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Reccing Fics

Here are some great new stories! Some slash thrown in for the slashers on my flist. I know the previous ones have been all het so I'm spicing it up a little.

1) Coming Full Circle (Clark/Oliver, NC-17) by boltgirl426 - This is the sequel to the ever amazing "La Fuga Dolce", which actually won the "Reader's Choice Award" at the ollieville contest. The sequel is a WIP and it's just awesome. One chapter is up so far but it rocks! I am her beta and I attest to its awesomeness. Her Clark and Ollie are always so great and lovable. Go check it out and if you haven't read the original story, you need to. It's Clark and Ollie in Italy ... what else do you need? ;)

2) Avenging Chloe (Chloe/Oliver, R/NC-17) by sarcastic_fina - This an amazing, heart-wrenching story. It's angst to the fullest and the emotions conveyed are just beautiful. I'm so glad she's continuing ... the writing is awesome and the emotions are portrayed wonderfully.

3) As I Lay Dying (Clark/Bruce, Adult, SV/Batman Begins/DCU, 'Tomorrow verse) by arianstarr- This is part of her incredible Tomorrow universe, which starts with "Consume Me". You must read them all. She's an incredible author and "If Tomorrow Never Comes", which follows "Consume Me", is my favorite Clark/Bruce story ever. This particular part of the series is two parts and is angsty but as wonderful as the rest of the series. A must read for all you Supes/Bats lovers. :D

I hope you enjoy these fics. And remember, if you like them, give the authors feedback!
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