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I don't know why I even bother

I always considered fandom and LJ a safe haven ... a place where fans can just love each other. For the first few months when I was on LJ, it certainly seemed that way. But lately ... lately, it seems so drama filled ... where ships are more important than just the love of the show.

I myself have to admit I've been caught up it ... getting defensive over characters that don't even exist. It's a wonder how offended people can get when their "ship" is insulted. I can't believe how upset I've gotten by all this.

Honestly, the truth is that most people are united in their hatred of Lana/Clana. However, there are nastier exchanges between the Chlark and Clois fans. I feel like I'm one of those rare people who likes Chloe but is a Cloiser. Of course, I'm a slasher first and foremost and Collie will always be OTP to me but Clois is definitely second.

Before it seemed all the hatred was coming from the Chlark side ... the Chloisers in particular were rather nasty to Lois. But now I'm hearing horrible stuff from the Clois side too. Chloe and Lois adore each other on the show and their fans are ripping each other apart. It makes me very sad.

I can't bash Chloe and I refuse to bash Lois ... but what pisses me off is when they attack actresses. Dude, fine, hate the characters but the minute you start insulting ED or AM, that's going too far. Remember, there is a difference between the character and the actress. I'll take the Lois insults but the minute they start insinuating about ED or AM (but I hear the most about ED), the gloves are off.

Really ... these are REAL people, who try hard at their jobs ... to give them nasty names or put down what they do is just awful. It's not their fault they get crappy lines or stupid plots to work with.

Fine, your actress has been hurt ... oh boo hoo your character has been bashed, BIG WOOP DEE DA. Grow the fuck up ... get angry, get upset, post to your own journals. It's what I do every time I heard a nasty comment about Oliver. But limit to the characters guys. CHARACTERS, not people. Unless you're up and best friends (which I highly doubt any of you are) with ED and know she's a complete bitch in real life, stop insulting her. It nauseates me reading the things people say.

I hate Lana but you don't see me going nutso on KK. It's not mature and I was hoping that we could all be adults here. And I really hate the "oh, he/she started it" crap.

No wonder I don't write Chlark and Clois. Collie is the safest bet by far.
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