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new story! :D

Yay! A new story! Hope you all like it! Please read & review! :)

Story: 24 Hours
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lexana, mentions of past Clana & Lollie
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash
Spoilers: through 6x14, Trespass
Summary: The only constant part of life is change. And Clark finds out that his entire life, his views, perceptions and feelings can change . . . all in just twenty four hours.

Chapter 1

Clark pounded against the steel, needing an outlet for his anger. However, his mind was for once not on Lana Lang. It was true that once again, she had barely escaped with her life. She had a stalker and it turned out to be someone within Lex’s security team. Someone who had thought she was too pure and was getting corrupted by being with Lex.

Shaking his head in disgust, Clark pondered at how much of it was true. He too initially thought Lex was manipulating her but then he came to a realization: Lex had not forced her to be with him. No, she had gone out of her own free will. Despite all his warnings, she had still chosen to pursue a relationship with his once best friend.

Pushing thoughts of Lana and Lex, Clark thought back to what had him so frustrated. He figured after saving Lana, there wouldn’t be any problems for a while. Was he ever wrong.\

24 hours ago:

Just when he thought the days of Lana having stalkers were over, it happened again. Clark trudged his way back to his loft and sat on the couch, exhausted. What a long day . . . Lana had been getting threatening messages and of course, he had to find out what was going on. At first, he thought it was the photographer but that man had just been the decoy. The real stalker was in Lex’s security team but the man was gone now.

The only good part of the day was that Chloe and Jimmy had gotten back together. Clark felt awful about their break-up, knowing fully it had been about him. Chloe was finally happy and he had to somehow screw it up for her. At least now, it was fixed. Jimmy was good for her. Chloe deserved somebody who would treat her right and he really did that.

Clark relaxed against the couch, prepared to take a nap. He was closing his eyes when a yell had him jumping up, startled.

CLARK! CLARK WHERE ARE YOU?” He recognized the voice. It was Bart and he had never heard the younger man sound so panicked. “CLARK! I NEED YOU!”

In a flash, he was down the stairs. What he saw made him realize why Bart had sounded so frightened. Because lying in Bart’s arms, was a seemingly unconscious Oliver Queen.

Noticing Bart was struggling under the weight of the older man, Clark immediately relieved him of it. Gently taking Oliver into his arms, Clark tried to remain calm.

“Bart what’s going on?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Bart said, wide eyed, “All of a sudden, he passed out. Completely out of the blue. None of us knew what to do. I thought you might.”

“Bart, you did the right thing,” Clark assured him, “Was he acting strangely? Were there any symptoms?”

“That’s the crazy thing!” Bart exclaimed, “There were no signs. He was perfectly fine all day! We had just completed a mission and we were taking a short break to recoup. I dragged the gang to Mexico, figuring a little fun never hurt anyone. The boss has been all depressed since Lois and he broke up . . .”

“Bart cut to the chase,” Clark interrupted. “When did he pass out?”

“Just now!” Bart replied, his voice full of anxiety. “He’s the one who controls all the systems and I didn’t know who to trust.”

Clark wanted to reassure him somehow but his arms were currently full. Glancing down at Oliver, Clark listened for a heartbeat and breathed a sigh of relief when he heard one. Oliver was still alive. For now at least. If he didn’t figure out what was wrong soon, he may not be alive for long.


Oliver had looked so pale. Clark had to stop from shuddering at the memories. The man that Bart had brought in was not the Oliver Queen Clark was used to. The Oliver he knew was strong . . . that man, Clark didn’t even want to think about it. But it was as if the memories were on constant replay in his mind. No matter what he did, he couldn’t push them out, couldn’t stop them from overtaking him.


22 hours ago:

Calling Chloe had been the best idea that Clark had and it worked out perfectly. It was as if his best friend was a calming presence. Her being there had allowed him to become more rational about the situation.

Together, they contacted AC and Victor to update them on the situation. Both knew that Bart was coming to see Clark but they were extremely worried about Oliver. Clark wished he could give them some information on what was going on but he too didn’t know.

Fortunately, they found the numbers to the private doctor that Oliver had signed on for the league. This man was good at keeping secrets and very discrete, both which were vital for them. Clark figured that Oliver paid him enough to keep him quiet. It wasn’t easy trying to get Oliver to the doctor’s office, especially with Clark so paranoid about moving him so frequently but they somehow managed.

The doctor, whose name Clark found out to be Andrew Michaels, put Oliver in a hospital room. The office was fully equipped and no hospital trips would be necessary. For that, Clark was relieved. The less people that knew about Oliver’s condition, the better. If Lex knew, he would use this moment to try to ruin Queen Industries, always looking for the upper hand against his rival. But Clark wasn’t about let that happen.

It was hard waiting, as the doctor conducted numerous tests to see what was wrong with Oliver. The worst part was that he was waiting alone. Chloe had situated herself in Oliver’s penthouse, so she could keep in contact with both him and the remaining league members.

“Mr. Kent?” a voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Clark looked at the puzzled face of the doctor and felt his stomach sink. This was not good.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with him?” Clark asked.

“This is so strange,” Dr. Michaels said, “I don’t know. He seems to be in some form of a coma. It’s clear he has been drugged.”

“So if he’s been drugged, isn’t there some way to get the drug out of his system?” Clark questioned.

“You say that he showed no symptoms,” Dr. Michaels persisted, “Before he passed out, was he looking ill? Stumbling around? Anything?”

Clark shook his head. “No, he was just fine.”

Dr. Michaels frowned. “When someone is drugged, there is usually some sign. In this case, there is nothing. Whoever did this had planned it all very carefully. His blood work shows that there is something there that isn’t supposed to be but what it is I cannot tell. Nor am I able to find how out long ago it was administered.”

“So if we have to find out how to save him,” Clark said.

“You’re going to have to find out who did this,” Dr. Michaels concluded. “And get the antidote. That’s his only hope.”

“How long does he have?” Clark asked.

“I wish I could give you answers,” Dr. Michaels said apologetically, “I will continue seeing if I can work on a cure. But the sooner, the better.”

“Thank you doctor,” Clark said softly. He watched the doctor leave and that’s when Clark started to feel sick.

Oliver may die and they had no clues to why and how and what they could do. Clark knew that Oliver would be safe with the doctor. For now he had to go back to Metropolis and call an emergency meeting. They had to retrace Oliver’s every step.

It would be difficult and with no idea where to start and unsure of the amount of time they had, it could be seen as nearly impossible. But they had no choice. Oliver’s life depended on it.



It would be so easy to believe the past twenty-four hours was just a dream. Like it never happened. He could hardly believe he was standing there to tell the tale. But at that moment, they hadn’t been thinking. They just acted, acted on instinct, acted based on what they knew they had to do.

The stakes were high and each risk they took could lead to a devastating consequence. But when their backs were against the wall, they had no choice but to fight back. And fight back they did.


21 hours ago:

“But that’s nearly impossible!” Bart blurted out, breaking the stunned silence of the group.

He had called everyone together and they were currently situated in Oliver’s penthouse. He remembered the last time he had been in there. Well, the last time he had been in there when he was in his right mind. Breaking in with Lois and almost having sex with here there didn’t really count in his mind.

Bart was the one in trouble then but compared to their situation now, saving Bart had been easy. At least they knew where he was, who he was with. Here, they had nothing.

Clark looked around the group, taking in their expressions, trying to stay calm, trying to be the leader he knew that Oliver would be if he was in this situation.

“I know it’s tough guys,” he said, “but we have no other choice. Does anyone have any idea where he could’ve been drugged? Where someone had the opportunity to do this?”

“We’ve been in Mexico for the past couple of days,” AC piped in. “I think that it would’ve happened there.”

“Okay, that narrows it down a bit,” Clark said, “We have a starting point. Does anyone know about Oliver’s enemies? Who would have a motive?” Blank stares was all he got for a reply. It was getting difficult not to be discouraged.

“That depends though,” Chloe said slowly. “If this person is targeting Oliver or if he or she is aiming for the Green Arrow.”

“You think someone knows about Oliver’s identity?” Clark questioned, “And now they want revenge?”

“The Green Arrow has pissed off a lot of people,” Chloe pointed out, “Not to mention he has ruined many corrupt businesses. It’s not too far off to think that somebody might want a bit of revenge.”

“I want to believe you Chloe,” Clark said, “but something inside of me tells me that’s not the case. Oliver has always been so good about hiding his identity.”

“Not really Clark,” Chloe responded. “He’s just lucky people are too dense to see what is right in front of him. Lois did a bit of research and she was already onto him! If the two of you hadn’t done your little cover up plot, she would’ve found out!”

Clark knew Chloe was making good points but he just knew that this was more than petty revenge. Seeing Clark not looking convinced, Chloe sighed.

“Whatever the reason, someone wants Oliver dead,” Chloe announced. “And the important thing is that we find out who, we can hold off on finding why. Let’s start retracing our steps.”



Thinking back, they had been so stupid. Chloe had been trying to figure out a temporary solution, because discussing wasn’t getting them anywhere. They should’ve tried to figure out a motive first. Maybe if they had done that, they wouldn’t have wasted so much time. So much precious time.

And time was not something they had a lot of either. As each hour passed, they knew that that was one shorter hour Oliver had to live.


19 hours ago:

Clark was frustrated. They weren’t getting anywhere! Chloe was going between the penthouse and the Daily Planet. She was looking up big businessmen who the Green Arrow had taken down and all of Oliver’s rivals.

Clark, Bart, Victor and AC were all in Mexico. Clark and Bart were paired together while Victor was with AC. Chloe had been giving them names but everyone they looked up had solid alibis not to mention to means of which to commit the crime. The team was getting worried and the façade Clark was trying to keep up was slowly breaking. He hated not being able to answer their questions. Whoever had done this knew that once Oliver was down, the team would slowly fall apart. The Green Arrow had put the team together, and was their rock. Without him, they were falling apart.

Clark knew he had to hold them together. He had to take Oliver’s place, at least temporarily. Nobody could really replace Oliver. Tears prickled at the back of his eyes at the idea of never seeing his friend again.

Another part of him was wondering why this was affecting him before. He had been in situations where the people he loved had been in danger. His own mother had been in the hospital before but what he felt then and what he was feeling now were completely different.

Then he was scared at the idea of losing his mom. Now it was as if someone was ripping his heart out of his chest. Even when he had pulled Lana out of that fateful car crash, the feelings weren’t this strong.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to dwell on what he was feeling. When Oliver is safe and awake, Clark promised himself, then I will think about this. More likely than not, he would push these feelings away anyway and put them as him overreacting and over thinking but at least this would get the traitorous thoughts out of his head for the time being.

Clark,” Bart’s voice broke through his musings.

Clark glanced at the younger man. “Bart?”

Clark,” Bart repeated his name. “Do you think Lex had anything to do with this?”

Clark’s eyes widened. He hadn’t even thought of Lex. Lex hated Oliver already and if he had figured out that Oliver was the Green Arrow, there’d be no stopping him. He had the resources, the money, the connections . . . if it was him, it would be much more difficult to get the antidote.

He felt a surge of anger run through his veins. If Lex had anything to do with this . . . well, he wouldn’t be responsible for his actions. Calm down. He didn’t want to make any rash decisions without thinking the consequences through. First he had to find proof.

Realizing that Bart was waiting for an answer, Clark nodded. “It’s a possibility, Bart, a good one. Nice thinking.” Bart gave him a small smile in response.

Within seconds he was on the phone with Chloe. “I can’t believe we didn’t think of Lex,” Chloe said, sounding amazed. “I’ll get on it and let you know what I find.”

Hanging up, he looked at Bart. “She’ll get back to us.”

Bart sighed. “And again we’re waiting. I feel as if all we’re doing it waiting!”

“I know.” Clark sympathized with the younger man. For all his jokes and playfulness, he really looked up to Oliver. All the guys did. For Oliver had given them a second chance at life. And Clark was going to do whatever it took to bring him back to them.

“Isn’t there anything we can do?” Bart pleaded.

Clark pondered the question and suddenly smiled. “We can do a little research on our own.”

Bart grinned. “I like the way you’re thinking amigo. Where to?”

“Smallville,” Clark said decidedly, “It’s time to pay our lovely friend Lex a visit . . . without him knowing.”

“I’m ready when you are,” Bart told him.

“Let’s go now,” Clark said. In a flash, they were both leaving Mexico and heading back to Kansas.

“And then something occurred to me, and I realized that, uh . . . Clark Kent would never take another man's life. I came within an inch of doing just that. I'm not even in your league.”

Clark remembered that conversation as if it happened yesterday. Oh Oliver, Clark couldn’t help but thinking, I’m no angel. So much he had wanted to say that day but held back from doing so.

But if something happened to Oliver and Lex was behind it, everyone would find out how much of angel he wasn’t.

Tags: category: slash, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, story: 24 hours

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