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Sober Chapter 14

Most of this chapter was written by the lovely boltgirl426, who when I was stuck, really helped me out! If you like something, she probably wrote it! LOL! :D Enjoy and let me know what you think! :)

Story: Sober
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Oliver/Dinah, Chloe/Bruce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: none
Summary: sequel to “Forever May Not Be Long Enough”. Three years after the story ended, Oliver and Clark meet up again. One of them is engaged and the other is trying to make his mark in the world. Now working together in the Justice League, what will happen?
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 14

The following week was difficult for both men. No words were spoken about what had happened nor were they given a chance to discuss it, even if they wanted to. However, their interactions were anything but limited. Working together to decipher the information they had gathered, they had to spent time in each other’s presence constantly. Five days, in which the pair had seen each other everyday, both being civil to one another, but neither realizing how much the other had wanted one another. Most people had turned a blind eye, all except for Dinah, who couldn’t get the image of a heartbroken Clark confessing his sins on that DVD.

Dinah couldn’t forget Oliver freaking out when they all thought Clark was on the brink of death and just wasn’t able to remove the image of a relieved Ollie right after they discovered that he would indeed be all right.

Shortly after they had finished wrapping the present for Ray, she had made her way back to the closet, taking the disc out of her purse before hiding it in her sock drawer. True it was corny and cliché but she knew Oliver would never look there … never find out the truth.

A rioting crime spree in Kuala Lumpur had sent a fleet of team members out to help with the damage and Dinah had inwardly frowned after Bruce had announced that she would be going with Diana, Ray, Kator, Victor and AC.

“Try not to get into trouble while I’m gone huh?” she asked teasingly. Oliver smiled pulling her closer.

“Don’t worry . . . I’ll be good,” he promised, leaning forward to kiss her lips sweetly.

Watching her and the other members of the team get on the plane, Oliver waved to his fiancée before heading back to his car. His gaze stopped seeing Clark talking with Bruce. The brunette’s gaze shifted to him and the pair stopped talking as Clark made his way over to him.

“How are you?” Clark asked neutrally. Oliver nodded, turning to look at the plane, which began speeding down the runway.

“I’m doing well,” he replied as the wheels came off the ground, the plane soaring into the sky.

“I should get back to the office and get some work done. I’ll talk to you later,” Oliver said and Clark nodded, stepping back to allow the blonde to get into his car. Watching him pull away, Clark turned, a frown marring his features.

“Everything okay?” Bruce asked making his way over.

“Yeah everything’s good, just remembered I’ve got a story due,” Clark lied. Bruce nodded in understanding.

“Well I’ll let you get to it,” he replied and Clark nodded making his way back to his car.

Seeing Clark … being “friends” with Clark was testing his patience greatly. Making his way into the penthouse, he frowned taking off his jacket. In the last few days, little things about the brunette made Oliver practically fall to pieces. The way he’d smile at a joke, the way his lips twitched when he was concentrating on a task. Ever since Clark’s near death experience, Ollie couldn’t deny what was happening.

He was falling in love with Clark Kent all over again and it scared him to no end. Not only that but he had Dinah, a woman who loved him unconditionally, a woman who knew nothing of the truth. Even worse was the fact that he was lying to said woman. Because the truth was that he had given his heart away a long time ago, his whole heart, and he’d never really gotten it back.

Sighing deeply, Oliver made his way up the stairs, a smile gracing his features upon seeing one of Dinah’s bras draped over the back of a chair.

“Messy woman,” he quipped with a chuckle, picking up the object with his fingers before bringing it over to her dresser. Opening the top drawer, he frowned not seeing any other bras. Sliding a row of socks to the side in his quest to find some, he stopped upon seeing a flash. Setting the bra to the side, the blonde reached in, his fingers pulling out a DVD case.

“What’s this?” he asked himself. A number of thoughts went through his head, the last one making him grin as he imagined a possible naughty video of the two of them. Curiosity getting the better of him, he made his way out of the room with the disc, heading to the living room.

“What do you have up your sleeve my Pretty Bird?” he asked putting the disc into the player. Sitting down on the couch with a smile, his face quickly turned to shock as suddenly Clark Kent was on his television screen.

“Clark?” he asked in confusion.

“I don’t think words can make up for how sorry I am right now,” the brunette began to confess. “You trusted me, loved me and I couldn’t be man enough to admit to you what was going on. I told you that I felt trapped and then there was Julia,” he said. Oliver felt his breath catch in his throat as his heart rate began to speed up.

“The truth is that I’ve never felt trapped and there was never any Julia. I created this elaborate ruse to end things with you because I didn’t want you to have to wait around … wait around for me to finish my training,” Clark continued.

“Because that’s where I’m going. I’m not going backpacking or to venture around the world for my independence. I’m going to become the man that my people, that my planet meant for me to be. The truth is that all I want to do is be with you … all I want is to marry you like we’d talked about. That’s all I’ve ever wanted Oliver,” he said. Oliver felt like he was going to throw up. Tears streamed down his cheeks, blurring his vision, mirroring the face of the brunette on his screen.

“I know you must have a hundred questions going through your mind right now,” Clark continued. “Why did I do it? Create such an elaborate ruse to break up with you when I was actually leaving to complete my training … the truth is Ollie that I don’t know when or if I’ll ever come back,” the brunette admitted brokenly.

“My biological father hasn’t given me a lot of choice; I knew I have to get my training done. The only problem is how long it is going to take. I can’t leave you and ask you to wait for me. You need to live your life and even though it breaks my heart, you deserve happiness with or without me.”

“Oh god Clark,” Oliver whispered, his hand fumbling to find the remote, freezing instantly at his next words.

“Promise me you won’t be mad at Chloe,” Clark said softly. Oliver’s gaze lifted to the screen in shock. “She wanted me to tell you about my training, but I convinced her it would be better to just break up with you. Actually I didn’t give her much choice and she helped me convince you that I was cheating,” he said. Oliver’s face shifted into confusion before it dawned on him ... Chloe was Julia, he realized.

“God Oliver I’m so sorry ... I love you so much and I don’t want to leave you … but I have to … I have to leave and I can only hope that one day you’ll forgive me. I love you Oliver Queen, always.”

The screen went blank after a moment and that’s when Oliver lost it, the tears flowing down his cheeks in waves as he curled up into a ball on the leather couch and cried. He didn’t even know where to start to make sense of all of this. Clark never cheated on him, Clark loved him, Chloe had helped deceive him, she’d known the truth all along and Dinah … why was this DVD in Dinah’s drawer? His hands lifted to his head, covering his ears as he tried to stop the multitude of thoughts swimming through his head.

After a few minutes more of crying, Oliver sat up, wiping the tears away. He needed answers and he knew just where to go.

“Miss Chloe?” Looking up from her notes, Chloe smiled seeing Alfred. Opening her mouth to respond, her smile quickly died as Oliver came around the corner. His eyes were red and watery and his mouth was set in a thin angry line.

“Ollie, my god, are you okay?” she asked as he made his way toward her.

“You tell me Chloe … or should I call you Julia?”

Chloe felt the blood drain from her face. At that moment, the world could end and she didn’t think she’d notice. All she could see was the betrayed expression of the man in front of her. Oh God ... no, this can’t be happening.

“Oliver,” she began, trying to find the right words but she didn’t have the opportunity. She wasn’t given a chance … Oliver cut her off abruptly.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” he demanded. “You were Julia?”

She couldn’t do anything but nod. “Yeah … I was Julia.”

Oliver shook his head and sat down on the seat across from her. “How could you do this to me? You knew all this time … you watched me suffer and yet you never said anything. I trusted you, Chloe.”

Chloe bit her lip, refraining from spilling everything she knew.

“Oliver,” she said hesitantly. “How … how did you find out?”

“What do you think?” he asked snidely. But she had no response to that, no idea at all to how he could’ve learned the truth.

She and Clark had just talked about how he was close to putting the pieces together but she thought he was still a ways to go before he figured it all out.

Clark definitely wouldn’t have told him … their recent conversation proved that he was horrified at the thought of Oliver discovering the truth. Even if he had broken by chance, he would’ve warned her that Ollie was on the warpath.

“I … I don’t know,” she admitted, confusion evident in her tone.

“And here I thought you and Clark told each other everything,” Oliver said, laughing bitterly. He eyed her suspiciously. “I love that the possibility that Clark told me hasn’t even crossed your mind.”

“He promised …,” she started to say but clamped her mouth shut when she realized what she was about do.

Oliver’s eyes narrowed. “Go on,” he said frostily. “I want to hear this.”

Knowing she didn’t have a choice, she sighed.

“Clark and I made a pact not to tell you what happened,” Chloe admitted.

“How recent was this?” he demanded.

“A few weeks ago,” she answered, swallowing hard. “On the same day that you went to Clark’s apartment to call a truce … he called me right after.”

“Wonderful,” Oliver said, looking incredulous. “So the two of you had a nice chat about me, did you? Figured out on how to deal with the Oliver problem?

“Oliver,” she tried but he refused to let her speak.

“Or maybe,” he said, standing up, “You had a nice laugh about me … oh poor Ollie … do you know how pathetic he was? Then perhaps you joked and reminisced about how you pulled one over my head.”

“We didn’t,” Chloe stammered, silently smacking herself for not being able to find the right words to calm Oliver down. But in all honesty, she didn’t think that anything she said would appease him. He just need the time to rant.

“You didn’t what?” Oliver asked, eyes blazing, “Mock me? Ridicule me? You lied to me, participated in a plan that was meant to break my heart … and after all that, you pretended to be this great friend. Were you ever really my friend? Or was that an act too? Did the guilt overwhelm you so much that you felt the need to repent by being poor little lonely Oliver’s pal?”

Oliver was reacting in the way Clark feared that he would. Chloe’s heart shattered for the blonde, wishing desperately she knew what to say or do to make things right.

“Never Oliver,” she told him, “I was never pretending to be your friend … I really do care about you.”

“How am I supposed to believe that Chloe?” he yelled, “How? Tell me! How do I know that this isn’t just another one of your lies? God knows you’ve done enough of lying over the years. You lied to me about Julia, you lied to me about Clark’s whereabouts … how the hell am I supposed to trust a word that comes out of your mouth?”

Oliver shook his head, his voice rising with each angry word.

“You knew,” he continued, “You knew how much better I would feel at knowing Clark loved me. You saw the tears I shed and the pain I went through … and you remained silent. You watched me worry over his disappearance and you hid that you knew where he was the entire time. How can you care about me and still do all that?”

Chloe stood up, trying to make her way to him but he wouldn’t let her come close.

“Oliver,” she explained, “I made a promise to Clark … I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone where he was so I couldn’t tell you.”

Opening his mouth to speak, Oliver stopped, his head shaking in disbelief.

“Ollie, talk to me? Say something,” Chloe said, stepping around the desk to face him.

“What do you want me to say Chloe? Julia? … Whoever you are, I don’t want to hear it,” he said softly, a defeated tone in his voice. Turning, Oliver made his way to the door, ignoring the sobs that emitted from the blonde behind him.

Sliding into the driver’s seat of his car, Oliver took a deep, calming breath. His mind was in complete chaos and there was only one way he could think of to make things right. Putting the key into the ignition, the car came to life and he quickly pulled away from the curb.

“Yeah Mom I know … I promise I’ll come see you soon,” Clark said, putting away the groceries he had just bought. Putting away a carton of juice, he was startled as both the call waiting and the doorbell beeped.

“Mom I gotta go,” Clark said, making his way over to the door. “I’ll talk to you soon,” he promised before hanging up, switching over to the waiting call, he opened the door and promptly froze at the sight of Oliver, eyes red and bleary, standing in the doorway.

“Clark?” came Chloe’s voice through the phone.

“I’m gonna guess that’s Chloe … warning you that I’m on my way over,” Oliver said hoarsely.

“Chloe I gotta go,” Clark said before hanging up, not giving his best friend a chance to reply.

Not willing to wait for an invitation, Oliver stepped inside the apartment past Clark, looking around at the more lived-in interior.

“What’s going on Oliver?” Clark asked. Suddenly a chuckle escaped the blonde’s lips, causing Clark to look at him in confusion.

“What’s going on?” Oliver asked, turning toward the younger man. “Chloe is Julia,” the blonde told him, surprising Clark.

“How did?”

“She didn’t tell me if that’s what you’re thinking,” Oliver told him, scoffing slightly. “You know it’s funny … you guys made a promise to not say anything to me and you both kept your promise,” he told him.

“What?” Clark asked in confusion. “Then how did you find out?” he asked.

Moving to the couch, Oliver took a seat, running a hand over his face.

“Dinah,” he said half-heartedly, surprising Clark completely.

“Dinah?” the brunette asked.

“She had a DVD in her drawer; imagine my surprise when I found you on it,” Oliver told him, watching Clark’s eyes go wide. The brunette remembered the DVD, he remembered sealing it into the wall of Oliver’s elevator … but he never thought that anyone would find it.

“I sealed it in the elevator … how did she?” Clark trailed off, seeing the hurt look in the blonde’s eyes.

“Oh god Ollie, I … I don’t even know where to start,” the younger man began.

“How about at the beginning?”

The beginning. Such a long time ago and yet the memories were so fresh in his mind, as if it had happened yesterday.

Taking a seat across from Oliver, Clark chose his next words carefully. He wasn’t prepared for this … he was in no way ready to have the conversation in which they were about to engage.

I should’ve remember that stupid DVD. If he had, he would’ve taken it out … it had been a moment of weakness and it had sealed his fate.


Oliver’s voice brought him back to reality and the brunette looked up to meet his expectant gaze.

“It started on the day of the graduation party,” Clark began.

“This has to do with when you disappeared,” Oliver surmised, “I came home and you weren’t around, no note, nothing.”

“Oliver, I told you about my biological father and my Fortress in the Arctic, right?” Clark asked, not commenting on his statements.

“Yeah,” Oliver said, frowning slightly. “What about it?”

“When my biological father, or rather the Artificial Intelligence in the Fortress that contains his memories needs to contact me, there is loud buzzing sound in my head,” Clark explained. “On that morning, I woke up and I heard it. I didn’t have a choice Ollie … the noise … it hurts. So I just left and went to the Fortress.”

“Your father hurts you to get you to visit?” Oliver asked, angry for different reasons now. Clark was slightly amused at his outrage on behalf of him.

It’s not my father,” Clark corrected, “It’s an AI … and it doesn’t have feelings. All it knows is that I have a destiny to complete and it’s just helping me complete that destiny.” That was a fact he had taken a long time to accept that fact but he had learned with time.

“My father died with Krypton and he loved me,” Clark said firmly.

“Okay,” Oliver said, “So what happened?”

“He told me it was time to complete my training,” Clark responded.

“Your training?” Oliver echoed.

“When I was sent to Earth, I was a baby,” Clark told him, “I didn’t have any memories of Krypton … for me to fully grasp my powers and before I could be the man I was meant to be, I had to complete my training. So many times, if I had that knowledge, I would’ve been better off … like with Zod and the Zoners. Not having that information risked my life time after time and when the AI said it was time, I knew that it was right.”

“How hard would it have been to tell me all this then?” Oliver asked angrily. “Don’t you think I would’ve understood your obligations? Do you think I’d ever stand in the way of your destiny? I was willing to stand by you, no matter what!”

“You would’ve stood by me,” Clark agreed, “You would’ve supported me and waited for me and been absolutely perfect. That was the problem.”

“I don’t see the problem,” Oliver said, confusion evident in his tone and written all over his features. “I mean, you said in the video that you didn’t want me to wait for you.”

“I didn’t,” Clark interjected, “It wasn’t fair to you.”

“So fair was not giving me that choice?” Oliver retorted. “Fair was formatting a plan to smash my heart into pieces and walk away without a backwards glance? Fair was allowing me to think for three damn years that you didn’t love me enough? Cause if you ask me, that is the most unfair thing I’ve ever heard in my life!”

Meeting Oliver’s outraged gaze, Clark’s heart sank. This was the beginning of the end, he just knew it and nothing he said would ever be enough.

At this point, he was just hoping that he would get out of the conversation in one piece.

Chapter 15
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