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7.11 "'Siren" Review

Today was a very important day. Not only because it's Thursday and a new Smallville airs but because this episode signifies the return of everyone's favorite blonde billionaire. That's right ... Oliver Queen is back!

Fortunately the episode begins with the lovely Chloe. Though it wasn't as nice as the Bizarro in bed, we also didn't have to deal with a Clana morning scene. It's by no means morning here and Chloe is doing what she does best ... intercepting something. She is talking to someone in an earpiece and we see she's being watched. It doesn't take three guesses to figure out that is Black Canary.

Of course there is a confrontation on the roof, after Chloe narrowly escapes in the elevator. She almost attacks her but then .. TA DA! The Green Arrow returns. Ollie is there to save the day and he is a natural joker. He also flirts a bit. "I like your look ... Italian?" The Black Canary doesn't impress me at all though. I wasn't impressed when I saw the photos or the trailer ... I see the show and I still don't care.

Despite Ollie pinning her with an arrow, she isn't phased. Shrugging out of the jacket, she lets out an infamous "Canary cry", which shatters the next arrow Ollie sends at her. It also sends Chloe and Ollie to their knees. She gets the disk and goes. Chloe and Ollie are left to watch stunned, as she jumps off the roof.

"We were barely introduced," Oliver says. No matter how much Dinah annoys me, Ollie never fails to bring a smile to my face. Justin Hartley, you were missed. He's looking gorgeous as ever too.

Just as quickly as the smile comes, the show gives it reason to fade. Morning arrives and with it brings a Clark/Lana scene. They're awkward with each other, which is really no surprise. Lana tries to be cheerful but Clark is stiff. They do that weird trying to get past each other dance. Lana says "I'm off" and Clark couldn't care less. She seems annoyed at his lack of response. I was angry with her ... I understand she's trying to fix things but she needs to realize how he feels. All she wants is for him to move past it and she has to realize that it's not that easy! I really hated her in that scene and it made me sad at Clark's sadness. Poor guy ... he's conflicted. As much as we rag on Clark for loving Lana, he does love her. Or at least he wants to.

Clark wants that normal life and he feels that Lana could give it to him. Living in perfect bliss with her was what he's wanted since he was a kid but now, he's finding that dreams do not always match up to reality. People change, relationships grow apart but for Clark, it's easier to just cling on than to admit that maybe she's not the one for him.

Cue to the Daily Planet, where Lois says "hold the elevator" and finds herself with another brunette woman, who she knows. We know her too but of course they made Lois make the point of saying her full name. Dinah Lance. She's Black Canary but she's now in a brown wig. Even without reading the spoilers, the dislike they have for one another is evident. Why they dislike each other is not clear but they don't. Obviously Goughlar thought it'd be funny to have Oliver's past interest and his future, canon love cat fight.

Either way, Dinah gets the last shot here, bringing up Ollie's return to town, showing her the newspaper that proclaims just that. Lois is not amused.

Clark comes to see Chloe and look, it's to whine about Lana. She doesn't really respond and then he finally decides "I don't want to talk about this anymore". Yeah, Clark, because Chloe was the one who brought it up. Chloe also sarcastically says that but it goes over our favorite alien's head. He's really self involved here, not even noticing Chloe's bruise until their well into the conversation. Much to his displeasure and my amusement, Clark learns Chloe has been doing side jobs for the League.

Chloe informs him about the Black Canary attack, and she admits that her jumping off the roof was "really smoking cool". Chloe is adorable ... I love that woman! Clark ... I wanted to smack.

Especially in the following scene. This was the Collie reunion I'd been waiting for and you know what? It was made of FAIL. Clark storms into Ollie's penthouse (who can blame him? Oliver was stupid enough to give him the access codes and now he practically owns the place!) and starts off with "You put Chloe in danger".

Oliver tried to joke it off but Clark just keeps hurling the insults so Oliver shoots back with a few of his own, especially after Clark calls him selfish. "You sit around in domestic bliss curled up on a couch while a world of trouble spins outside your door". Oliver knows what sacrifice is all about ... he gave up Lois, the woman he loves to go and save the world. He's not taking any bull from Clark. That much hasn't changed and that is why I love Oliver.

The shipper in me aches but at least Ollie was standing his ground. Clark calmed down after that though and they had a partially rational discussion. They talk about the mystery blonde woman and they figure out that "Maybe Lex has a blonde sidekick of his own".

Nice scene but I wish they had been friendlier.

Of course they're right ... a Lex and Dinah scene shows up right after that. Dinah returns the disk of information to Lex and he gives her the money for it. When she tells him of the person who was also there, Lex realizes that it is Green Arrow. He fills her head with lies about the GA and his team and convinces her to capture Green Arrow for him. Looks like the archer is in trouble. Lex is manipulative and this scene shows how much. "You bring me Green Arrow," he says, "And I'll make it worth your while." Dinah obviously thinks she is on the good side here, being fooled by Lex. She'll find out soon enough she's wrong.

I don't like the actress much but I do like how Dinah believes she is working for the good. That's really interesting. So they didn't screw up the character completely or anything (i'm not a comic book fan so I don't know this for sure) ... she is a little consumed by greed but she does feel she's taking out the bad guys in the meantime.

There was way too much Lana in this episode by the way. I thought her time would be significantly shorter. When I saw a Lionel/Lana scene, I wanted to roll my eyes. The first scene showed that Lionel is not as angelic as he claims to be. The so called reform hasn't removed his blackmail skills. With Lana, he always plays the Clark card. He brings up a catatonic woman who died in Lana's care, which Bizarro knew about but not Clark. He wants to know why she wouldn't tell Clark. If Lana doesn't help him tie Lex to Grant's death, it's clear that he will though. Some parts of the MB is still there, however small that is.

They have Dinah sneaking in to Chloe's desk and getting out her phone, checking the call log and seeing the last dialed call is "Oliver Queen". She's putting the pieces together.

The Clana usually irritates me but the following scene actually had them saying the things that both of them needed to hear. Finally, Clark was not bottling up his feelings or whining to Chloe. Instead he told her straight out how hurt he was that she didn't know it was him. I wanted to applaud. Lana goes on a spiel about how nobody can live up to his expectations and how he doesn't get how it feels like to not being able to live up to the one person who you love. But Clark doesn't do the guilt nor does he apologize. He tells her that she fell in love with Lex and the murderer. So "I don't really think it's me you can't face". Go Clark! One of the best Clana scenes this season, hands down. They need to realize that they're growing apart ... they don't get each other.

Moving aside from Clana, we're back to the better relationship. Or a past relationship. Lois has gone to see Oliver. I think that they had some great interactions in this episode. I loved that Lois slapped Oliver. That's the Lois I know and love. "That's for breaking my heart." I giggled.

But Ollie was half naked and that was very nice. No wonder Lois was all "This is going to be harder than I thought". She is all snide about the candlelight dinner but Ollie tells her it's for her. "I knew you'd be at my doorstep and if you hadn't, I knew I'd been on yours." That made me melt. Those two are so cute together. JH and ED still have that chemistry. "You're all I think about," Oliver tells Lois and they kiss. Lois is crazy about him, that much is clear. But when she sees the Black Canary, she assumes the worst and gets angry. Ollie recognizes her though and knows what is coming.

I love how he protects her. I wonder how many times that glass had to be replaced though. His insurance rates must be awful. Between the Black Canary and the House of El, his home really gets a lot of damage done to it. Ollie gets knocked out first when trying to protect Lois and the BC's scream breaks shatters the door that holds Ollie's Green Arrow gear and Lois, at last, finds out the truth.

Too bad she gets knocked out right after that.

She's not as amused in the next scene, when they are tied up together. However, to all the doubters, Lois and Ollie obviously had sex. People were wondering if they did and yes, it's clear that they did with Lois's comment. She does refer to the fact that she kissed the Green Arrow and Ollie only remembers too well that incident. However her talking annoys the BC so much that she knocks her out.

Dinah was very much manipulated by Lex, as proven when she starts throwing out terrorist remarks at Ollie. He does his best to argue but she's not listening. Instead, she just calls Lex, saying that she has the GA and he should start the money transfer. In the meantime, Oliver has a knife literally up his sleeve and cuts his way out of the rope.

Chloe and Clark had a few scenes in this episode but the beginning of this one had me upset. I was reminded of tobywolf13's worries that Chloe was getting replaced by Lana. Especially when she puts herself down. Chloogle is way better than the stupid Lanapedia. By the way, the two of us think that Chloogle is not an insult but rather cute. I did love Clark's possessiveness though. "I'm not about to let Oliver poach the best sidekick in town." He doesn't fall for the whole Lana is replacing Chloe bull. That's great! I like Clark being the one to bring up the Canary thing though. That was funny. :D

Chloe proves herself wonderful though and she finds and stops the money transfer! That's our Chloe! ;)

At least if Clark is nasty to Oliver to his face, he is defending him behind his back. Dinah obviously caught on to the fact her money is not coming and goes to see Lex. Clark gets in the way and he does plant the seed of doubt in Dinah's mind that she is on the right side. Unfortunately, the Man of Steel can't handle the Canary cry either because she screams, he falls and she gets away. His ears are bleeding, literally.

This episode was full of relationships, destroying some and establishing others. It was amusing that Lana was giving Lionel advice about obsession. But then again, she's been there, she's seen it. Her proclamations that she wanted to pull Lionel from the edge just like Clark did for her made me want to gag though. Give me a break, Lana. However the whole "I know my son better than you do" and her "No, you don't" was rather intriguing. Because that actually may be true. She's spent a lot of time and money watching Lex ... she may just know her former husband better than his father does.

I thought it was rather cute how Lois protects Ollie's secret when Chloe and Clark comes to see her. She's not happy with him but she wouldn't blab. Even back in 6.11 "Hydro" she said to the "Green Arrow", "Your secret's safe with me, Oliver". So though both Clark and Ollie were worried (with justification of course), Lois does protect the people she loves. That extends to the ones she's in love with. Chloe and Clark share an amused grin when they realize she too knows the truth. Clark, I would just be lucky she's not curious who was underneath the costume. You'd be history otherwise.

Clark's words however have gotten to Dinah, who refuses to hand over Ollie to Lex until he gives her valid proof the GA is bad. Lex can't, shows his true colors and pulls a gun, shooting her when she doesn't comply. Green Arrow shows up, they fight and I was cheering for Ollie the entire time. They are a bunch of weapons that get fired at once.

The Boy Scout shows up then and he catches the knife, the bullet but lets Lex get stabbed in favor of saving Dinah. He made his choice and he will always save the good guys first. Ollie & Dinah > Lex for one Clark Kent and that made me grin.

"Better luck next time Lex," Ollie says as he exits, leaving Lex on the floor, angry.

As for Ollie, he has to clean up the mess in his apartment. Lois shows up then. JH and ED are really good at the depressing scenes. This one actually had me in tears. Lois has calmed down about the hiding the GA thing and says she gets he was trying to protect her. She even jokes that she "never understood how he could blow off a hottie like her". I love Lois, I really do. But I really felt for both of them. Ollie for probably the first time in his life, puts his heart on the line and begs him to give them another chance. She can't. It's not her fault ... she just "can't share him with the rest of the world". Ollie took that risk and he was shot down. It was really an incredibly acted scene and the look they shared as she left killed me. Poor Lollie.

The good news is that we got a Clois scene after what felt like a long dry spell. Erica really kicked ass in this episode. I love how Clark was her shoulder and how she was not afraid to break down to him. He was comforting but as she went on about how he doesn't know what it is like to be with someone whose destiny is so much great than her own, you can tell he's thinking about himself and Lana.

I did like the "why settle for hot, rich and famous when I can hang out with you?" Clark & Lois know each other, they can be themselves with each other. And they manage to do it and be cute. I missed their scenes.

Clark & Ollie get their rooftop scene, the one I was waiting for. Clark offers his sympathies about the whole Lois mess but Ollie is sad. Dinah shows up and meets them both, giving her apologies. She says she is hanging up her tights but Clark suggests that she should join Ollie's team, which Ollie likes. There is flirting and it made me sick. Ollie did look hot though.

That wasn't half as bad as the ending Clana scene. She's packing her bags and says that she will stay with Chloe. That was my WTF moment because after everything Lana said to her, Chloe will still let her stay? Give me a break. Either way, Clark goes off suddenly about what he's done during his wild summer in Metropolis, saying how he's not perfect. "I don't want this to be over." She looks happier with each second. Both are too scared to let go and they want to start over. However, can they really start over?

Justin stole the show though. He was absolutely incredible in every scene. And he was gorgeous. I missed him lots. Too bad he's only around for one episode. Yay for Ollie! He was in black most of the time and we even got a scene where he was shirtless! He made the episode for me and Erica ruled! Maybe if the strike ends soon, we can bring him back? ;)

Sorry this went so long.

Next week's preview looks okay. Of course I'll be here. See you next week!
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