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Here's how you play: Answer the following with your faves from when you were a kid. (Like elementary age).

1. Five bands/singers you loved.

2. Five songs you loved.

3. Five TV shows you watched.

4. Five movies you were obsessed with.

5. Five people you want to answer this, too.

My Answers

Five Bands/singers

1. Backstreet Boys
    I LOVED the Backstreet Boys. I thought they were really cool. Brian was my favorite and honestly, I can still listen to some of their songs. They were not as upbeat as NSYNC but i really believe their voices were better.

2. Spice Girls
3. Britney Spears

4. 98 degrees

5. Christina Aguilera

Five Songs:

1. "Genie in a Bottle"

2. "I Want it That Way" (i think I can probably still recite these lyrics!)

3. "Larger than Life"

4. "You Drive Me Crazy"

5.  "Wannabe"

Five TV Shows:

1. Power Rangers (the original, of course! Kim & Tommy forever! LOL! I was such a shipper even then)

2. Boy Meets World

3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

4. Saved by the Bell

5. Growing Pains

Five Movies:

1. Titanic (I was in 5th grade when this one came out and my 10 year old heart skipped a beat for Leonardo DiCaprio!)

2. Aladdin (I was Jasmine twice for Halloween, the purple outfit one in 2nd grade & the wedding dress one in 3rd)

3. Power Rangers (Yes, I saw that movie ... shut up! I owned it on video)

4. Sound of Music

5. The Lion King (I was such a Disney girl!)

Okay, I tag bradygirl_12, chaotic4life, faith_mars, svchlollie & queenjazzy!
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