. “Let’s not have this discussion in the kitchen, hmm?” Oliver turned and left and Clark just followed him to the living room.

Clark took a seat and Oliver sat right next to him. Oliver was looking at him expectantly.

“After you left on Sunday,” Clark said, choosing a point to begin his story, “I told you Chloe showed up. We talked things over and everything seemed as if it were settled until I remembered Jor-El.”

“Who is Jor-El?” Oliver asked.

“Jor-El is my biological father,” Clark explained. “In the caves, there is this passageway. There is this huge stone table where a key can go in. This was all left for me, for me to uncover my roots. If you put the key in, you will be taken to this place in the Artic. Jor-El’s memories are stored there.”

“Why would he be a problem?” Oliver interrupted.

“Because he has been interfering with my life for a while now,” Clark said. “I wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t be upset at my marriage to you. If he had been, he could’ve hurt you to get to me.”

Oliver’s eyes were focused on him. “So I went to see him. And he was happy about my marriage. He actually liked you. But I wasn’t sure . . . I was curious to see if there was a way to find out if we were meant to be, if we would stay together.”

“Clark, there’s no way to do that,” Oliver said. “You just have to take it day by day and trust your heart.”

“I know that now,” Clark said. “But I asked Jor-El anyway and he gave me these bracelets. Soul mate bracelets, he called them. Children were given these bracelets in Krypton and when the stone glowed, they knew they found their soul mate. They’d then know who to court.”

“But when I saw the bracelet, the stone wasn’t glowing,” Oliver pointed out. “I would’ve noticed that.”

“It wasn’t,” Clark acknowledged, “and that freaked me out. I always thought of what would happen if it didn’t glow but when it did, I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, you had that meeting to go to. I went to go see Chloe.”

“You did seem relieved at my having to leave,” Oliver murmured. “I guess now I know why.”

“It’s just I needed to find answers,” Clark said.

“Did you?” Oliver asked.

“Not really,” Clark answered. “Not then anyway. In fact, going there made things worse. Because I figured, with Chloe’s help, that it didn’t matter if the stone glowed or not. The fact that I was happy with you and in love with you was good enough. But then Lois came in, just as I was leaving.” Clark closed his eyes in remembrance. “And the stone glowed.”

He heard Oliver gasp lightly and he turned to meet his eyes. “So Lois . . . Lois is your soul mate?” Oliver managed to say.

“Let me finish,” Clark said firmly. “She was the one who pointed out the stone was glowing and I passed out. I woke up and then you called, canceling. After taking the call, I noticed that only Lois was around and Chloe had left. That’s when she told me that she remembered what happened the day after Valentine’s Day. The kiss, everything. And she asked me out.”

“And you said yes,” Oliver said, in a dull voice.

“I did say yes,” Clark said, ashamed. “I know it was wrong, I knew it was wrong then! But I had to know. It would’ve been fine Oliver, if I didn’t know who it was. But knowing that Lois was my supposed soul mate, I had to find out.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Oliver demanded. “Didn’t you think I’d understand?”

“You’d understand my needing to cheat on you to satisfy a curiosity?” Clark asked incredulously.

“No, I guess not,” Oliver said. “All right, so you guys went on a date. Then what?”

Clark went on to explain how he knew that Lois wasn’t for him and how the next day, they decided to be just friends.

“I went to see Jor-El again,” Clark said. “I wanted to find out how the stone could glow for one person and I could be so in love with someone else. I told him that it didn’t matter that the stone glowed for Lois, that I was happier with you and didn’t care whether we were soul mates or not.” He wasn’t looking at Oliver as he said that so he didn’t see the other man’s eyes light up at Clark’s declaration.

“What did Jor-El say?” Oliver asked, his tone cautious.

“He said congratulations,” Clark said, his voice barely a whisper. “That I’d passed the test.”

“Test?” Oliver was puzzled. Clark stood up suddenly, frustrated with the memories.

“The bracelet was a fake,” Clark said, walking away from the couch. “The concept was real and it did happen in Krypton but mine wasn’t. He rigged it to make it glow for Lois, even though she isn’t my soul mate.” Clark laughed, still bitter at what Jor-El had done, even though he understood why he had done it. “This was a test, for me to learn to trust my heart and not some ‘device’. According to Jor-El, I need to learn to trust my own instincts. This was his way of making sure I could.”

Oliver was silent and Clark leaned against a wall, not knowing what else to say. “It was dumb,” Clark said finally, “I should have known better but I didn’t.”

He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned slightly to see that Oliver. “Oliver,” he said, “I know you’re angry, I understand that you’re hurt. And you have every right to be. But please, if there is the slightest chance you could forgive me, I’ll spend the rest of our lives making it up to you.”

Oliver backed away slightly. “Clark,” he sighed, “I . . . I don’t know. I loved you and you hurt me. When you left, when you didn’t tell me how you felt when I came to see you, when you cheated. I don’t know if I have it in me to trust you.”

Clark felt his heart sink and all the hope he felt vanished. He swallowed hard. “Okay, Oliver. I get it. I hope that one day we can be friends but right now, it’s probably too much to ask.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the velvet box he knew was there.

Oliver watched as he opened it and took the ring out. He handed it to Oliver. “Jor-El gave me this ring. It’s been in our family for generations. I want you to have it.” Oliver looked like he was going to protest but Clark just shook his head. “I can’t imagine giving it to anyone else. Do what you wish with it, I just wanted it to be with you.” He gave Oliver a weak smile and prepared to leave. “Good bye Oliver.”

Just as he reached the door, Oliver broke out of his daze. “Clark, wait!”

Clark looked at him and waited, with bated breath, to what Oliver was going to say. Knowing fully that these words that may mend his broken heart or it could shatter it one final time, so that it would never be fixed again.

Chapter 13
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