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As adults, it seems that most of the characters on Smallville are annoying us. But how about as kids?

tobywolf13 is doing something really cool! She's hosting a kid fic-a-thon!

It's not even meant to be shippery. It's just throwing out prompts and writing fics that has our favorite Smallville gang as kids. If you're a shipper, you can put a kid Clark & Chloe shy together or have Lois trying to boss little Clark around. There's endless possibilities!

The details are here and I suggest you check it out!

It looks great ... I hope she gets a great turnout and I'm thinking about throwing my hat in too. ;) Because wouldn't it be cute if Ollie came to Smallville with his parents briefly and little Clark was attached to him? :D

Again, check it out! :)
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