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Hello my lovelies ... so I thought I'd share with you a fic that's got me very excited.

Who loves redk!Clark? Well, me and I think everyone else! Clark Kent w/o inhibitions is hot, don't deny it.

Have you ever wondered what would happen in "Justice" if Lex was refining redk instead of green?

Well, boltgirl426 has taken on that challenge in her newest fic, "Right Where You Want Me". The first chapter is up and I have to say it's AWESOME.

Go read and give feedback to the author ... and honestly, if anyone likes my stories, you should all be falling at her feet. I admit I'm the laziest writer in the entire world and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't write anything. ;)

Her Collie fics always kick ass and this one is no exception.

So stop staring at me and go READ!
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