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top 10 guys i would do ;)

 Got this idea from morganichele. I saw it on her lj and decided to make my own list! :)


10. Hrithik Roshan

     He’s an Indian actor. Just when I thought he was gone, he shows up in Dhoom 2 (Bollywood movie) looking really hot! Not to mention Indian guys with green eyes totally rock!

9. Christian Bale

 He made Batman Begins and I already felt bad for Laurie in Little Women but when I saw him, I wanted to scream at Jo even more!

8. Milo Ventimiglia

  I loved Jess in Gilmore Girls and thought he should’ve stayed with Rory.


7. Chad Michael Murrary

 From his portrayal of the arrogant Tristan DuGrey in Gilmore Girls to sweet, intelligent Lucas in One Tree Hill (who actually reads!), you got to love this man!

6. James Lafferty

   See him in One Tree Hill and no further explanations will be necessary. Except he really needs to cut his hair in Season 4.

5. Jensen Ackles

    My love for Tom Welling caused not to see what a hottie this guy really was in season 4 of Smallville. I look back and regret . . . and then go watch the episodes where he was a good guy again.

4. James Franco

    Apparently, he takes classes at UCLA sometimes! I’m going to be there next year! Oh, to be in a class with him . . . *crosses fingers* Not that I’d ever listen to the teacher, probably be too busy studying him. ;) Even when he is all angsty, he is very nice to look at!

3. Orlando Bloom

 He made that crap called At World’s End worth it. Especially the last 5 minutes!

2. Justin Hartley

 Do we even need any explanation? I didn’t think so


1. Tom Welling


Look at him! He will always be #1 to me.




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