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This is my 300th post! Yay! I didn't catch 100 or 200 so I'm celebrating 300. It only seems right that that post be a fic. So here's the last part of my current prompt. I hope you like it and do let me know what you think!

Story: Words Left Unsaid
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warnings: pre-slash
Spoilers: none
Summary: follows “Snow, Surprises and Shelby”. Lois sees more than she lets on … and drags Chloe into the plan. Meanwhile, Clark and Oliver have lunch together while silently pining for each other.
Previous Parts: Here

The table is here.

Prompt #57 "Lunch"

Part 3

It was a harsh slap in the face for someone who had just acknowledged that they were bisexual and had feelings for one of his closest friends. The fact that it was one of his closest male friends didn’t make it any easier. But he thought he just liked him, just desired him.

For it to be love put the situation on a whole new playing field. Somehow, he managed to get to the living room and sat on the couch. Completely lost in thought, he didn’t see or hear Oliver approaching. Nor did he notice the blonde watching him.

God, he’s beautiful. Oliver stared longingly at the brunette, who was clearly in a different world. Long ago, he had accepted his feelings for Clark but he had also accepted that the two would never be more than friends. The younger man couldn’t have made it any more obvious that he was straight, with his constant pining over his ex-girlfriend.

How pathetic was he that he was jealous of Lana Lang? What he would do to have even a fraction of that love directed toward him. If he was her, he would’ve never let Clark go. Fought for him, fought for them with every ounce of his being . . . because he just knew that once he got a taste of Clark Kent, giving him up would no longer be an option.

But Lana was an idiot and moved on to Lex. Talk about a poor second choice, Oliver thought with a smirk. She’d find out soon enough what a mistake that she had made and he really hoped that when she went crawling back to Clark, he’d reject her. His heart wouldn’t be able to take it if Clark reunited with her.

It was hard enough being around Clark with both of them being single. Oliver wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. When he first met Lois, he had been instantly attracted to her. He had planned and strategized and hadn’t been the least bit surprised when she came to see him. Not only that, he had walked away with a date. Which had developed into a relationship and it had been a good one for the short time it lasted.

Lois was gorgeous, quick witted, intelligent and a lot of fun to be around. But when she told him he hadn’t been with her completely, he knew she was right. How could he give her his all, how could he give her his heart when it was no longer his to give? No, Clark Kent had captured his heart from the first time he had met him.

Though Lois had mentioned him several times before the actual meeting, he had been used to hearing about “Smallville” and the silly things he did. He was still in love with his ex, he was a bumbling, clumsy farm boy. Oliver had already pictured him in his head and the image did not result in what came strolling through the door.

He could recall their first meeting as if it happened yesterday. Oliver and Lois had been talking when his security had brought in a man. Not just any man. A very handsome man with the body of a Greek God and eyes the color of emeralds. Imagine his surprise when Lois identified him as the Smallville she had been ranting about for so long. Because standing in front of him had been no regular farm boy.

How he had kept his composure that night, he still didn’t know. Fortunately, there hadn’t been an opportunity for them to be alone. Clark left right after Lois and Oliver was able to push him out of his thoughts. But it wasn’t meant to last.

The next time they met, he had been in his Green Arrow gear. That was when he found out that there was more to the farm boy than just good looks. Oliver remembered how Clark threw him effortlessly across the room, how attempting to punch him had felt like hitting a brick wall and the ease with which he caught his arrow. Lucky for him he had gotten a break when that security guard entered, fired an arrow at the not so invulnerable guard and used Clark’s distraction as time to escape.

However, their separation was always temporary. Fate seemed bent upon putting them in situations together. As he got to know Clark better, the more the brunette intrigued him. He had all these amazing abilities and Oliver knew that he could do so much good for the world. Clark, however, seemed reluctant. But Oliver was patient. One day, the younger man would want to spread his wings and Oliver would be there to help him.

In the meantime, he had to settle with friendship. Which wasn’t all too bad, as long as he got to spend time with Clark. Clark wasn’t perfect and there were a lot of qualities that he had that irked Oliver to no end. But his good qualities outweighed his more frustrating ones by far and Oliver admired him. Admired his strength, admired his loyalty and kind heart.

Admired that sculpted body, always too covered up for his liking to the point where he just wanted to rip his clothes off and . . . no. He was going off track.

At least Clark was still in lala land so he didn’t notice Oliver ogling him. Figuring it wasn’t polite, and of course, he didn’t want the food to get cold, he tried to get Clark’s attention.

“Hey Clark,” he said, effectively snapping him out of his thoughts. “You look deep in thought. Care to share?”

Oliver’s voice brought him back to reality. How long had he been standing there? Then he realized that he had asked him a question.

“Oh, I’m . . . I’m just thinking,” Clark said lamely. “Nothing important.” He certainly couldn’t tell Oliver he was daydreaming about him now, could he?

Something flickered in Oliver’s eyes but it was gone before Clark could try to place the emotion.

“Well, lunch is ready,” Oliver told him.

Clark nodded and stood up. “Lead the way.”

Oliver smiled and turning on his heel, he started walking. Clark followed him and couldn’t resist observing him. Even his walk was elegant. He hadn’t really looked at him when he arrived but now he was and he liked what he saw.

Dressed in a black sweater shirt that had a zipper that went from the nape of his neck to the edge of his shoulder and a pair of faded jeans, Oliver was a sight for sore eyes.

Stop it Clark, he commanded himself, how would Ollie feel if he knew you were checking him out? Pushing the forbidden thoughts from his mind, he continued to walk after Oliver, until they stopped in an unfamiliar room.

In the center of the room was a dining table and to the right of the dining table sat a fireplace. On top of the table lay several dishes and Oliver had set the table for two.

“I figured that this would be more comfortable than the formal dining room,” Oliver explained.

“It’s nice,” Clark replied. “I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble on my account.”

“It was no trouble at all,” Oliver assured him. “I enjoy cooking . . . I don’t get to do it very often but I like it very much.”

They exchanged smiles before sitting down to eat. Clark found out that Oliver was indeed a good cook. And had gone all out with the food.

Lunch was good. The combination of Oliver’s company and the delicious food made it wonderful.

“You are more than a pretty face,” Clark exclaimed teasingly.

“So you admit I have a pretty face,” Oliver said smugly.

Clark paused for a moment, as if seriously considering the question. “I guess you’re not so bad,” he said finally.

“Not so bad?” Oliver echoed.

“Okay, you’re very pretty … happy?” Clark reiterated.

“Very,” Oliver said, a twinkle in his eyes. “It’s okay, Clark . . . it was only a matter of time before you gave in to me.”

“Oh yeah,” Clark said, tone sarcastic, but meaning every word, “That’s it . . . how could I have ever resisted your charm?”

“I don’t know,” Oliver said seriously, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “But better late than never I say.”

One look into Oliver’s eyes and Clark burst out into laughter. Oliver stared at him for a moment, trying to maintain his expression but a few seconds later, he joined Clark in a peal of laughter.

They settled down, exchanging grins, as they both went back to eating. Afterwards, Clark offered to help clean up but Oliver declined.

“Do you have to be anywhere today?” Oliver questioned suddenly.

“No, I don’t think so,” Clark replied, “Why?”

“I was just thinking … you could hang out here if you want,” Oliver said and hastily added, “If you’re not busy, that is.”

“I’m not busy,” Clark assured him. He had to stop the goofy grin from spreading across his face . . . Oliver wanted to spend time with him! Don’t get overworked, Kent . . . he just considers you a friend. Friends spend time together. It’s no big deal.

Maybe not, but he still had to refrain from jumping for joy. This was a step in the right direction . . . Oliver and Clark’s relationship had always been shaky before but it seemed that at least their friendship was cemented. To have a real friend again filled Clark with joy. And this time, Oliver was someone he trusted . . . someone that he could possibly share his secrets with one day.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Oliver asked.

“Sounds good,” Clark agreed. “What do you want to watch?”

“Come on,” Oliver said, “I have a big collection . . . I’ll even let you pick.”

Smiling, Clark walked with him to the entertainment room, where a huge plasma television waited. When Oliver showed him his movie collection, Clark gaped at the giant amount of DVDs that were resting in a carrier, all in alphabetical order.

“I’m a movie buff,” Oliver confessed. “I mean, I do enjoy parties but sometimes, I just like to curl up with a good film and relax.”

Clark smiled. “I’m not really a partier . . . but I do like movies. And sometimes a good book.”

“I love to read too,” Oliver told him, which had Clark grinning even wider.

On the surface, it would seem that Clark Kent would have nothing in common with Oliver Queen but as he learned more and more about Oliver, Clark realized that the two had more similarities than he thought possible.

Turning back to the collection, he picked a few movies that sounded good.

“Which one?” Clark asked Oliver.

“Who says we only have to pick one?” Oliver questioned. “I’m free all day . . . how does a movie marathon sound to you?”

“Sounds great,” Clark said, his stomach doing flips. Stay cool . . . don’t act like a dork. But Clark didn’t know how much longer he would be able to remain calm. Not when his senses were going into overdrive just standing close to Oliver like he was.

Oliver didn’t suspect any odd behavior though because his attitude toward him didn’t change, just remained light and friendly. Clark thanked his lucky stars for that.

He watched silently as the blonde went to put on the first movie and took a seat on one of the comfortable couches. Clark smiled as Oliver made his way back to him and much to his delight, sat down right next to him.

Though he was happy, he was also a little bit on edge … hopefully, he didn’t do anything stupid over the next couple of hours.

Luckily for him, he didn’t. Even through the movie, Oliver and Clark chatted, sometimes having to pause the film when they wanted to discuss a particular scene. Clark had never had so much fun watching a movie before.

By the second movie, Ollie had brought out the popcorn, as well as other snack foods. He even brought out the pie.

Cutting them both generous slices, Clark sighed happily as he took a bite of his mother’s pie. Nobody could make pie like his mom and he had a feeling nobody else ever would.

“This is delicious,” Oliver said. Clark looked over and couldn’t stop the grin when he saw that a part of the filling was at the edge of Oliver’s mouth.

“You got a little over there,” Clark said, pointing to his own mouth. Oliver smiled and tried to brush it off but he missed.

“Gone?” he asked.

Clark shook his head. “Nope, still there.”

Oliver tried again but failed once more. “Now?” Ollie asked him.

“No,” Clark said, chuckling. Unable to resist, he reached over and brushed the filling off with his fingers, unconsciously taking an extra moment to brush the soft skin.

“It’s gone now,” Clark said.

“Thanks,” Oliver replied. Clark smiled and turned to his hands. Seeing his filling covered fingers, he licked them without thinking. Looking up at Oliver, he was surprised to see the blonde’s eyes had darkened, the look there sending shivers up and down Clark’s spine.

Swallowing hard, Clark tried to turn his attention back to the now paused movie.

“Are we going to turn the movie back on?” he said, trying to avoid looking at Oliver.

“Yeah,” Oliver said, his voice low. “That’s a good idea.”

Clark eyed the remote and reached for it but Ollie had the same idea. Their fingers brushed as both touched the remote at the same time, the move sending an electric current through his body. His eyes lifted to meet Ollie’s, the blonde’s expression unreadable.

Who was he kidding? Being cool and collected was going to be nearly impossible . . . now he had to pray he didn’t make too much of an idiot out of himself.

I want him so badly. That was the only coherent thought that was running through Ollie’s mind as he gazed deep into Clark’s eyes.

When Clark licked his fingers like that, did he have any idea what he was doing to him?

Ollie couldn’t even look at the pie now without conjuring up images of better uses for that pie . . . images that included his body, that pie and Clark’s tongue.

This is just unfair. How was it that Clark could be so seductive without even trying?

Even the slightest touch, like their fingers brushing together, had Ollie’s body on fire. He wanted more . . . so much more and it was driving him mad.

How he kept his cool as they continued watching the movie and chatted, as if nothing had happened, he had no idea but he did. Clark too behaved as if they hadn’t shared what Ollie felt was a very intense moment so obviously, this was all in his head and completely one-sided.
Which was quite disappointing but it was better than Clark finding out about Oliver’s desire and running away, thus causing him to lose the brunette completely. At least this way, he may not return his affections but was still unaware of Oliver’s feelings so he was still around as his friend.

The next few hours were filled with movies and laughter. Clark had expressed worry that he was hogging Ollie’s time but Oliver repeatedly assured him that there was nowhere he had to be.

What was initially a lunch meeting turned into an all-day affair. In fact, Oliver ended up ordering out for pizza when he realized how late it was getting. Clark, of course, protested, saying that he would go but Ollie wasn’t quite ready to see him leave.

“Relax, Clark,” Oliver said lazily, “I hardly get to have days like this . . . it’s nice. Stay.”

Something flickered in Clark’s eyes, an emotion he couldn’t quite place but whatever it was, it was gone in an instant. And Clark did stay, so he couldn’t complain.

Oliver found that what he said to Clark was true though . . . just having a relaxing day with a good friend . . . it was something he hadn’t allowed himself to indulge in for a long time. He liked it.

There were no worries about being Green Arrow or Oliver Queen, CEO . . . here, with Clark, he could just be Ollie, a regular guy, hanging out with his buddy.

Granted that buddy was the man he was in love with but how many people could call the person they loved most a friend? Not many . . . and he was grateful just to have Clark in his life.

Once dinner was over, they went back to the movies. Oliver had forgotten what a large collection he had . . . it had been a while since he had taken time to just watch his old DVDs too.

Clark had even stopped insisting that he should leave, which was a nice change, because he wanted the younger man to feel at home.

They relaxed, as Oliver slipped in another movie. Oliver appreciated that they were able to talk during the movies and Clark wasn’t some serious film watcher who had a no-talking rule. That would’ve been really boring for him.

Somewhere around the second film, Oliver made a comment about the actor’s wardrobe and was surprised to hear silence. Feeling a sudden weight on his shoulder, he froze.

He turned and a small smile graced his lips . . . Clark was fast asleep and had moved to rest against Oliver.

Ollie shifted but ended up with an armful of Clark, whose head was now lying against his chest. In his sleep, Clark snuggled into him and Ollie felt his heartbeat speed up at the close contact. Did the brunette even realize what he was doing?

“Clark?” Oliver said softly, not wanting to wake up the younger man but wanting to get him to an actual bed.

A sigh escaped Clark’s lips and he just wrapped his arms around Oliver’s back. Now, Oliver wasn’t a saint . . . he had Clark Kent in his arms . . . how was he supposed to just push him away?

He couldn’t . . . he wouldn’t and even if he may regret it later, he just needed this moment. Ollie planned to savor it because he knew he probably wouldn’t get this chance again.

First, he turned off the movie and then he grabbed a blanket that was conveniently lying nearby. Oliver leaned back so he was stretched out on the couch, pulling Clark further into his embrace. The brunette was now resting on top of him, still sleeping.

Wrapping the blanket around the both of them, Oliver held Clark to him, his hands falling on the curve of the younger man’s back.

To have Clark in his arms felt absolutely wonderful and all his fantasies were nowhere close to the real thing.

Though he really didn’t want to go to sleep, he felt his eyes get heavy, and knew that fighting sleep was futile.

So he allowed his eyes to close, and let sleep overtake him.

What was meant to be an innocent lunch turned out to be something else completely . . . and this would be the moment where both men would later look back on as the point where their relationship changed.

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  • fandom identification card

    I saw this going around my flist and I had to snag it. If you're interested, take the quiz HERE Not familiar with some of these fandoms but…

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