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Fic Recs

So it's been a while since I've done this. But I found some great stories that I really need to share with you all.

1) Drag Your Feet by ladybugkay- This story has "Siren" spoilers and there is no ships but it's a great piece that gets into Clark's head. It really makes you understand why he's so reluctant to complete his destiny.

2) The Buck Stops Here by ladybugkay- It's a futurefic that contains "Siren" spoilers. She has been busy this week. This one is Clark/Lois and it's just amazing. I was surprised to see a Clois from her, especially since she usually writes slash. After writing two of my favorite Clark/Ollie fics and wonderful Clark/Bruce, she picks up on another of my favorite pairs. It's amazing. From Lois's perspective and it's made of WIN.

3) Bloodlines by xenokattz- I don't know if I have recc'd this story before but you really need to check it out. She's four chapters in and it's amazing. It's Clark/Lois and Lana/Pete but it's just amazing the amount of effort and detail that is in it. Really worth a read. She updates once a week (about) but it's so worth the wait.

Enjoy and I'll be back with more soon! Remember, if you like the stories, leave feedback for the authors!
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