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More Pretty Pictures

So I already did 10 pretty pictures of Erica/Lois and now I will continue with Chloe/Allison.


Heeeere's Chloe.


Doesn't she look lovely in purple? I really like this photo of her. I have an icon w/ her in that outfit. :D

I really love her hair in this pic. Those shoes are kind of odd ... but she looks very stylish.

Yay Chloe! Allison is so lovely. :)

She looks good in red too!

Aww, she's so cute when she's smiling. I like her all happy.

Again, with the adorable smile! :D

All colors suit this lovely actress, don't you think?

This has to be one of my favorites. That dark red color really suits her.

Last but not least, Chloe in blue. That's a cute top.

I hope you all liked it! I'm having fun doing this. It initially started out as just to promote my Erica/LL love but this is amusement. Next up: Justin/Oliver Queen!
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