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"Unrealistic" 'Ships

Have I mentioned how much I love it when people say a certain ship is "unrealistic" and "omg, so never going to happen"? It thrills me to no end. Especially in Smallville fandom, where ship wars seem to be at the peak. It's really annoying and I want to tell whoever says it shove it.

Now, I know what is possible and what isn't possible realistically. But honestly? It's fandom ... anything is possible. If we can imagine it, we can write it. In fanfics, Clark get can get pregnant with Lex's baby, Clark and Ollie can go at it like bunnies ... hell even Kara and Chloe can go for a roll in the hay.

I know the difference between reality and fandom. I understand, as much as it pains me, that Oliver and Clark are never going to have sex in the Clock Tower. And you have no idea how much that pained me to say it ... I think I have to go indulge in reading Clark/Ollie fics or write for a while now. LOL Now, no matter how much I despise the Lex/Ollie pairing (eww again btw), I would never go tell someone who writes it, "It's so not going to happen!"

Because even the possible ships aren't very realistic at the moment. Those ships being Chlark, Clana and Clois ... the big three that cause fans to go into such a frenzy. If you ask me, all of them had unrealistic qualities so if you want to lay into one, you should really be prepared to face the consequences.

Let's start with Clark/Lana ... which is the only idiotic ship going on at the moment. The only one that really has a future, to my eternal regret. Clark's in love with Lana ... it sucks but it's true. Now, with all that she's done, are you really going to think that they will have a fluffy ending? My instincts tell me "no" ... but I'm sure there are authors out there writing that kind of story. Do I go and tell me them that "nice try, but no"?

I don't. If they want to live in their world, that's fine with me. Good for them ... to escape the cruel reality of what's really going on in Smallville, we all need to be able to fantasize. Our imaginations are our escape, our place of safety.

That's why we write fanfic, right? So we can escape reality? So we can write out scenarios that otherwise only exist in our minds?

It's not about making it realistic ... it's not about sticking to canon or even the show. It's writing what we please and what we want to. So to say a ship is unrealistic and putting down fanfic authors for writing that particular ship is sheer stupidity on its own.

Because if you think about it, we're not going to see Clark/Lois getting together on the show. Clark & Lois argue all the time and even though Clark was dazed by her kisses after Hydro, even admitting he wanted to kiss Lois after he was out of his redk stint in "Crimson" (granted he was confused at this but he still admitted it), we know there are no real feelings. Lois may think Clark is an amazing kisser but the last time she pursued him for real, she was on Love Potion #9.

So yes, it is not going to happen ... at least not yet. But that doesn't stop me from writing them. As a writer of Clois, I take offense to anyone calling my 'ship unrealistic and poking fun of my fellow authors for writing them.

Which brings me to the third ship, Chlark. If people can write them, i don't understand why I can't write Clois. It's just as unrealistic as Clark/Lois & a happy Clana ending.

Clark has rejected her ... repeatedly. Going to the point where he calls her his back pocket girl ... notice in Crimson he doesn't say that "I want Chloe, I'm attracted to Chloe" but "I want to keep her in my back pocket?" He sounded horrified at his inner intentions but he still said it aloud. So when you have Clark doing a 180 and saying he loves Chloe and was covering with Lana (I do the same thing except replace Chloe with Oliver) ... it's unrealistic.

But I don't go around to every Chlark writer and say "as if". So they shouldn't bring down MY Clois and i won't take down their Chlark.

Fandom is unrealistic. It's out there, it goes as far as our writing skills and imaginations take us. And I'm happy with that ... I like that. It's fun. There are ships that bother me, there are stories that annoy me but I keep it to myself ... as we all should.

Here we can find Smallville crossed over with shows like Highlander or Batman Begins or Supernatural. We pair people like Chloe up with Dean and Lois with Bruce Wayne (hi ferdalump! *waves*) and it works.

None of this may ever happen on the show but we're not working to make it a reality. A lot of it we may wish is reality (like Clark going back to school or accepting who he is) but we know it's not going to happen.

So we should just accept that, let everyone live in their denial and be one big happy fandom. Sounds good to me. :)
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