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Accidentally in Love Chapter 18

This may be the longest I've ever dragged out a story. Sorry to keep you guys waiting for the updates. But here is another one at last! The next one won't take so long, promise. Thanks for those of you who have been waiting patiently! I hope you enjoy this. And let me know what you think!

Story: Accidentally in Love
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Chloe/Jimmy, Lois/Oliver
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, m/m sex
Spoilers: slight season 7
Summary: Oliver returns to Metropolis on business. Clark’s depressed over Lana’s death. An unexpected encounter leads them to a friends with benefits situation, neither willing to get into a real relationship.
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 18

“It’s a date then.” Oliver’s words echoed in Clark’s mind for the rest of the week. A date ... two people who claimed to be in a sex only relationship did not go on dates. They also did not hold hands in public or open doors for each other.

They also don’t gift each other with keys or diamond rings so really, the two of you are on a great streak. Clark groaned at the voice in his head, which sounded suspiciously like Chloe.

But he knew that it and she were correct ... Oliver and his relationship could not be classified as friends-with-benefits. Not by a long shot.

Was this Oliver making a statement though? Chloe suggested he could be doing all this to show that he wanted more ... was that right? Clark smiled at the thought. Whatever the truth was, he couldn’t help but get excited for their upcoming “date”. Because Oliver had called it a date. And that was enough to keep him grinning for the next couple of days.

As the days passed, the anticipation built. He really wanted to know what Oliver was going to do. He had spent time with Oliver but the blonde refused to give the slightest hint on their upcoming date. The strange behavior didn’t change either but questioning Oliver was futile . . . the blonde was proving to be an extremely good secret keeper.

Eventually, Clark resigned himself to waiting ... but that didn’t make the process any easier. Chloe noticed his odd behavior but when he told her what had occurred, she just smirked at him, saying that it was time that he stopped being so dense and opened his eyes to what was right in front of him.

Now what did she mean by that? He tried to prod her for an explanation but Chloe Sullivan was as tightlipped as Oliver. Clark figured it was a blonde thing and at that moment, he really didn’t understand the “dumb blonde” jokes because the two smartest people in his life were both blonde. In fact, out of the three of them, he was probably the densest of the lot.

At least when it came to picking up signals and hints because he didn’t have a clue what was going on.

By the time Saturday rolled around, Clark thought he was going to go crazy. He was restless all day … Lois was curious as to his odd behavior but after he accidentally snapped at her, she stopped asking. Of course, he immediately apologized and she had not stayed angry but she was wary of him since.

It helped though because he really didn’t want to have to lie to her and Lois had a knack of pushing him over the edge. Her keeping her distance was just best for the both of them.

Clark’s biggest worry was that she would be around when Oliver showed up.

He was already planning ways to get her out of the apartment or at least convince Ollie that he would meet him at penthouse. But it turned out he didn’t have to do a thing.

Chloe wasn’t the most perceptive woman he had ever met for nothing. How she managed to get Lois to leave, he had no idea. He certainly wasn’t going to complain. That took away one problem but that didn’t erase how nervous he was.

Fortunately for him, Chloe stuck around the entire day, making sure he didn’t completely lose his cool. She even helped him pick out an outfit to wear that evening.

Since Oliver assured him that wherever they were going wasn’t formal, realizing that Clark had to know at least that much, it wasn’t as difficult to decide on what to wear. He chose an emerald sweater-shirt and black jeans. Chloe repeatedly assured him he looked good before he was convinced.

Oliver was unsurprisingly punctual and for that, Clark was grateful because he was getting more nervous. Chloe gave him an encouraging smile as he went to answer the knock at the door.

Opening the door, he prepared to smile at the man behind it. When he saw Oliver though, any and all thoughts vanished.

It seemed no matter how many times he saw him, naked or clothed, the man had the ability to take his breath away.

Standing in a pinstripe blue shirt and pants, topped off by a black jacket, Oliver looked gorgeous as ever.

“You look really good,” Oliver said, eyeing him, the look in his eyes causing Clark to swallow hard.

“You do too,” he replied and boy was that an understatement.

“This is for you,” Oliver said, handing him a large, golden box.

Clark read the label and raised an eyebrow. It was a box of fine, Belgian chocolates.

“You said you weren’t a roses person,” Oliver explained, “But I couldn’t show up here empty handed. I heard you liked milk chocolate.”

He blushed, “Thanks.” Tilting his head, he asked, “Where did you hear that?”

“I’ll put those in the fridge for you,” Chloe offered quickly, making her way to their sides and removing the box of chocolates from Clark’s hands.

Clark watched his best friend suspiciously but she only grinned innocently.

“Ready to go?” Oliver asked, gaining his attention once more before he could question her.

“Yeah, I am,” Clark said, sounding more confident than he felt. “Bye Chloe.”

Chloe waved, “Have fun boys.”

“Thanks,” Oliver and Clark said in unison. Looking at each other, they shared a grin, neither seeing the amused yet knowing smirk on Chloe’s face.

Clark left with Oliver, walking through the halls with the blonde.

“So,” Clark said, as they made their way into the elevator, “Are you planning to tell me what’s up?”

“Not a chance,” Oliver said, smirking.

Clark chuckled but refrained from asking further. He figured it would be in vain anyway. But as they stepped outside, Clark gasped. Standing in front of the apartment complex was a black stretch limo, with a driver waiting by the door.

“I thought you said this wasn’t formal,” Clark said, looking at the blonde expectantly.

“I said, for where we’re going, you don’t need to be formal,” Oliver corrected, “Now relax and enjoy the evening … the wait will be worth it … trust me.”

Clark pursed his lips and nodded. Seeing them approach, the driver nodded in greeting and opened the door.

“Thank you,” Clark said and slid in, Oliver right behind him. Once seated, Clark smiled shyly at Oliver, who smiled back. This really felt like a date … and he couldn’t help the warm feeling that spread through his body.

“What are you thinking about, Mr. Kent?” Oliver asked in a teasing voice, snapping him back to reality.

“Not much,” Clark said, not lying completely. “Just … wondering where we’re going.”

“It’ll be a little bit before we get there,” Oliver informed him. “Don’t stress … you’ll find out in due time.”

Taking his advice, Clark relaxed against the comfortable leather seats. His eye caught a wrapped box sitting next to him, something he surprisingly hadn’t seen when he first entered.

“What is this?” he asked curiously, picking up the box.

“That’s for you,” Oliver answered.

“For me?” Clark echoed.

“Who else would it be for?” Oliver teased. “But … you can’t open it.”

Clark glanced at him. “It’s a present for me and I can’t open it? Oliver, your logic is a little bit twisted there.”

“You can’t open it,” Oliver repeated, “yet. When we reach our location, then you can open it. And don’t try to use that x-ray vision either … there is a lead box in there,” Oliver added.

“You’ve been talking to Chloe,” Clark deduced.

“Got to take some precautions,” Oliver joked, shrugging.

“You’re very sneaky, Mr. Queen,” Clark noted, unable to resist leaning forward and stealing a kiss.

“It’s part of my charm,” Oliver murmured, capturing Clark’s lips in another kiss. The gift put aside and forgotten, Clark lost himself in the blonde’s embrace.

Time flies when you’re making out with Oliver Queen … that was Clark’s new catchphrase. It made sense and in this situation, it applied.

Because before Clark knew it, the limo was stopping and he found that they had reached the mystery destination. Both of them took a moment to straighten up their appearance.

The door opened for them and Oliver tugged on Clark’s hand.

“Don’t forget to take the present,” Oliver reminded him and Clark nodded, picking up the gift on his way out.

“Close your eyes,” Oliver instructed and Clark just did as he was told, figuring that the more compliant he was, the sooner he would get to find out his surprise.

He felt Oliver leading him and he trusted the blonde completely so he didn’t even hesitate. They walked for a few minutes, before Clark heard the opening of a door and Oliver leading him inside.

“Open your eyes,” he heard Oliver whisper and he did. His eyes widened and he took a moment, taking in his surroundings.

It was an astronomy exhibit … not just any exhibit … a very exclusive one that would only be around for a short while. Clark had been hearing it about it for weeks and it was impossible to get tickets.

“You said you were an astronomy buff,” Oliver said and Clark was further shocked to hear an underlying nervousness in the blonde’s tone. “So I thought this would be appropriate.”

Hearing silence, Oliver continued, “Do you like it? I mean, I know it’s a little strange but …”

Before he could continue, Clark spun around and smashed his lips to Oliver’s, effectively silencing him.

Pulling away, he beamed, “Oliver … this is absolutely amazing … I mean, I’ve been hearing about this … it’s really hard to get tickets.”

“Not for me,” Oliver said, with a small smile. “It helps having the right connections … this place is ours for the night.”

“Thank you,” Clark said sincerely. “You’re just … this is out of this world … you didn’t have to do this for me.”

“I wanted to,” Oliver told him. “Now open your present.”

Clark nodded, his heart bursting with happiness and pealed open the wrapping paper. As Oliver had said, there was indeed a lead box underneath the elegantly wrapped gift.

Lifting the cover, Clark’s mouth dropped. Inside was a camera … a very high tech, sleek looking digital camera.

“So you can capture the memories of tonight,” Oliver said. “It’s all set up … the memory card is in there and it’s been charged … it’s ready to go.”

“You really shouldn’t have spent so much money,” Clark chided.

“And I’m telling you don’t worry about the cost,” Oliver said, leaning forward to lightly peck Clark’s lips. “I don’t so you shouldn’t either. All that matters to me is that you like your surprise.”

“I do,” Clark said, “I really, really do. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. This is all just so wonderful …”

Oliver smiled warmly. “Now come on, the night has hardly begun.”

Taking Oliver’s hand in his, the duo went all around the large exhibit. Inside, Clark could hardly believe that what was going on. It all seems so surreal … Oliver had planned this absolutely amazing evening just for him. He had thought about what Clark was interested in, remembered Clark’s love for astronomy and done something in accordance, despite not being so interested in the subject.

Every time he thought the blonde couldn’t get any more amazing, he proved him wrong. This evening was just proof of that. Oliver was so sweet, considerate … how could he stop himself from falling for this man? And did he even want to?

Oliver looked at him, giving him a smile and Clark’s heart fluttered. He loved the way Oliver made him feel … he loved who he was around Oliver. And dare he say … he loved Oliver?

Love … he hadn’t even considered love. Strong feelings, wanting a relationship, yes, but love? Could it be love?

“Come on you,” Oliver said, squeezing his hand, “There’s a lot to see so no drifting off in your own thoughts.”

“I wouldn’t dare,” Clark said lightly. With that, the thoughts were temporarily shoved away, Clark taking the time to enjoy the evening that Oliver had so caringly set up.

The exhibit was every bit as amazing as he thought it would be and his present company made it even better. Oliver, despite not knowing all about the different set ups, was more than willing to ask Clark and Clark was only too thrilled to get to explain all about his passion to Oliver.

The blonde seemed genuinely interested in the information that Clark was providing him and having him focus all his energy on him made Clark feel even more special.

They ended up spending hours at the exhibit and Clark had a great time, taking lots of pictures, not only of the exhibit but of Oliver too. He managed to even get a few shots of the two of them.

“Thank you,” he said, as they made a move to leave. “I know I’ve said it before but I have to say it again … this evening was incredible.”

“It’s not over yet,” Oliver said mysteriously.

“Ollie?” Clark said, unable to comprehend what the blonde could have in store for them now.

“Come on,” Oliver said, taking him outside. Clark had no choice but to go along. The exhibit was set in a lovely area, all grassy parts outside its walls.

Night had fallen but Oliver knew exactly where he was going because he confidently walked toward wherever they were going. Clark just followed, putting his faith in the older man.

Oliver suddenly stopped and Clark stopped too.

“Oliver?” The blonde’s name was the only word that managed to escape Clark’s lips.

“It’s such a beautiful night,” Oliver said, “I thought a picnic under the moonlight would be nice?”

“A moonlight picnic,” Clark echoed, too stunned to really register any solid thoughts.

Oliver had laid out a large blanket and atop the blanket was a picnic basket, candles and a bottle of wine, all set up for exactly what Oliver said … a romantic moonlight picnic.

Next to the setup was a telescope, aimed at the dark night sky. It was such a clear night, not a cloud in sight, the weather even cooperating for Oliver. The stars were so bright and Clark could see the moon, giving the area a lovely glow.

Clark could hear his heart pounding hard. This was above and beyond and Clark could only stare in awe.

Green eyes met brown and Clark shook his head. “You’re just … too much, you know that? I can’t believe you did this … this is … this is really …”

Considering he was an aspiring journalist, it was a tad bit embarrassing he couldn’t find the right words. But in this case, he figured words were not necessary and chose to close the distance between them, meeting Oliver’s lips in a passionate kiss.

Oliver’s arms encircled around Clark’s back, pulling him closer. Eventually, they had to part but even then, they stayed in each other’s arms. Clark nuzzled his nose against Oliver’s, sighing happily. This was the perfect moment … right there in Oliver’s embrace, Clark felt complete … he could not imagine a better place to be.

The food was attended to but Clark wasn’t in a hurry and apparently, neither was Oliver. He did get to it because he didn’t want Oliver’s work to be wasted.

Though the food was delicious, it was who he was eating it with that was the best part of the entire meal.

Whatever remaining doubts vanished within those hours … and all the answers to his questions were given.

Clark may have had his suspicions through the night but now he was sure. He wanted a relationship with Oliver and if he was reading Oliver correctly so did he.

More than that, he was in love with Oliver … and he was going to tell the blonde exactly how he felt.

Chapter 19
Tags: category: slash, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, story: accidentally in love

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