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Pretty Pictures!

Last time I made a post, it was pretty whiny and pissed off. So I decided to make a happier one this time. 10 pictures of the lovely Erica Durance, who plays one of my favorite SV characters, Lois Lane.


Look! SV credits ... I don't remember what season this picture was from. But she looks great. :D

She really does look good in black. (What do you say </a></b></a>ferdalump? She probably wants to match her lover right? :D)

She also looks good in red ... she can really pull off anything ... jeans or a gown.

Speaking of gowns ...  the Lex/Lois scene killed me in "Noir" ... but Erica looked awesome. Too bad we didn't get a scene with smooth suit-clad Clark and lovely Lois. Disappointments abound. Stupid Jimmy ... it was his fantasy ... and here I thought he was a Clois shipper. :(

Back in black. A "hag"? Dude, if she is, I want to be a hag just like her!

I really like that shirt on her ... I don't know why they don't have her wear more black on the show. It's really her color. Instead they have her wear that horrible shade of yellow. Stupid SV ... just cuz Clark wears the same two stupid shirts doesn't mean the other cast members can't dress nice.

From the season 6 promos ... that outfit is really pretty. She is looking gorgeous as ever. Hey Smallville ... stop lightening her hair! She's a brunette and so is LL ... let's keep it that way, k? Thanks.

More season 6 promos ... lovely dress. I'm always in awe of how pretty she looks

I know, I know ... this isn't just Erica. But considering my recent post about character bashing, I thought this was appropriate. Look how happy they are! Yay for off screen friendships!

Pretty. :D

This was fun ... I hope you liked it too. If you want to link me to your favorite ED/Lois pictures, feel free! :)
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