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Prompt #95 "New Year"

I know, it's about two weeks too late but bear with me! I hope you like it anyway! Enjoy and let me know!

Story: The Missing Piece
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Chloe/Jimmy
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warnings: slash
Spoilers: vague season 7
Summary: It’s always fun to ring in the New Year with friends and family. Clark spends New Year’s Eve with his mother, Kara, Lois, Chloe and Jimmy but still, he can’t help but feel something … or someone is missing. But a surprise guest changes everything.

The table is here.

Prompt #95 “New Year”

“I’m so glad we could all get together for the holidays,” Chloe commented.

Clark glanced up at his best friend, who was happily making guacamole for their get together.

“I still can’t believe it’s almost over,” Clark replied. “Can you believe it is New Year’s Eve?” He shook his head. “I’m hoping next year will be better than this one.”

“This has been a crazy year,” Chloe agreed.

Indeed, it had. From Lana getting pregnant to her marriage with Lex to the never-ending stream of Zoners … and that had just been the first half of the year.

The second half had continued to be chaotic … Lana’s pregnancy had turned out to be fake, a Phantom had showed up, taking his DNA, thus gaining his powers but he didn’t have a weakness to kryptonite.

Lois had gotten stabbed, Chloe had died in an attempt to save her and Lana had made the decision to leave Lex but ended up dying in an explosion.

Everything had worked out though … Chloe had come back to life, he defeated the Phantom with a little help from the Martian Manhunter and it turned out Lana wasn’t dead after all.

His reunion with her had been good and Clark was hoping for a happily ever after for the two of them. This time, she knew his secrets ... what could go wrong?

Apparently everything. Lana wasn’t the same … her experience as a Luthor changed her and she was no longer the sweet, innocent girl he fell in love with. She was so much darker, and her version of justice was so much different than his.

He tried to ignore it, lived in denial, but soon it became impossible to do so. They went their separate ways and Lana moved to Metropolis to live with Nell. Clark hadn’t heard from her since.

Though he hoped she was happy, he knew the time has passed when he could be the one to make her happy.

For a lot of his life, he had been devoted to Lana Lang … and now it was time to let go, move on with his life. His newfound cousin Kara had told him that his destiny laid outside the farm … and he had a feeling she was right.

Which was why he took the first step and reenrolled in school. Applied to Metropolis University and had been accepted … and he was going to start come January. Chloe was only too proud of him and too willing to help him get readjusted.

2007 was finally over … and for that, Clark was relieved. Somehow, he had survived the year and was thankful that he had such wonderful people who were constantly supporting him in whatever he did.

The holidays had gone off well … his mother had managed to make it home for Christmas. Lois had been around too. Along with Kara, Chloe and Jimmy, the holidays were a success. Kara had been slightly upset when Jimmy showed up with Chloe but he had to give her props for getting over it so quickly.

Clark knew that the couple had been having trouble, even going so far to break up but when Chloe finally got the nerve to tell Jimmy that she was a meteor freak, they realized that their feelings for one another hadn’t changed. And for that, Clark was pleased. His heart ached for his cousin but she assured him she was fine.

Jimmy was a good guy and he knew for a fact that he made Chloe happy. This time, he had made it a point to sit down with him and make him understand that Chloe was a friend to him but just a friend.

They had just gotten back together and Clark didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings. So he explained that Chloe had been his friend for a long time and had been the only one to stick around through all the laughter and the tears but by no means were his feelings anything but platonic.

The conversation had taken a while but Jimmy was willing to listen and at the end of it, Clark walked away with a new friend.

Jimmy would be one of the few people joining them tonight to ring in the New Year. Clark had just wanted to keep it low key, inviting those closest to them. It would be his mom, Chloe, Jimmy, Kara and himself … Lois had been invited, but she declined, saying that she was spending New Year’s Eve with her new boyfriend, Grant.

But even as he set up appetizers with Chloe, he felt that something was missing. These past few weeks had been great but there was this nagging feeling … that something was off. It wasn’t Lana … he was over her. He just couldn’t place the odd feelings he was having.

“Clark?” His best friend’s voice brought him back to reality and he turned toward the blonde.

“You okay?” she questioned.

“I’m fine,” he assured her. “How’s the guacamole coming along?”

“Great,” she said excitedly. Then she turned serious. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been off for a little while now.”

“I’m really fine, Chloe,” he repeated. “Trust me …”

“Is it Lana?” Clark asked hesitatingly, “I know you were looking forward to spending the holidays with her …”

“It’s not Lana,” Clark said firmly. His tone left no room for doubts. “We weren’t meant to be and to be honest with you, I’m over her.” He frowned slightly but softened his voice. “I don’t know, Chloe … lately, I just feel … incomplete.”

Chloe’s expression changed to one of concern. “Incomplete?” she echoed. “What’s missing, Clark?”

“I wish I could tell you,” he said, frustration creeping into his voice. “Lately, I’ve had this odd feeling … and I don’t even understand it.”

“I don’t know what to tell you Clark,” Chloe said gently.

“It’s okay,” Clark replied, “Let’s just … drop it. We’re happy … I don’t want to dampen the mood.”

Chloe pursed her lips but seeing that she wasn’t going to get anywhere with Clark, nodded.

“All right,” she said reluctantly, “But if you need to talk, you know I’m here right?”

“I do,” he said gratefully, “And I appreciate that … thanks, Chloe.”

“You’re welcome,” Chloe said warmly. They smiled at one another, taking the moment to enjoy the silence and each other’s company.

Almost immediately after, they got back to work, the subject of their conversation forgotten. At least Chloe was able to forget … Clark was not as lucky.

The thoughts plagued his mind, even as the guests showed up. Well, Jimmy anyway. Chloe had left to get changed and she arrived hand-in-hand with her boyfriend. Kara and his mom were already around so they weren’t waiting on anyone. Everyone was pleasant to one another and the food was a hit too.

Chloe delighted in the compliments she got on her part of the food, and he smiled at her small blush when Jimmy raved about the guacamole. They really are perfect for each other.

In the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but wonder if he would find someone who would fit him like Jimmy fit Chloe … like the way his mom and dad used to fit together.

Pushing the depressing thoughts out of his mind, he concentrated on interacting with the people he cared about, all who were surrounding him now. He should be grateful that he was able to spend time with all of these wonderful people and not waste precious moments moping.

However, he had no idea that his night was about to take a drastic turn.

Clark was getting more chips from the kitchen and attempting to find the salsa when he heard a knock at the main door. Who could that be? Everyone who was supposed to be here was. Maybe Lois changed her mind.

Not really bothering too much and figuring someone would get the door, he continued with his task. As he suspected, he heard his mother open the door and there was chatter.

A new voice joined them and Clark almost dropped the bag of tortilla chips he had picked up as he placed the too familiar voice. No way … it couldn’t be.

Quickly making his way back into the living room, he had to refrain from gasping aloud when he saw the newest person, who was handing a bottle of champagne to his mother. Brown eyes turned toward him, sparkling with delight when they met his green ones.

“Hey there.”

Clark tried to form words but his brain seemed to have stopped working. This was the last person he had ever expected to be faced with.

Because it seemed that eleven months after he had departed Smallville, Oliver Queen had returned.

Chloe had to stop the giggle that threatened to escape when she witnessed Clark’s reaction to Oliver’s arrival.

It had been by sheer accident that she found out Oliver had come back to Metropolis. She had been leaving the Daily Planet a few days prior when a familiar figure caught her eye. It was none other than Oliver.

Of course, she had immediately caught up to him and they spoke, which was when she found out that the team was taking a short break. Oliver apparently was in Metropolis on business and had arrived just a day before.

Finding out he had no plans on New Year’s Eve, she invited him to the farm … and though it took a little persuasion, she got him to agree. She confirmed it with Mrs. Kent and then … forgot to mention to it Clark.

Seeing his reaction, she was proud of herself for keeping it a surprise.

Her best friend had been acting strangely for a while and she really hoped the Oliver would be able to help.

Besides, she already knew that there were feelings … Clark may not admit it but Chloe could tell that he gravitated toward Oliver.

Just a little while ago, Clark had admitted to her that he missed Oliver and that was the moment she knew.

Chloe walked into the farm, as she had so many times before. She was worried about Clark … ever since Lex and Lana had gotten married, her best friend had been off.

To her surprise, he was on the phone and smiling. A pure, genuine smile that she hadn’t seen since the day Lana said “I do”.

He met her gaze and nodded in greeting. “One minute,” he mouthed and she just waved her hand.

“Take your time,” she told him, taking a seat at the table.

Clark smiled, turning his attention back to the phone call. He chuckled at something the speaker said.

“Great,” he said, “Thanks Oliver … I really appreciate it. Good luck on your mission … stay safe. Bye.”

Oliver was the one who managed to put that smile on Clark’s face? That was a person she hadn’t considered. She knew they kept in touch because of their mutual need to save the world but she hadn’t known they had grown so close during that time.

“Hey Chloe,” Clark said, snapping her back to reality. “What’s up?”

“Not much,” she replied. “I just came to see you … how are you doing?”

“I’m okay,” he said, sitting across from her. “You?”

“Good, I’m good,” she told him. “How’s Oliver and the team?”

“They’re doing well,” Clark said, “It seems they’re taking down the 33.1 labs really quickly.”

There was a hint of pride in his voice that had Chloe smiling. She knew that despite Clark’s disapproval of Oliver’s tactics, he admired the blonde for putting himself out there like he did.

“That’s great,” Chloe enthused. “They’re good guys.”

“Yeah,” Clark said wistfully. His eyes clouded and an emotion ran through his eyes that Chloe wasn’t quite able to place.

“You okay there, Clark?” Chloe asked.

“I’m fine,” Clark assured her, “I was just … thinking.”

“About our favorite blonde archer?” Chloe questioned. Seeing Clark’s expression turn to surprise, she smiled, bemused. “Clark, I know the two of you had your differences but you did get closer before he left … I guess I didn’t realize how good of friends you’ve been.”

“I don’t know if you can say we’re good friends,” Clark replied, a frown marring his handsome features. “We keep in touch to exchange information.”

“Clark, you’ve been in the dumps for a while,” Chloe said gently, “But you were smiling just now, really smiling … if Oliver has made you happy, then I have to say, I can’t help but like him.”

“Oliver is different,” Clark said slowly. “He doesn’t take any of my excuses … he always tells it like it is. And I don’t know … I like who I am when I’m with him. I felt comfortable with him and not afraid when he found out about my powers … it was just nice having him around. Sometimes, I wish that the Zoners hadn’t been around … I think I would’ve liked to go with them on their mission.”

“Do you miss him?” Chloe asked.

“Yes,” Clark said without hesitation, meeting her gaze. “I do.”

Hazel eyes locked with green and Chloe was taken aback by the pure emotion in Clark’s eyes.

He may not realize it but Chloe did. In that split second, the truth crashed down on her. Clark Kent had feelings for Oliver Queen.

They didn’t really bring up Oliver after that, Clark reluctant to talk about the blonde but Chloe had never forgotten that look in his eyes when he said he missed him.

That was why she wanted Oliver there … she had taken note of Ollie’s expressions carefully when she brought up Clark’s name. And Oliver’s reactions were similar to Clark’s … the boys were obviously heads over heals for each other. Since they wouldn’t do anything about it, it was up to her to do something. Chloe Sullivan, reporter and matchmaker extraordinaire.

She had brought the two of them together … hopefully they could take care of the rest. If not, she would step in and work some magic.

But for right now, she was going to put her faith, if not in Clark, in at least Oliver to recognize the signs.

Chloe was worried she may have to interfere but at this moment, she was going to sit back and enjoy the show.

Oliver Queen was a little worried. Clark hadn’t say a word … he had just stood there, staring at him. Clearly, he didn’t know that the blonde was going to be there. Hadn’t anyone told him?

He had planned to make his visit short and not really announce his presence to anyone. But running into Chloe had made that impossible. She had insisted he come for New Year’s Eve and the chance at seeing Clark again had prevented him from saying ‘no’ like he probably should’ve.

There was no doubt that he had missed Clark … missed the younger man since the day he had walked out of his barn. He was always happier when they spoke over the phone and knew that he was pleased when he had information to share with Clark, just so that he could hear the brunette’s voice once more.

His feelings were definitely not platonic … that much was certain. And his attraction was more than skin deep … his entire heart belonged to the man staring at him. Too bad he had no idea if his feelings had any chance of being reciprocated.

Did Clark miss him? Did the younger man think about him at all? He had heard from Bart that Clark and Lana had broken up … Clark was finally single again. Even if he was single before, when he and Oliver had first met, his heart was still possessed by Lana Lang.

Now he was certain, since it was Clark who had initiated the breakup, that Clark Kent was truly free.

All he had to do was find out whether Clark would be interested in pursuing a relationship with Oliver.

There was only one way to find out.

“Clark?” Oliver tried, “You okay?”

Clark blinked a few times and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Clark said. “I was just surprised to see you, that’s all.”

“I ran into Chloe and she invited me,” Oliver explained, closing the distance between them.

Green eyes darted to Chloe, who shot him an innocent smile. Clark raised an eyebrow and they exchanged a look that Oliver couldn’t interpret. He didn’t try though … those two had a connection that Oliver had no shot at understanding.

It was a connection he couldn’t help but be slightly jealous of … from the minute that Chloe told him that Clark told her everything, he wanted that kind of bond with the brunette. The kind of bond where Clark trusted him … he really wanted to be trusted by Clark.

He didn’t demand anything though … he hoped that one day, if he stuck around long enough, he would win that trust. That Clark would realize Oliver would go to the ends of the Earth for him.

Oliver knew that he was in a position of privilege though and Clark entrusted him with information that few got to know. The ease in which the younger man demonstrated his powers in front of him proved that he was one of the lucky few.

So he’d be patient … he could do that sometimes. At least when it came to Clark, he could do that.

Taking a few more steps forward, he stood face-to-face with Clark. Eleven long months and he was finally back where he belonged … with Clark.

“How are you?” Clark asked.

“I’m good,” Oliver replied, “And yourself?”

“Doing well,” Clark told him. He smiled again. “I’m really glad you’re here.” Oliver’s heart fluttered at the sincerity in the brunette’s voice.

“I’m glad I’m here too,” Oliver said honestly.

Clark was happy to see him … that had to mean something, right? He could only hope … but one thing was for certain … he was going to spend the rest of the night trying to find out.

He’s here, he’s here! Clark could barely contain himself, with Oliver standing so close to him. A little while ago, he had confessed to Chloe that he missed the older man … and he had. The phone calls were good but not enough. And a part of him was wondering if he’d ever see Oliver again.

Now, he was here … Chloe, the little sneak, had gone and invited him. Not that he was complaining … he couldn’t, when Oliver was here, with him, after what felt like too long of a separation.

“I’ve heard you’ve had a pretty crazy past few months,” Oliver commented.

“It’s Smallville,” Clark quipped. “Crazy is the norm around here.” Oliver chuckled but didn’t dispute the statement. The blonde had seen the town’s true oddities on his short visit so he understood.

But Clark was focusing on the beautiful sound that was Oliver’s laugh. God, he missed that sound … it was such a lovely sound.

For the first time that evening and really, in a long time, Clark felt at peace. Oliver’s presence seemed to remove that nagging feeling he had been having … no longer did he feel the need that something was missing.

Oh my God … is Oliver the something that’s been missing? Is it him? It made sense but managed to shake him too.

Clark had never denied that he missed the blonde and his confession to Chloe was just proof that he had no problems with saying it aloud.
He even accepted that the older man was attractive … but a person had to be blind to deny that Oliver Queen was good-looking. Spiky blonde hair, a chiseled chin, expressive brown eyes and that handsome face, connected to that 6’3” frame made of pure muscle … he was gorgeous.

To himself, he could even admit that he had a small crush on Oliver since the moment they shook hands in Ollie’s penthouse.

But as Oliver grew serious with Lois, he really thought he had pushed those feelings away and with Oliver’s departure from Kansas, he honestly believed he was over him.

Apparently not.

No way was he over Oliver … in fact, his feelings were deeper than before.

“You still there?” Oliver asked, bringing Clark out of his thoughts and back to the present situation.

“I’m here,” Clark confirmed.

“Good to here,” Oliver teased, brown eyes dancing with amusement. Clark grinned and Oliver smiled back, the look tying his stomach in knots.

Yeah, the feelings were still there. Now he just have to find out if there was a chance Ollie felt the same way.

For the rest of the night, Clark and Ollie were eyeing one another, analyzing each other’s every move, hoping for a sign that the other one felt the same way. Chloe was ready to bang her head against the wall in frustration.

Everyone could feel the chemistry and the tension and those two dolts were just so damn oblivious. Even Jimmy had asked her if Oliver and “CK” were dating.

She unhappily answered in the negative, to which Jimmy said, “They should be.”

No kidding.

And Chloe wasn’t the only one frustrated. Clark desperately needed an answer … he had to know how Oliver felt about him.

He wasn’t blind … he could see Oliver watching him throughout the night, even while they were engaged in conversations with other people. When the blonde thought he wasn’t watching, Clark saw him staring, the intensity of his gaze sending shivers up and down his spine.

Finally, he decided he had enough. There was only so much a guy could take before he just stopped waiting and took the initiative.

It was approximately two minutes before midnight before Clark gathered the courage to approach Oliver. His mother had turned on the TV, set it to a channel where the countdown was going on.

“Oliver,” Clark said, getting the blonde alone. “I need to talk to you.”

“Me too,” Oliver said. “Clark, look …”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were back?” was the first thing that Clark could think of.

“I didn’t think it would matter,” Oliver answered, visibly startled by the question.

“It does matter,” Clark said slowly, “It matters to me … you matter to me.”

“You matter to me too,” Oliver said. “When Chloe invited me here, the only reason I came was to see you … I missed you, Clark.”

“I missed you,” Clark said, liking the direction this conversation was going.

Before he could say more, the countdown started.


“Clark, I know we’ve kept in touch because of work stuff,” Oliver said hastily, “But I want you to know something …”


“What is it Ollie?” Clark asked eagerly.


“I’ve been thinking about you ever since I left,” Oliver said. “You’re always in my thoughts … on my mind. I can’t forget you … I don’t even want to.”


Chloe, Jimmy, his mom and Kara were all joining in the countdown.

“Ollie,” Clark murmured, struck by the pure sincerity in the blonde’s words.

6 …5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

As the other members in the house and the rest of Kansas welcomed 2008, Oliver Queen leaned forward to capture the very willing lips of Clark Kent.

Not caring about who was watching, Clark responded fervently to the kiss, wrapping his arms around Oliver’s back, pulling him closer.

The kiss was absolutely amazing … fantasies he had had about this moment didn’t hold a candle to reality.

When the desperate need for air aroused, they finally separated, Oliver still not making a motion to leave Clark’s embrace.

“It’s about time!” Chloe’s voice came through and both men chuckled, Clark resting his forehead against Oliver’s.

“I think she’s right,” Oliver said softly and Clark could only nod in response.

“You know,” Oliver added cheekily, “They say the person you kiss at midnight is the one you’ll end up spending the rest of the year with. What do you say? Could you handle a year with me?”

“I think I can handle much more than that,” Clark stated.

“Guess you’re just going to have to keep kissing me at midnight every year then,” Oliver proclaimed.

“And many more times after that,” Clark promised, winking.

Oliver began to say something but Clark kissed him again, effectively silencing him. And Oliver had no complaints about that.

Clark certainly didn’t either. He felt complete at last … the missing piece in his heart had finally been found. The missing piece was Oliver Queen and he was finally in his arms, where he belonged.
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