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saw this floating around

A writer's meme! It sounded interesting so I decided "why not"?

Ideas. Where the hell do they come from? Can you make those little fuckers show up?:
Honestly, I have no idea where they come from. It just randomly comes to me. Sometimes in the shower, when I'm about to go to sleep or even in my dreams! A few times I'm inspired by the SV shows itself. They don't show up when I want them to ... usually when I'm working on another fic. It's quite frustrating and I have to put it on hold. I try not to let the bunnies overrun me.

Wild horse-bunnies. When a story just gets pulled right out of you. Do you get them?:
You mean like the fics that practically write themselves? Sometimes ... on the one-shots I do, yes. I just go with the flow. 

Writer's block. Have you been scourged?:
Oh god yes. It's definitely happened ... all the time. That's why "Accidentally in Love" took so much time and that's also why "Sober" updates are far in between one another. Let's not even go into the nights when I just have no motivation.

Clean up duty. Do you like editing?:
On my own stories ... no. That's why I have a fabulous beta,

boltgirl426, to do it for me. She catches all my mistakes! :D

The ending. Is it hard for you to find the ending?:
No, not really. I mean, the actually ending, the last few sentences, yes. That's always a pain. But I usually know how i want the story to end. With "Forever May Not Be Long Enough" I wrote the story with the ending in mind.

The title. Where do you get yours? Do you have yours when you start the story:
My beta knows how much hell I go through for titles. I usually use songs ... and a lot of the time, she's the one thinking them up for me. What can I say? I suck at titles. ;) Yes,

boltgirl426 should be nominated for sainthood for putting up with me! :D We've all figured that out by now.

Plot. If you plot out your stories first, raise your hand.:
*raises hand* I had all the chapters of "Accidentally in Love" planned way back. I like having a layout or structure of some kind. I need to know where my story is going. I have to have the next few chapters, if not the whole plot lined out before I get to work.

POV. How do you choose your POV for a scene?:
It depends on what would bring out the most drama. I like to work from the character who knows the least in the scene. Just to work from the other POV. :D In my first few stories, I only used to work from one POV. Now i switch off. :)

Sex. Do you like writing sex?
That would be a big NO. And I don't do it. I suck at it and I prefer to stick to fluff, thanks. It's just not something I'm very comfortable with, to my eternal regret. LOL

So that's a little insight into my writing process. You guys should do this! I would love to hear some of your thoughts. :)
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