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it's over

Yes, we're at that point again. This is the last chapter of my story. I know, it wasn't as long as "Chemicals React" but this was a  little more fast paced. Hoped you all enjoyed it! Thank you again to all the people who reviewed so nicely. 

Story: 24 Hours
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lexana, mentions of past Clana & Lollie
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash
Spoilers: through 6x14, Trespass
Summary: The only constant part of life is change. And Clark finds out that his entire life, his views, perceptions and feelings can change . . . all in just twenty four hours.

Chapter 4

In high school, Lex had always tried to convince him of the joys of poetry. His idea of romance was spouting love poems and eloquent quotes said by some famous person at a woman. Most of it bored him but he remembered one particular one that always stood out in his memory. The author of Love Story, Erich Segal had said it best. “True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.” 

And wasn’t that relevant in his current situation? It had taken Oliver’s life being put in danger and some zoner, of all people, to see he had fallen in love. He hadn’t even seen it coming. All those actions he had taken, the ones that the woman had mentioned, he never thought there may be more to it.

What a fool he was. Some woman who barely knew him saw through the feelings he hadn’t even seen himself! His love for Oliver was so different than his love for Lana had been and yet it was much stronger.

Not that it mattered. Nothing mattered anymore. His love had no chance of being reciprocated.


10 hours ago:

When he walked into the penthouse, everyone was immediately on their feet, all talking at once. They had clearly been waiting and worrying for hours. Then they took a good look at him. And everyone was suddenly silenced. He knew he looked like a mess but he didn’t want to waste time getting cleaned up.

CLARK!” Chloe was the first one to approach him. “What happened to you?” His shirt was torn, and there was dried blood on his face and body.

He gave her a small smile. “Don’t worry, Chloe. It looks worse than it is.”

Giving the others a reassuring smile, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the tube.

“What’s important,” he said, “Is that I got the antidote. We have to go to see Oliver.”

“Dude, I think you need to see a doctor,” AC said.

“I’m inclined to agree,” Chloe said, brushing a finger over his burn wound. He winced lightly, his injures not completely healed.

“I’m fine,” he said insistently. “Look everyone, I’ll heal. We have to get this to Oliver. We don’t know how much time he has left!”

His declaration seemed to snap the group back to reality. They all started making plans. AC and Victor were going to take the plane while Clark and Bart were going to head over to see the doctor with the antidote. Chloe decided she would stay there, in case of emergency.

After finalizing their plans, Bart and Clark were off. They arrived at the doctor’s office pretty quickly, both hitting their top speeds.

The doctor met them at the door and ushered them inside.

“How is he doctor?” Clark asked, as they headed for Oliver’s room.

The doctor glanced at him. “I feel as if I should be asking you that question.”

He gave him a small smile, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“My amigo is stubborn,” Bart said. “But how is Oliver?”

“He’s fine, for now,” Dr. Michaels informed them. “I assume you have the antidote?”

Clark gave the doctor the vial. “Here it is.” The doctor looked impressed.

“I’m assuming your current state has to do with the means you had to take to gain this,” Dr. Michaels commented. “But I won’t ask.”

“And I appreciate that,” Clark replied.

“But are you sure you don’t want me to look at those injuries?” Dr. Michaels offered.

“No thank you,” Clark responded. “I’ll be okay. Thank you though.” Dr. Michaels nodded.

“Now that I have the antidote, I’ll get to work,” Dr. Michaels said. “Stick around, I’ll keep you updated.” Then he was gone, leaving Bart and Clark alone.

“Amigo?” Bart said hesitatingly, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

He’s so young. The boy before him was younger than him and had been through so much. Clark felt a surge of admiration for him. He had been through so much and yet he kept such a cheerful attitude. But sometimes, sometimes, Clark looked at him and remembered that he was just a teenager.

“I’ll heal,” Clark promised. “Don’t worry. I’m sorry to have run out like that. I know I gave you guys a scare.”

Bart grinned. “It’s cool.  I’m the one who would understand. They don’t call me Impulse for nothing.”

Clark laughed. Then he got serious. “Oliver will be okay.”

“I know,” Bart said confidently. Noticing Clark’s confused expression. “You promised that he’d be okay. And you always keep your promises.”

That was as far from the truth as it got but Clark wasn’t about to correct him. Bart didn’t know that if it wasn’t for Clark, Oliver wouldn’t be in the situation he was in now. Bart didn’t know about all the promises he had broken over the last few years, the lies he’d told, the people he’d hurt.

Oh Bart, Clark thought, if you only knew. But Clark wasn’t about to correct him.



As a child, Clark had watched his parents. Until the day his dad died, he could see the pure love that his mom and dad had for each other. When he caught them kissing, he would always tease them or pretend to be grossed out but really, it warmed his heart.

From day one, he knew when he got older, he wanted a marriage like his parents. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. It wasn’t perfect and they had their fights but at the end of the day, they were in love. And that was all that mattered.

That was what made the realization that he may be alone forever so hard to bear. Cassandra’s vision for me hit him hard. She saw him surrounded by graves, watching all the people he loved most die. What kind of future was that?

He thought it hurt when he lost Lana but this was so much more painful. The worst part was that he had never even been with Oliver. With Lana, he had the memories but with Oliver . . . all he had was the emptiness of unrequited love.


8 hours ago:

No results had come yet. Dr. Michaels was running tests and Clark hadn’t seen the other man since he gave him the antidote. Everyone was with him. Chloe had come along, realizing that she wouldn’t be of any use staying at the penthouse.

Nobody was saying anything and the silence was driving Clark insane. Because when it was silent, his thoughts took over and he didn’t want to think. Thinking was dangerous. When he let his mind wander, it revealed things to him that he didn’t want to know.

Chloe’s hand on his knee brought him back from his thoughts. She gave him a smile and Clark felt a little better.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “And don’t give me that ‘I’ll heal” bull either. I don’t care about your physical injuries because I know they’ll be fine. But are you okay?” She could read him like a book.

“I don’t know,” he said honestly, “I really don’t know. It’s like, all of a sudden, everything’s different.”

“That zoner really did a number on you, huh?” Chloe asked, keeping her voice low, so the others wouldn’t overhear.

“She just made me see things in a different light,” Clark admitted, “I don’t know, Chlo . . .”

“Look Clark,” Chloe interrupted, her tone gentle, “don’t force yourself into telling me anything. When you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen, Okay?”

He nodded. “Thanks, Chlo.” They shared a smile.

Clark would’ve said more but the doctor came in, and everyone’s attention was focused on him.

“Doctor?” Clark asked, his heart pounding. This was the big moment.

“I have used the antidote,” Dr. Michaels announced. He paused for a moment, “And I’m very happy to say that  it worked and Mr. Queen is in the clear.”

There were cheers throughout the room. Bart was grinning, AC looked relieved and Victor had tears in his eyes.

Clark looked at Chloe and his own happiness was reflected in her eyes.

“Can we see him?” Bart asked eagerly.

“He’s out of the coma stage,” Dr. Michaels told him, “And the drug is out of his system. But he is asleep at the moment. You can go in and check on him but you must remain quiet.”

“Then maybe Bart should stay here,” Victor joked and just laughed when he saw the glare that Bart shot him.

The atmosphere was calm and relaxed, now that they knew Oliver was okay. But Clark couldn’t bring himself to be at their level of happiness. Not when he knew that he was the cause of their previous pain.

“All right guys,” AC said, “Let’s go check on our leader.” AC, Bart, Victor and Chloe started to head toward the room but Clark just stood there.

Chloe was the first one to realize he wasn’t following them. She turned back and looked at him.

“Coming Clark?” Chloe asked.

“Come on amigo,” Bart said, “If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t be alive!”

“I can’t,” Clark said. “I’ve got to go.” He couldn’t see Oliver lying in that bed. His emotions were too jumbled at the moment. Before he couldn’t get himself to leave, not without knowing if Oliver was all right. Since he found out he was, he couldn’t bring himself to stay.

Clark,” Chloe said, taking a step towards him but he just shook his head.

“Give Oliver my best,” Clark said softly. He turned around and walked out of the building. Without a glance backwards, he took off, super speeding all the way home.



After he had gotten home, he had cleaned up and went straight to bed. He had been exhausted from the busy day. Many people had tried to contact him and his cell phone had been ringing nonstop. It came to the point where he just turned it off.

Oliver was alive and safe but as long as Clark was nearby, he wouldn’t be. If one zoner had seen how Clark had felt, what’s to say another wouldn’t? He was no longer in denial . . . he was in love with Oliver Queen and he could freely admit it. To himself, anyway.

Admitting it to anyone else would still be a little too much for him. Maybe Chloe. He realized she was worried about him and she was going to find out the details about the zoner sooner or later. She was probably home so when he was feeling up to it, he’d give her a call and they could sit down and discuss what happened.

But not yet. For now he had to reflect on what happened and think about what steps he was going to take to make sure it wasn’t going to happen again. It was becoming more important than he find the zoners. Once he had finished that task, he could go do his training. His lack of knowledge on his home planet and his inability to make the best use of his powers were really hurting him.

Trying to distract himself from his feelings, he picked up the sander and began to sand a nearby chair. He had meant to do so anyway . . . might as well stop putting it off. It was working too until a voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Looks like you're working out some issues there,” a voice called from behind him. Clark cringed. Lex. The last person he wanted to see at the moment.

Keeping his voice calm, he replied, “Just doing a little honest work, Lex. You should try it sometime.”

He could hear the smirk on Lex’s face as he said, “Why start now? My life's perfect.”

Spinning around, he met Lex’s gaze. “What do you want?”

“Nothing,” Lex replied, “I just wanted to take a little sleigh ride down memory lane, visit the scene of the crime.” He pointed to the area above the stairs. “Hey, here's where you took my fiancée after kidnapping her . . . right before you tried to kill me.”

“I wasn’t myself that night,” Clark said. He looked away, feeling a surge of guilt rise up, as he remembered what he had done, or almost done, when he had been on red kryptonite. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Lex repeated, “What, that you didn't finish the job?” He chuckled, the noise annoying Clark to no end. “You know, I'm still a bit fuzzy on the details, what with you trying to choke the life out of me, but what fascinates me is how after all that, Lana could still feel safe coming here.”

“That was her choice,” Clark told him, “I had nothing to do with it.”

“You never do,” Lex pointed out. “That's all right. You see, I understand the allure of trying to unravel the mystery of Clark Kent. I suffered from it once, too . . . when I thought you mattered.”

That was a low blow. Clark bristled and walked up to Lex, closing the distance between them.

“Are we done?” he asked coldly.

Lex wasn’t phased. “Nothing left but the formalities.” He handed Clark a glossy paper and Clark glanced at it, shocked when he saw it was an invitation to their wedding. Seeing his expression, Lex continued.  “Don't look so surprised, Clark. Lana still cares about you, I know that. And I know what it would mean to her having you there.”

“Is that really what you want, Lex?” Clark asked.

“What I want?” Lex echoed. “What I want is to make Lana happy for the rest of her life. And I want you to be there on our wedding day . . . to see what you lost.” The underlying bitterness in his tone was evident.

“Now isn’t this a friendly conversation,” a too familiar voice interrupted. Clark’s gaze darted to the barn door, where Oliver was standing, grinning.

Clark felt a warm glow spread through his body. Oliver was standing there and he was alive. He could see first hand that he was alive. He couldn’t stop the smile that encompassed his face.

Oliver was making his way into the barn and stopped when he was at Clark’s side.

“Lex,” he greeted, his tone chillier.

“Oliver,” the reply came. “I thought you went back to Star City.”

Oliver smirked. “I did, but I came back.” He looked between Clark and Lex. “Hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.”

Clark snorted. “Hardly.”

Brown eyes met green and Clark noticed the sparkle in them. Oliver saw the invitation in his hands and snatched it from him.

“What do we have here?” Oliver said, “Well, well, a wedding invitation.” He looked at Lex expectedly. “I didn’t realize you do home deliveries now. Playing courier?”

Lex’s eyes narrowed. “I wanted to hand it to him personally.”

“I’m sure you did,” Oliver said. “Is this conversation over?”

“It’s definitely over,” Clark chimed in, sending a glare Lex’s way.

Lex’s eyes showed surprise but his expression remained stiff. “Yes, it is over.” He turned and headed for the door. “Be sure to RSVP soon, Clark. We need a head count for the reception.”

Once he was sure Lex was gone, Clark turned back to Oliver. “How are you feeling? Shouldn’t you be on bed rest or something?”

“I’m fine Clark,” Oliver assured him. “How are you? I heard you were pretty beat up last night.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Clark said, with a wave of his hand. “It looked worse than it was. I heal quickly.”

“When I woke up,” Oliver said, “There were several people by my bed side. Bart, Victor, AC . . . even Chloe was there. But you weren’t.”

Clark put some space between them. “I had to leave Ollie.”

“Why?” Oliver wanted to know. “You saved me . . . you found that antidote but you couldn’t be there to see me when I woke up? I don’t understand.”

“It was my fault,” Clark said, his voice low. “It was my fault that you got drugged in the first place.”

“How could it have been your fault?” Oliver demanded. “You didn’t drug me.”

“But I might as well have!” Clark exclaimed. “Did you ever think who would’ve wanted to drug you?” Shocked at his own outburst, he closed up.

“I have a lot of enemies Clark,” Oliver said, “Any one of them could’ve done this.”

“But it wasn’t any of them,” Clark sighed. “You weren’t even the main target.”

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked. Clark gave up, he knew that Oliver deserved an explanation.

“The person who did this,” Clark said, swallowing hard, “used you to get to me.” Oliver seemed puzzled and Clark wouldn’t blame him for not understanding.

Not meeting his eyes, Clark began to explain and did he have a story to tell. Starting at his alien origins, he talked about how Lex had been possessed by Zod and how he had been sent to the Phantom Zone and the criminals who escaped the same time he did. Oliver didn’t ask any questions, he just listened patiently.

It was Clark who stopped often to make sure that nobody was around. It was a dangerous conversation they were having and Clark had to make sure nobody came in or overheard.

When he was finished, he took a seat on the steps. He had remained vague about the most recent zoner. He just said that she was in love with his biological father and wanted revenge.

He didn’t say anything when Oliver took a seat next to him, even though being in such close proximity to him was killing him inside.

“But why me?” Oliver asked. “Why not Lana or Chloe or even Lois?”

Time for the big reveal. This was the point where Clark confessed his last innermost secret and Oliver would run away, disgusted and never speak to him again.

“Because I don’t love them,” he said. Silence. Oliver wasn’t saying anything. Now what?

“What are you saying?” Oliver asked. He was still there. Clark didn’t know whether to be nervous or relieved.

“She saw something that I didn’t,” Clark said, “And she opened my eyes to something that I didn’t want to see.” His voice barely a whisper, he added, “That being that I love you.” Before Oliver could say anything, he finished quickly, “And I don’t mean in the friendly way either. I mean in an I’m in love with you kind of way.”

He stood up suddenly and walked away. With his back to Oliver, he said, “I’m so sorry Oliver. I never meant for you to get caught up with my problems. Now that you know, we can put some distance between us. Unless it’s an emergency, I don’t think we should be in contact with each other. It’ll be safer that way and we won’t have a repeat of this incident.”

Oliver interrupted his rant. “What if I don’t want to put distance between us?” Clark spun around, and observed Oliver’s expression. He looked . . . happy?

Oliver stood up and walked toward Clark. “Did it ever occur to you that I’m in love with you as well? And that the zoner picked up on that one too? That she couldn’t bear that another generation of your family found their soul mate when she was still alone?”

“No,” Clark said, “You can’t be . . . you’re not supposed to be.”

“That’s too bad,” Oliver replied, his voice hoarse, “Because I am. I love you, Clark Kent.”

Clark couldn’t speak, he couldn’t think. His mind was blank and his heart felt as it were going to burst out of his chest.

Oliver took this opportunity to invade his personal space. He cupped Clark’s face in his hands. “I always knew you were beautiful . . . god, you have to be blind not see that. And when I got to know you, I found out you were so kind, so strong, so caring . . . one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. But it was when I saw you kissing Lois that I knew.”

“Oh Oliver,” he said, ready to apologize. They never talked about that kiss.

“Sshhh,” Oliver said, “Don’t speak. It was the oddest feeling. I found that I wasn’t angry at you for kissing Lois but at Lois for kissing you. That I was jealous of her and I wished it was me you were kissing.”

“We can’t do this,” Clark protested, “You could get hurt . . .”

“Doesn’t matter,” Oliver said, “As long as I get to be with you, I will cherish every moment. Especially now that I know you love me too.”

Tears filled Clark’s eyes and spilled over. “I do, I do love you.”

Oliver gently wiped away his tears. “I know, and I love you too.” Leaning forward, Oliver’s lips met Clark’s in their first kiss.

Clark wrapped his arms around Oliver, pulling him closer. When air became a necessity, they pulled apart.

“We’ll be okay, Clark,” Oliver said softly. “As long as we have each other, we’ll be okay.”

“I know,” Clark said. “I know.”

They smiled at each other, neither making a move to part. Clark was content where he was, standing in the embrace of the man he loved.

In twenty-four hours, his life had changed. But Clark couldn’t be more grateful for the result. Because it gave him love, it gave him happiness . . . it gave him Oliver. And Clark couldn’t be happier.


THE END! :) 


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